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Model Airplane News July 2021

Model Airplane News is the brand that started it all back in 1929, and it remains the trusted resource for RC aircraft enthusiasts everywhere. Written for the full spectrum of RC airplane, helicopter, and multirotor fliers—from beginners to seasoned pros—Model Airplane News entertains and informs with on-the-flight line event coverage, impressive flight techniques, detailed flight reports, DIY workshop projects, and much more.

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THE JET SET From an impressive jet event to must-have workshop tools, this issue covers the spectrum of RC modeling. Scale guru Chris Wolfe shares how he created a new paint scheme on an ARF Skyraider, and we go back to basics with another article on ways to determine your model’s correct center of gravity. In our featured construction article, designer Mark Rittinger off ers the Pharaoh, an electric sport aerobatic design that uses commercially available foam wing cores to speed construction. If you have a crashed aircraft taking up space in your shop, you’ll appreciate our easy fixes that will make get your plane looking like new and in the airborne once again. And finally, we have two articles to spice up your flights: Dave Scott’s feature on spot landings…

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piper tri pacer

SHOWCASING WHAT YOU BUILD & FLY | EMAIL ENTRIES TO: MAN@AIRAGE.COM Terry built this 1/4-scale model of the classic aircraft using 1978 RCM plans. He just used the outline and built it light, in the style of a Sig Senior Kadet, to save weight. He covered it in Oratex and added rib-stitching. His son Jeff provided the base coat of automotive paint. The 10-pound Tri Pacer is powered by an E-flite Power 60 motor using a 6S LiPo, and it features custom 3D-printed landing gear, Sullivan wheels, and Hitec servos. Terry writes, “. ese pictures are after the first flight. It flies amazing!” HOODOO Glenn Nigh, Grimsby, Ontario Inspired by Pat Tritle’s construction article in our December 2020 issue, Glenn built the 26-inch-span HooDoo using plans (X1220A) from the AirAgeStore.com. Glenn writes, “It’s fairly…

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hobby hacks helpful reader hints

THICK EPOXY To deal with thickened epoxy, I fill a peanut butter jar with hot water and then float the epoxy bottles in it for a few minutes. Thinner epoxy is easier to spread for good, solid glue bonds. It’s the simplest method I have found. Rex Berkey, Rock, Michigan MICRO PUSHROD GUIDES To make neat pushrod guides for micro RC fliers, I use giantscale Du-Bro hinges as shown. I attach the clevis to the control horn (rudder or elevator) and then mark where the guide needs to go. I cut a slot, insert it, and adjust its position for no-bind control surface movement. Then I add some thin CA to lock the guide in place. George Lewis, Flemington, New Jersey DRILL DEPTH GAUGE When installing Robart HingePoint hinges or similar, you need to drill a hole…

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on the flightline

NEW PRODUCTS FMS Dassault Rafale Like its full-scale counterpart, the FMS 80mm Rafale features fully functional canards and flaps for amazing performance. It also comes with a pilot figure, cockpit interior and panels, removable armament, auxiliary fuel tanks, refueling probe, targeting sensor, LED navigation and landing lights, and CNC-machined, shock-absorbing electric retracts. Priced at $518, this jet includes functions such as deltamixing, sequential landing gear bay doors, slowed flaps, etc., all controlled by the installed central control board. Its installed 80mm 12-blade EDF with a 3280kv inrunner motor, 100A high performance speed control, and factory-installed servos make this a very quick assembly. fmsmodel.com RTL Fasteners #5000 Master Assortment Designed by experienced modelers, this set has just the right mix of hardware items for popular building projects. Priced at $249.95 the package includes 2,136 pieces, #883 Telescoping…

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on the flightline

Valley View RC Dual-Switch w/Fuel Dot If you pride yourself on producing a sharp, professional-looking RC airplane, then Valley View RC Miracle Switches are for you. Available in various layouts, these switches come with an anodized, CNCmachined aluminum case available in Blue, Silver and Red. Priced at $44.95, the Dual Miracle Switch (with fuel dot) is intended for large gasoline airplanes and can be used for dual, redundant radio battery systems or for gasoline-burning airplanes that use one switch for the receiver and one for the engine ignition. The fuel dot has a 3/4-inch diameter cap and is held in place with an O-ring. Installation is easy and only requires two counter-sunk screws. valleyviewrc.com BB Tools Classic Cutters When it comes to cutting stranded cable wire and music wire pushrods, nothing does the job as…

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center of gravity basics

It happens too often, unfortunately: Someone with a brand new airplane shows up at the field and has everything working perfectly. The radio checks out, and all the controls move in the correct directions; the engine runs reliably and provides plenty of power. The model taxis out and runs down the field and becomes airborne. Right away, it starts to rock its wings; the nose points up sharply; and after several frightening seconds, it hits the ground—hard! The pilot did everything right except that he forgot to check the model’s balance. To successfully test-fly a new model be absolutely certain that the model is balanced at the correct center of gravity (CG). Nothing can spoil your day more than trying to sort out a tail-heavy model after it has left the…