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Mountain Bike Rider October 2019

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autumn is awesome

As the sun sets on summer, we enter what is, for me, the best season for riding. All time, fall time may be a cliché, but it’s also completely accurate. Crisp mornings, mild temperatures, moist dirt, no vegetation to snare skin and obscure sightlines — those clear autumn rides are to be cherished. Which means, of course, that winter is just around the corner. Bring it on! This challenging season can actually be a really enjoyable and productive time to ride. All you need to do is approach it with a different perspective. Rather than ride the same trails you ride during the summer, at half the speed, mix up your riding spots. Try somewhere new. Explore those woods you always ride past. Go to a bike park and work on…

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big picture

In winter, Revelstoke is a heliskiing wonderland. But as the snow melts and the crowds recede, this sleepy little town in central BC transforms into a mountain bike playground and the trails are as fresh as the Columbia river. You can earn your turns and shuttle on Boulder Mountain, or get whisked to the top of Mt. Cartier in a helicopter. With a little hike-a-bike, any residual guilt of gaining 7,000ft of vertical without even breaking a sweat, quickly evaporates. Most people connect Italy’s Liguria with shuttled uplifts in Finale Ligure, but head further west and inland, climbing 1,500 metres up behind Ventimiglia and you’ll find real, big-mountain riding. The idea of this three-day session with Tracy Moseley and James Richards was to see how their Trek Powerfly e-bikes would fare…

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the new golfie

The Golfie in the Tweed Valley is home to some of the UK’s best trails — it’s gnarly, steep, rooty, untamed… and unauthorised. Over 100km of trails ridden by thousands of mountain bikers each year, and all unofficial, leaving the tracks at the mercy of a landowner’s whims and erosion, and riders at potential risk of injury from dodgy trail building or a lack of maintenance. That all changed this summer though when the Tweed Valley Trails Association (TVTA) and landowner Forestry and Land Scotland (FLA) went into partnership together, to help look after the world-class Golfie trails and help mitigate the FLA’s risk too. With the flick of a pen, three of the Golfie trails came under the auspices of the local trail association and charity, the TVTA, with the understanding…

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get involved

Volunteer managed trail networks don’t pay for themselves, the labour is free and willing but they need money for materials and tools. The TVTA is no exception, so please tip them some cash if you can. Local contractors have been helping out by supplying materials, Aneela says, and Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland has been instrumental too. If you can’t donate money, there are dig days across the Tweed Valley. There are plenty to get involved in, and Aneela has organised an event called the Fanny Hunt on November 2-3, a weekend of events for women riders including a women-only dig day.…

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ti die for?

This thing of beauty is the new HT Ti, a sleek-looking titanium hardtail from road brand Ribble, boasting modern geometry, 150mm fork travel and a host of options to tailor the bike to your exacting standards. No question, the HT Ti is drop dead gorgeous, but it’s what the bike represents that’s truly interesting. This is Ribble’s first move into the mountain bike market, and it’s just the beginning: the brand has plans to release this bike with a steel frame instead of top-end Ti, then a full-suspension bike next summer, followed by an e-bike some time after that. According to our sister title, Cycling Weekly, Ribble’sraisond’êtreuntilnow has been to supply good performing, good value road bikes with plenty of customisation options. Well, the plan is to continue in that vein with…

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no levy levo

What if we told you there was a way to get at least 32 per cent off the price of your next bike? So the latest Jeffsy Decoy CF Pro Race e-bike for £4,080 rather than the website’s £6,000. Or if e-bikes aren’t your thing, what about the Canyon Neuron Al 6 full-sus trail bike for £985 instead of £1,450? You’d probably want those kinds of savings. Well those discounts are available through that hallowed old Labour initiative, the Cycle to Work Scheme, following the news that the government’s green initiative isn’t just limited to £1,000 bikes. What’s more, e-bikes are available through the scheme too, so the premium you have to pay for a pedal-assist model is pretty much wiped out. Canyon and now YT-Industries have both partnered with one of…