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Miss FQ

Miss FQ April 2018

Miss FQ is perfect for shoppers seeking wallet-friendly ways to pull off the latest looks. It's packed with beauty news, fitspo trends, travel inspiration, career advice and much more.

New Zealand
Bauer Media Pty Ltd
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₹ 369.85

In this issue

2 min.
eyes on the prize

“For what it’s worth, it’s never too late, or in my case, too early, to be whoever you want to be.” So said F. Scott Fitzgerald. Or, as my fact-checking exercise revealed, the screenwriter of the film adaptation of Fitzgerald’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Instaquote problems, I digress. At 14 years old, our cover star Millie Bobby Brown has certainly wasted no time in winning at life. The lead in hit Netflix show Stranger Things and a fledgling fashion phenomenon, this young but formidable talent is well on her way to becoming a Hollywood powerhouse — and she’s got words for anyone who would underestimate her. We learn what they are in Stranger Things Have Happened (page 34). Trigger warning: this article might make you feel relatively unaccomplished. Or make…

1 min.

HELEN @ helen_mareexx @xnmakeup SARAH @beauty_byy_jess @lily_lassen @balanceyourplate MINT PINK “Friday night reads.” @antoinettelovesmakeup @nukabeauty @michefrances @mintpink.co @sofilly @lifeofjesiree @amyxxbeauty @servillesacademy @kristinaamcnabb “Weekend favourites.” KRISTINA…

2 min.

MissFQ @missfqnz DIGITAL DIGEST The faces behind MissFQ.co.nz share the key digi-happenings they’re obsessing over KELLY MCAULIFFE DIGITAL EDITOR Life-changing app: I’m currently on a Duolingo buzz to keep my beginner’s French fresh. Podcast of joy: I’m loving @BOF (Business of Fashion). Next up on Netflix: It’s not on Netflix, but I’m hanging out for season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale. Gadget goodness: With my Apple AirPods I no longer get tangled up when running. Instagram: The Prince George parody (@garyjanetti) or the North West parody (@norisblackbook). ELLA FRANCIS DIGITAL CONTENT PRODUCER Life-changing app: Bear is the best note-taker, list-maker and scribble-creator out. Podcast of joy: Ted Talks Daily is my compulsion. Next up on Netflix: After winning several awards this season, Mudbound has piqued my interest. Gadget goodness: I can’t decide if having Google Home in my house is creepy or cool. Instagram I love: @words_of_women. TERRI…

2 min.

CLARA RAFUNDI Photographer Age: 28. Provenance: I’m an Argentine, living in Auckland. Contribution to this issue: I shot the Golden Hour editorial [page 78]. Main hustle: Photography. Side hustle: Freestyle living room dancer. Most famous person I’ve met: Ricky Martin, in a lift. Latest fashion discovery: Mini skirts all the way. Book on my bedside table: Foundation by Isaac Asimov. Go-to karaoke song: ‘Hang the DJ’ by The Smiths. Last meal on earth: Anything beef. Spirit animal: A black panther. Selfie style: Halfway between awake and asleep. Being a millennial means: Y2K can’t hurt us any more. @clarapafundi SOPHY PHILLIPS Makeup artist Age: 28. Provenance: I grew up in Auckland, and live in my own little cottage here. Contribution to this issue: I did the hair for the Please Hold shoot [page 58] and hair and…

1 min.
smart shopper

BYO CAFFEINE Take a step back and calculate how much those takeaway coffees and lunches are REALLY adding up to. It may seem like a simple $5 swipe for that almond latte, but just $20 a day spent eating out during the working week takes a $100 bite out of your pocket. That’s about $5000 a year! Dedicate Sunday nights to meal prep for the week ahead. SIDELINE SAVVY A side hustle might be just what you need to bring in extra income above your basic living costs. Whether it’s cooking or caregiving, turn to page 30 to find out how to put your skills and time to good use FORWARD THINKER If you’re worried you’ll be headed for a fash-breakup with your desired piece before the five-year mark, call it off before you get…

1 min.
style hives

THE CROWN Prim, proper and polished — the Queen never leaves a hair out of place, perfect inspo for a wedding or a day at the races. LET THE CROWN-INSPIRED JEWELS COMPLETE YOUR ENSEMBLE “I AM QUEEN, BUT I AM ALSO A WOMAN, AND A WIFE” GLAM UP A GRUNGE LOOK WITH GOLD ACCESSORIES RIVER DALE Creative and cool, taking a leaf out of Toni Topaz’s style handbook is as easy as combining dark denim, plaid, boots and a beanie. “ONLY TAKE PICTURES OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS” BIG LITTLE LIES Make like Bonnie Carlson and layer up an eclectic mix of print and texture — let your mood be your MO. BEE YOURSELF WITH MIX ‘N’ MATCH EARRINGS “nonE OF US REALLY SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE, WE SEE THINGS AS WE ARE” STRANGER THINGS ALL COMPLEX CHARACTERS HAVE HIDDEN CHARMS Nancy Wheeler champions bookish…