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Motor Boat & Yachting January 2021

Published by TI Media Limited Motor Boat & Yachting is Europe's best motor boating magazine. It's also the oldest, with a history dating back to 1904. Our long experience makes our boat tests the most authoritative in the business and means our technical coverage is without equal. Each month we cover the best new boats on the market, cruising areas that are both practical and inspirational, and the latest boating developments and training. Core editorial focuses on boats up to 80ft, but we also venture beyond the 80ft barrier in our monthly Custom Yachting pages.

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Forgive me for stating the bleedin’ obvious but what a strange year it has been. If someone had told me this time last year that we’d all be prisoners in our own homes, barred from seeing friends or nipping out for a pint let alone visiting our own boats, I’d have dismissed them as a CRACKPOT. And yet when it happened, we groaned and we grumbled but for the most part we did what was asked of us for the greater good. Arguably, as a magazine we didn’t have it as bad as many marine businesses, which had to shut up shop, but without boats to test or shows to visit we had to find more creative ways of filling the pages. Thanks to the fantastic response from many of you,…

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purple reign

Fjord will contest that this hull wrap on the 41 XL is deep blue but it looks like purple from here. It’s not a boat that needs much assistance in standing out from the crowd but mix in the optional Cadbury’s vinyl wrap and the Fjord jumps from being eye-catching to unmissable. Open Fjords aren’t a familiar sight on these shores but on a balmy autumn day in the Solent this one felt right at home and proved its mettle as a fast, point-to-point cruiser during a romp from the Hamble out to the Needles. This is one of the most versatile models that Fjord has ever built with a dizzying array of deck layouts and interior choices but it is also an example of the brand doing what it does best,…

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the 10 key boating stories you need to read

1 TIMELESS GENTLEMAN, PLEASE… Prominent Italian superyacht builder Codecasa has unveiled a stunning new 85ft retro-modern motoryacht called the ‘Gentleman’s Yacht’. Designed inside and out by Luca Dini, this all-aluminium beauty may look like a raised-pilothouse design but is in fact a two-decker with a galley and dining area on a half deck ahead of the bridge. While motoryachts of the 1950s and 1960s were clear influences, the new boat promises to deliver 21st century functionality and state of the art luxuries aimed primarily at younger buyers. Modern features include a beach club, which is concealed when underway but is revealed at anchor by a hinged transom that folds down to create a large water-level terrace. A set of sliding glass doors then opens up to an air-conditioned lounge or wellness area. That…

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You don’t have to look far for signs of the pandemic we find ourselves living with. People wearing face masks is the most obvious. Sensible, perhaps, in busy shops. I’m less sure what people driving otherwise empty cars are hoping to gain by them, or the chap I saw the other day wearing one while riding a bicycle – but with no helmet… Here in Torbay there’s another sign of the Covid calamity. Cast your gaze seaward and you’ll discover empty cruise ships gathering like windswept empty crisp packets in the corner of a school playground. Silent, unwanted ghost ships riding at anchor. Myself and a couple of friends boarded Smuggler’s Blues 2 and headed out to take a look. There were three in Torbay (there are more now) and three…

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boat cuisine

BANANA WHARF SOUTHAMPTON Ocean Village is a gem. A deep-water basin in the heart of Southampton bounded by a striking postmodernist development on one side and the city’s only five-star hotel on the other, this marina epitomises – if such an expression exists – urban boating chic. If it were not for the fact that Ocean Village is situated some seven nautical miles from the entrance to Southampton Water, it would surely be more of a mecca for visiting boats. The issue of location, however, has done nothing to deter local restaurateurs – after all, Ocean Village is just as easily accessed from land as it is by water. Consequently, a plethora of eateries have sprung up around the marina. Our choice for this review is the bright and airy Banana Wharf. Pre-Covid 19,…

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sunseeker predator 74 xps

We don’t reckon the Predator 74 lacks visual punch but if you are of the opinion that it could do with a little more pzazz then the special edition XPS version is certain to tickle your fancy. Available for an additional £93,600 over the standard boat on both the Predator 74 and 74 Sport Yacht, the XPS includes a variety of visual and material upgrades both outside and below decks. Of note is the fact that XPS boats only come with the largest twin 1,900hp MAN V12s which, with a peak torque figure of 6,220nm, have enough power to tear a hole in time itself and will be capable of propelling the 45-tonne Predator 74 to a top speed of 40 knots. The interior has a contemporary palette of dark woods…