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Motor Boat & Yachting December 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Motor Boat & Yachting is Europe's best motor boating magazine. It's also the oldest, with a history dating back to 1904. Our long experience makes our boat tests the most authoritative in the business and means our technical coverage is without equal. Each month we cover the best new boats on the market, cruising areas that are both practical and inspirational, and the latest boating developments and training. Core editorial focuses on boats up to 80ft, but we also venture beyond the 80ft barrier in our monthly Custom Yachting pages.

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SEE MORE mby.com/px70 At the risk of sounding a little smug I have finally managed to acquire my very own Riva. She’s brand new, mahogany coloured and utterly gorgeous. Not just a Riva either, I’ve also got a Hunton, a Hinckley, a Hardy, a Fairey and a Spirit among others. To be honest, I didn’t have a lot to do with it, my cocker spaniel Maya can take the credit for that, having popped out nine puppies while I was busy writing this month’s Rafnar feature. However, for the purposes of Kennel Club registration I have named them all after boats I’d love to own – my very own Fantasy Fleet – or should that be Lottery Litter? Mind you, given the prices that some people are prepared to pay for…

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jaws of the beast

SEE MORE mby.com/bigpic This evocative image of a Sanlorenzo superyacht in the early stages of build was taken by Italian photographer Silvano Pupella. Showing one of the yard’s metalworkers peering through a gap in the bow of a 40m Alloy, it looks like he’s about to be consumed by the gaping jaws and jagged teeth of a giant mechanical shark. The photograph is one of a series of 30 black and white images commissioned by Sanlorenzo to show the harmonious relationship between craftsmanship and technology at its La Spezia yard. The exhibition, called ‘Navigators. A Journey into the Sanlorenzo Shipyards’, was originally shown at the 2019 Biennale Arte in Venice but has recently transferred to the STILL gallery in Milan.…

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1 beneteau enters space race

THE EDITOR’S VIEW… Beneteau was one of the first mainstream builders to latch onto the idea of building a modern trawler yacht. A bit like the fashion for SUV cars, the new breed of trawlers may not be quite as tough as their workmanlike predecessors, but as comfortable cruising companions they make a lot of sense Beneteau has released full details of its new flagship, the Grand Trawler 62. Although this Cat B design is intended for the same sort of leisure-oriented cruising as the brand’s smaller Swift Trawlers, the new 62 is very different to its predecessors in that it has a full-displacement hull, albeit one that can be pushed along at almost 20 knots thanks to twin 730hp MAN i6 engines. With a sharp entry and bulbous amidships powered by straight…

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2 brexit vat extension

Owners of UK VAT paid boats that have been in EU waters for more than three years have been granted extra time to bring their boats home. The original date of 31 December 2020 has been extended by one year to 31 December 2021. Boats returning to the UK after that date will attract a further UK VAT charge based on the boat’s value at the time of import. The original deadline appears to have been pushed back after lobbying from the Royal Yachting Association, The Cruising Association and British Marine. They had been asking for a date of 31 December 2023, given the difficulties of repatriating boats during the pandemic, but HMRC has only agreed to a one year extension. The ruling appears to mean the following: 1) A UK VAT paid…

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3 electric foiling powerboat series

A revolutionary new all-electric powerboat racing championship looks set to reignite interest in the sport. Called E1, it will be contested by a new breed of identical superlight, battery-powered hydrofoil craft with a top speed of around 60 knots. Looking more like props from a Star Wars movie than any existing power boat design, the computer-generated renderings show an ultra-sleek single-seat monocoque design with triple jet-style propulsors located on a hoopshaped foil with a front wing extension. Currently under development at British start-up SeaBird Technologies, the project is being driven by Norwegian Sophi Horne, a young industrial designer with superyacht experience. Horne tells us that the finished boats are likely to use just one propeller and make use of computer-controlled trim and steering technology to keep them “flying” several feet above the…

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4 the great escape

Dutch megayacht builder Feadship has unveiled its most spectacular concept yet. Called Escape, it features a central atrium with a glass elevator and a moon pool that not only allows guests views of the sea beneath the boat but doubles as a salt-water swimming pool and secret submarine dock. There’s even a concealed garage on the foredeck for a MyCopter passenger drone and a greenhouse for growing flowers and vegetables. It’s all wrapped in a futuristic design with a strong focus on sustainability. As well as featuring a hybrid electric propulsion system and an ultra-efficient hull, it will have more solar panels than any other yacht afloat and a host of onboard recycling systems, including the micro-management of heat to minimise any wasted energy. Feadship’s marketing and brand director Farouk Nefzi says…