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Mountain Bike Rider June 2019

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wales, trails and mountain bike wheels

As we stutter and lurch our way towards a future that may or may not involve being part of the European Union, I’m finding it increasingly hard to retain faith in our parliamentary system and the people who represent us. But just as my political stamina is about to collapse in the gutter, along comes the Welsh government with a progressive, sensible and widely beneficial proposal that will have a massive positive impact on mountain biking. The plan seeks to reform the archaic and inconsistent laws that choke access to many of Wales’s brilliant, and perfectly mtb-friendly, trails. Anyone who’s tried to plot a legitimate route in Wales will probably have fallen foul of these rules, with bridleways becoming footpaths as you cross county boundaries (despite the trail surface remaining…

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big picture

OK, so he’s on a BMX, but who cares when the photo is this spectacular. Senad Grosic riding during the Riding Thrones project at the Giant’s Causeway in Bushmills. It’s one of the images shortlisted for Red Bull’s Chasing the Shot series and we could gaze at it all day. Looking for a riding destination that’s easy to get to and has it all? Then check out Sintra in Portugal with WeRide.pt. There are a crazy variety of trails available to ride in a small and efficiently uplifted area, so you can pack in the runs until the urge to hit that beach for a cold one becomes too much to resist. Loose scree slithers down the hillside below my feet. Still air pierced by scattering slates. The riding is slow speed…

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trails for wales one step closer

Mountain bikers could soon be riding on footpaths and open access (CROW) land in Wales after the Welsh government said it is now working towards changing access rights in the country. This brilliant news comes after last year’s campaign TrailsforWales run by OpenMTB and Cycling UK, and a nationwide consultation that saw the views of over 16,000 people considered. The overwhelming majority of respondents supported greater access, and it seems like the Welsh government is listening, with a goal of creating shared access on all paths that would mirror the rights enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts in Scotland. For mountain bikers that would mean that riding your bike on a footpath, or CROW open access land, would be perfectly legal. Of course there will need to be some restrictions along the way,…

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who is openmtb?

The Welsh Government launched a consultation on access rights back in July 2015 and Open MTB started its campaign in September that year to push for improving those access rights for mountain bikers. The campaign was also designed to put pressure on England to follow suit. The Trails for Wales campaign is fronted by Cycling UK and OpenMTB. Cycling UK is a British cycling charity and OpenMTB is a group composed of journalists, guides and other interested parties that was formed after the opening of the consultation.…

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keep britain’s trails tidy

I don’t recognise her at first, despite the fact she’s been in my life for four years now. Her pink ears are besmirched with loam and her pink snout is hidden behind leaf mould. Then it clicks, and I wonder — who eats a toddler’s yogurt on Captain Clunk? The face is Peppa Pig’s, in case you’re not kiddoed up, and it’s staring back from a yoghurt pot I’ve picked up on the side of the Clunk trail, in Surrey. Inspired by the new Trash Free Trails campaign, I’ve spent 10 minutes walking this 30-second trail armed with a bin bag and rubber glove and discovered that trail trash is literally everywhere. Even on relatively well maintained and looked after trails like Clunk. It’s up to all of us to ‘do our…

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the whyte stuff

Kids’ bikes are a tough build, and the smaller they get, the harder they come. They need to be lightweight, with miniaturised components, modern geometry so they’re fun to ride, and proper rubber to give some suspension. All that usually costs a bomb on an adult bike, but most cash-strapped parents aren’t able or willing to shell out big money. That makes the new 203 all the more impressive, a 20in kids bike with custom spec for short arms and legs, high-quality alloy frame and tyres that don’t weigh a ton, all for under £500. Whyte might only have been in the small bike game for four years, but it has taken it to another level. For starters the 203 looks like a proper bike — the tubing is in proportion…