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MotorTrend February 2020

MotorTrend is the world's automotive authority. Every issue of MotorTrend informs and entertains with features on the testing of both domestic and import cars, car care, motor sports coverage, sneak peeks at future vehicles, and auto-industry news.

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you cannot unsee the cybertruck

Back in September, I took a small team from MotorTrend to see the Tesla Cybertruck, in the very early stages of its conceptual design. Tesla told us we were the first outsiders, and the only media outlet, to see the vehicle, period. By the time you read this, Tesla’s game-changing truck will already have broken the internet, set Twitter ablaze, and sent fanboys and short-sellers around the world into paroxysms of shock, disgust, outrage, and possibly lust. Our team has covered the story better than any other outlet, as you will find at motortrend.com/cybertruck, so it’s fun for me to disclose how some of us reacted to seeing it for the first time. Christian Seabaugh, Kim Reynolds, Mark Williams, Sean Holman, and I met the design team on a warm afternoon…

6 min.
tesla cyber truck

ELON MUSK’S ELECTRIC PICKUP CHANGES THE WORLD, ONE ELECTRON AT A TIME Some moments you never forget. Seeing my bride walk down the aisle toward me at our wedding. Driving my first car home. And now, in a somewhat distant but still significant third place: my initial glimpse of the new, industry-changing Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup in a clandestine September meeting at the automaker’s design headquarters just outside of Los Angeles. Few outsiders have ever been allowed inside the top-secret Tesla Design Studio, nestled away next to the sprawling SpaceX factory, a Falcon 9 rocket, and a scale replica of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop in a corner of the Hawthorne Airport. Elon and his right-hand man, chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, invited us to be the first journalists inside to see the automaker’s…

1 min.
intake mclaren elva

The million-plus-dollar roadster club just got its newest member: the McLaren Elva. Named after the McLaren-Elva sports cars designed by Bruce McLaren himself in the 1960s, the new Elva will be a two-seat, open-top hypercar powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 similar to the one found in the Senna. McLaren says the Elva is the lightest road car it’s ever designed thanks in part to a bespoke carbon-fiber body and chassis, special carbon-fiber seats, and sintered carbon-ceramic brakes. Parts of the bodywork flow into the cabin to accentuate the connection between the driver and the elements. The drive controls are located near the gauge cluster, not in the center stack. A rotary control is located on one side of the instrument binnacle that controls drive modes. The V-8 motivating the Elva packs…

1 min.
ferrari roma

Ferrari just took the wraps off of its newest GT, called the Roma. Ferrari is calling it a “2+ coupé,” and we assume that means it’ll have room for four, though perhaps not comfortably without the proper shooting brake design of the GTC4Lusso and the FF before it. Think of the Roma as the newer, better-looking 612 Scaglietti—only smaller and cheaper. The Roma’s design is a departure from recent Ferraris. It brings back classic design cues like front wheel arches that peak above the top of the hood but adds a pointier front end and rear glass that’s more steeply raked than the 612’s. On the inside the Roma borrows the steering wheel from the SF90 Stradale and has what looks like an up-to-date infotainment screen. The Roma is powered by a…

5 min.
2019 tokyo show favorites

Preparations for the 2020 Olympics forced half of the Tokyo Motor Show to a remote location 10 minutes away from the halls at Tokyo Big Sight, but the high funkiness factor of the rolling stock made the commute seem worthwhile. Here are nine of our favorite concepts and production cars. Nissan Ariya The Ariya electric, two-motor, Rogue-sized SUV concept represents the last step before the 2017 Tokyo show’s wilder IMx concept becomes an electric production crossover. Ariya’s design features copper-tone trim outside and stark minimalist interior trim and switchgear inside and is said to preview the look of future Nissan EVs. Unofficial reports put the EPA range at 300 miles and the 0–60 time at less than 5 seconds. The Ariya features Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 driver assistance system, which enables limited hands-free…

2 min.
mt confidential

The XK engine made Jaguar famous. Designed by William Heynes in the 1940s, the XK was an inline-six with twin overhead camshafts. It made its debut in 1949 and stayed in production until 1992. Built in displacements ranging from 2.4 to 4.2 liters, it was for decades a paragon of performance, powering the D-Type Le Mans racers and propelling the gorgeous E-Type to an incredible top speed of 150 mph in the early 1960s. The good news is a Jaguar inline-six is back, the new 3.0-liter Ingenium; it replaces the 3.0-liter AJV6, an engine that traces its origins back to the Ford Duratec. The bad news is the F-Type sports car, spiritual successor to the E-Type, won’t be getting it. Why? It won’t fit under the hood. With the demise…