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August 2021

Model Airplane News is the brand that started it all back in 1929, and it remains the trusted resource for RC aircraft enthusiasts everywhere. Written for the full spectrum of RC airplane, helicopter, and multirotor fliers—from beginners to seasoned pros—Model Airplane News entertains and informs with on-the-flight line event coverage, impressive flight techniques, detailed flight reports, DIY workshop projects, and much more.

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masters class

1st // Rich Feroldi // Davis D-1K With a wingspan of 112-inches, Rich’s 1930 Davis D-1K parasol design weighs 35 pounds, and is powered by a Kawasaki 3.15cc gas engine turning a 23x8 Xoar propeller. Earning a static score of 95.833 Rich was awarded the Masters Class High Static award. Using a Futaba 12FG radio, Rich earned a total flight score of 282.875 and a final score of 190.125. The Davis D-1K also won the Best Golden Age award. 2nd // Jack Buckley // Mini-Max Though a simple design, Jack designed and built his 1/3-scale Experimental Ultralight and accurately documented it earning a static score of 95.333. Using conventional balsa and plywood construction, the Mini-Max has a span of 103 inches and is powered by an O.S. 1.20 4-stroke. Weighing 18 pounds, the…

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pro prop

1st // Ali Machinchy // OV-10 Bronco Ali’s 1/5-scale OV-10 Bronco has a 109-inch span, weighs 43 pounds and is powered by two E-flite 180 brushless motors turning 20x12 props. Based on the Hangar 9 ARF, Ali’s Bronco is controlled with a Spektrum iX-20 radio system and he earned a final score of 122.792. 2nd // Michael Fetyko // Grumman TBM Avenger Designed and built by Peter Goldsmith, Michael’s 1/4-scale TBM Avenger is a Warbirds West Flying Legend Kit. With a wingspan of 162 inches and a length of 123 inches, the TBM weighs 105 pounds. Powered by a Moki 300 radial engine turning a 32X18 3-blade propeller, Michael used a Spektrum iX20 with an AR3000 Gyro to control the Avenger which is equipped with retractable landing gear from Sierra Giant Scale. Michael…

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1st // Boli Muentes // F-16 Falcon Boli flew his 1/6-scale BVM F-16 PNP painted in the USAF #5 Thunderbirds Demonstration Team jet. It is powered by the new Jetcat P-140RXi turbine. It is controlled by the new JR28X transmitter, dual JR Infinity receivers hooked to a JR X-Bus port Duo power Bus system. The F-16 earned a 95.500 static score, and Boli earned a total flight score of 386.125 for a final score of 193.083. 2nd // Henry Castellanos // Su-30 Powered by two Behotec 220 turbine engines, Henry’s 1/6-scale Su-30 has a 97 inch span, is 150 inches long and earned a static score of 96.167. Built from a Skymaster kit, Henry’s Su-30 is equipped with a PowerBox Core radio system and has a 3-axis thrust vectoring exhaust system and features…

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2021 top gun free flight scale event

Atribute to Dave “Mr. Scale” Platt who, over the years, has won every type of scale event at the AMA Nationals: R/C, Control-Line and Free Flight, the annual free-flight, rubber-powered contest at Top Gun continues to be very popular with the contestants. It is open to anyone involved with Top Gun, including judges, staff and non-pilots. Started by Dave, the rubber-power free-flight event has been part of Top Gun from the very beginning. It has started as a fun diversion from the intense RC competition and to way to connect with the early days of modeling. Starting with next year’s 2022 Top Gun event there will be no size requirements, and any rubber-powered scale model will be eligible and no documentation will be required. We hope that more builders will decide…

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static judging at top gun

When it comes to scale competition, there are many excellent events worth traveling to and participating in. But by far, the pinnacle and gold standard for world class scale action has always been the annual Top Gun Scale Invitational. This year, Top Gun continued to set the highest standard of scale competition. Hosted by the Imperial RC Club adjacent to the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport and the enthusiasm and overall quality of the event was outstanding. As this year’s Chief Static Judge I was provided both the opportunity (and the time) to look “over the shoulders” of the three specialized judges actually scoring each entry in the categories of Accuracy of Outline, Finish, Color and Markings, Craftsmanship and overall Realism. Of all classes of competition, only five (Masters, Expert, Team, X-Class and…

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fine tuning the ai

I had no major issues with assembly, however there were some minor improvements I did make: • I added a separate servo for the engine choke. So now I can do a complete start up entirely from the radio.• Windscreen is screwed down instead of glued as shown in the manual.• I modified the tail skid so I can flip it over for flying off of grass. The stock position can catch on weeds and such.• The elevator pushrod fuselage exits were slightly out of alignment with the elevator control horns. A slight bend of the rods near the clevises rectified the issue.• Engine standoffs included with the kit were too long, so I used a combination of standoffs that came with the engine and from my parts drawer. You can…