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Mountain Bike Rider September 2019

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long live the revolution

Every week it seems like we hear about a new household name struggling to compete against the internet giants, or another high street retailer being ‘rescued’ from the brink by you know who. The cycling industry is by no means immune to this revolution in retail — in fact the way we buy our bikes has been changing for over a decade. Direct-to-consumer brands, such as Canyon, YT, Vitus and Radon — as tested on p90 — are no longer fringe alternatives, but large and powerful mainstream choices offering tempting savings over traditional models sold through dealer networks. At mbr we think that this growth in consumer choice and intensive competition is a good thing, as long as you’re aware of the pros and cons of both sales models. While direct-sales…

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big picture

Throughout the day the sun seems to hover in the sky and we barely register its movement. As the day draws to a close, however, and it approaches the horizon, its speed seems to increase. Time seemed compressed as I struggled to take this shot — phone in hand, frantically shouting instructions to the rider down the line, I tried to position him on the ridge as the sun raced towards the peaks north of the Solway Firth. While riding down Helvellyn with Pat from Identiti Bikes for this issue’s Best of British feature (p56) we spotted this S-bend. Pat thought it had potential for a good shot but I wasn’t sure; the backdrop looked stunning but the trail looked a little dull. We decided to give it a go. As…

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trail of the year 2019

SRAM IS OFFERING £2,000 TO THE WINNING VOLUNTEER BUILD CREW If we had any doubts about how important it is to celebrate the trails we ride, the last 12 months have blown them away. Yes it’s been a year since our 2018 Trail of the Year awards and in that time we’ve had the heartbreaking news that Wales won’t get open access riding, followed by a swift U-turn from the Welsh government to announce that, yes, they would look at changing access rights after all. Victory snatched from the jaws of defeat. Of course there are lots of reasons for the change of heart, but the good news followed a nation-wide consultation, TrailsforWales, run by OpenMTB and Cycling UK that saw overwhelming support from the 16,000 people who responded. Clearly political pressure…

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privateer party

If you were to dream up the perfect modern enduro race bike, it would probably boast 160mm or 170mm travel with 29in wheels and modern geometry. It’s become a reliable formula for competitive success between the tape and on the showroom floor. But most bikes that fit this category don’t come cheap; even entry-level frame and shock-only models cost upwards of £2,000. So what are your options if you want you want to be king of the mountains but can’t spend such a princely sum? New British brand Privateer reckons it has the answer, in the shape of The 161 — an alloy enduro frame with progressive geometry and a relatively modest price tag. The 161 actually has 160mm travel, and it’s mated to a 170mm fork and rolls on 29er wheels,…

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New bikes come and go, but truly innovative designs are relatively thin on the ground. So when Calibre dropped the original Bossnut it really shook the entry-level full-suspension tree. With 130mm travel, progressive geometry and a best-in-class specification, the Bossnut brought an unprecedented level of performance to the category. It was an instant hit, and quickly racked up test wins and a host of awards. Over the past few years the design has seen some minor tweaks and improvements, but this year Calibre has gone all in, giving the bike a total revamp. The new Bossnut Evo still comes with 130mm travel and a killer specification, but the frame on the latest version has been completely redesigned. Gone are the boxy tubes, replaced instead by soft edges similar in style to the Calibre…

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hot stuff

MOST WANTED OAKLEY DRT5 GREG MINNAAR SIGNATURE SERIES HELMET £159 Greg Minnaar’s new signature helmet has an interesting feature that might tickle your fancy — little hooks on the top of the shell that pop up like the doors on a DeLorean and grab your glasses when you want to stow them somewhere. Unobtanium, iridium Oakleys not included, sadly. It’s a cool feature, because it means airflow through the helmet isn’t restricted by parking your glasses on top, or at the back. But that’s not why this helmet is Most Wanted. Instead it’s the innovative sweat band that runs round the top of your brow. Made of silicone, it channels sweat from your forehead around the sides of your head. No more sweaty faces or stinging eyes. It’s one of the most comfortable helmets…