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Model Airplane News October 2021

Model Airplane News is the brand that started it all back in 1929, and it remains the trusted resource for RC aircraft enthusiasts everywhere. Written for the full spectrum of RC airplane, helicopter, and multirotor fliers—from beginners to seasoned pros—Model Airplane News entertains and informs with on-the-flight line event coverage, impressive flight techniques, detailed flight reports, DIY workshop projects, and much more.

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flight plan

BRING ON THE WARBIRDS Arguably, warbirds (of various eras) are the most popular RC aircraft flying today. They’re exciting and pay homage to aviation history. And one of the original all-warbird events is the Warbird Over Delaware Fly-In hosted by the Delaware R/C club. Enjoying three decades of action-packed patrols and dogfights, the 29th annual extravaganza was again hosted at the impressive venue at Lums Pond State Park in Bear, Delaware. With more than 100 registered pilots, this year was a welcome get-together after a long dry spell due to the national quarantine. From vintage WW I biplanes, classic WW II fighters and turbine jets, this military themed event always has something for everyone. AEROBATIC MOVES Also in this issue we have a couple articles for the aerobatic fans. David Scott offers a…

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hobby hacks

SCREW HOLDER Often you have to install screws within a fuselage and it can be hard to get your hands in the space to start the screws in the hole. I use a short length of fuel tubing slipped over the tip of my screwdriver as a screw holder. This works especially well for installing servo screws in a deep scale fuselage. Michael Thompson, Flemington, New Jersey HORN PLACEMENT Accurately placing the control horn can be a difficult task when installing a control system. It must be installed square to the hinge line and with the attachment holes aligned with the hinge line as well. A great way to do this is to stick the horn in place with a piece of double-sided carpet tape. Carefully place the horn, press it down and then…

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pilot projects

EMAIL ENTRIES TO: MAN@AIRAGE.COM CARTOON SQUADRON David Lees, Ravenna, Ohio These 40-inch-span foamies use E-flite power systems and 4-channel control and are decorated with Rustoleum spray paint and vinyl graphics. David writes, “I built the T-28 from Julius Perdana’s plans, and it looked so cool I also built a Zero and P-47 versions. The planes look like a barrel with wings, but they fly extremely well. Easy to take off and land, they do loops, rolls, Immelmans, hammerheads, and even four-point rolls. Easy to see in the air, and they really draw a crowd.” FIELD WINDSOCK David Nodeen, Alpha, Illinois David’s club field couldn’t put up a permanent windsock, so he built this mobile unit out of PVC and wood and added wheels. He writes, “You can have the sock at 6 feet or up to…

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new releases

Old School Model Works Bat Based off a ’70s World Engines kit, the laser-cut parts of the Bat kit can be assembled in just a few hours. Between the twin fins, there is an expansive internal area to allow in the installation of a variety of radio gear, as well as batteries (or fuel tank). This is all accessible via three hatches: the two servo hatches and a center hatch with a quick-release latch setup. The 37.25-inch-span model needs a 3-channel radio system with elevon mixing and an .09 to .15 engine or electric equivalent. The kit costs $65.95. oldschoolmodelworks.com RBC Kits Supermarine Attacker Designed to use a 90mm Midi fan Evo EDF system and 8 to 10S 5000mAh battery, this model of the RAF fighter is a great building project. It includes CNC…

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product review: flying tiger rc tiger transmitter tray

Let’s face it, one of the downsides of being a longtime RC modeler and pilot is that your age catches up with you. You can easily get new glasses when your eyes are affected, but when it comes to things like holding your transmitter and smoothly operating the control sticks and switches, you need something designed especially for the task. After years of flying without a transmitter support system, I decided to try out a new transmitter tray and shoulder harness system, and I love how it works. The Tiger Transmitter Tray from Flying Tiger RC is perfectly designed for any RC transmitter so it will easily fit and support your favorite radio. Featuring two adjustable rear guides, the Pro Tiger Tray allows secure attachment of most brands of transmitters. You…

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product review: gt power c6d and x2 battery chargers

Fan Jets USA has a large selection of products dedicated to electric ducted fan jets, including upgraded fans, motors, and a full line of jets from Flex Innovations, JTM, and RBC. When you support electric jets with the enthusiasm of Fan Jets USA, you naturally need to supply and support battery chargers. I received two samples of the GT Power battery charges to test out and report on, the C6D Mini and the X2 Mini. The $39.99 C6D is compact, simple to use, and runs on AC power. The single channel output unit can charge Ni-Cd and NiMH batteries as well as lithium ion, 2- to 4-cell LiPo and LiPo HV (4.35V per cell fully charged instead of 4.2), LiFe, and lead-acid batteries. The C6D is rated at 100 watts output and…