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Multihull Sailor Summer 2017

Multihull Sailor includes articles on everything from downwind sails, rigging and gear to the latest on performance beach cats, cruisers, the world's best multihull charter destinations and more!

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season’s greetings

No, not that season—the sailing season. Down south it never really ends, of course, but for much of the sailing population north of 32 degrees latitude, it starts too late and finishes too early—which means you have to make the most of it. Hopefully you have your summer cruising plans nailed down, or if you’re like me, you’ll have some solid intentions in place, some of which will translate into action. A week here, a long weekend there, see which way the wind’s blowing and let it take you somewhere—the “where” is almost irrelevant. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by some of the liveaboard voyagers featured in this issue (Cat People, p. 46). Whether you aspire to be a snowbird making the run south for the winter or a world-girdling cruiser out…

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power to burn

The French obsession with long-distance sailing, whether solo or fully crewed, has long been a phenomenon of superlatives. But even those superlatives pale in comparison to what French sailing legend Francis Joyon and his five crew managed to accomplish this past winter: smashing the existing Jules Verne record by sailing around the world, from Ushant, France, and back aboard the maxi-tri IDEC Sport in a mere 40 days, 23 hours and 30 minutes. Not only that, what was perhaps most extraordinary of all was how run-of-the-mill it all seemed: multiple intermediate records fell along the way, so that it felt like the overall record was already pretty much a done deal by the time the crew rounded Cape Horn and was sailing back into the Atlantic. During the stretch from South Africa…

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the america’s cup and multihulls

Ever since the schooner America won the “100 Guinea Cup” fated to bear its name, the America’s Cup has been as much about technology and change as actual sailing. America itself, for example, won in large part thanks not only to her then radical hull form, but her cutting-edge cotton sails. Similarly, in the decades that followed, designers and builders like Starling Burgess and Nathanael Herreshoff were in the forefront with respect to everything from aluminum spars to winch technology and the switch from gaff to Bermuda rigs. That said, the pace of change in the America’s Cup has been far from constant. While it’s true, for example, that a number of dramatic innovations marked the three-decade 12 Meter era—including Olin Stephen’s decision to separate the rudder from the keel aboard the…

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wherever the wind takes us

Australian sailors Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu are known around the world, thanks to their social media accounts and YouTube channel, Sailing La Vagabonde, in which they document their experiences afloat—at the same time using the power of crowdfunding to help cover their costs. They recently decided to make the switch from a monohull to a catamaran. MHS: How did you come to discover sailing?Riley: I’ve always loved the water and enjoyed camping, so I was pretty confident I would enjoy sailing. I was planning to purchase a boat once I had saved up enough money from my work on oil rigs as a rigger/dogman. When I finally bought La Vagabonde, a 2007 Beneteau Cyclades, I was trying to learn as I went. It was a pretty steep learning curve—to the…

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on the horizon

GUNBOAT 68 If anyone was in any doubt about Gunboat’s future following the brand’s acquisition by Grand Large Yachting, they need only look at the swooping lines of the new Gunboat 68. This VPLP design is going into production at the Outremer facility in La Grand Motte, France, with hull #1 scheduled to hit the water early in 2018. The design team of Marc van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost is behind many of the most successful racing multihull designs of the last two decades, and with styling masterminds Patrick Le Quement and Christoph Chedal Anglay to smooth the interface between performance and good looks, this new Gunboat is a naturalborn head-turner. They have cleverly fused elements of both the Morrelli & Melvin and Nigel Irens-designed Gunboat visuals into a unique design…

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five farangs in thailand

You almost have to pinch yourself sailing around Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay. It’s like entering a lost world in a Hollywood movie. Rising dramatically from an emerald sea are surreal, gravity-defying limestone towers (karsts) which have been sculpted by millennia of monsoon rain and winds into spectral spires. The surrounding seascape is dotted with islands cloaked in forests of greenery. Many islands have sea caves and hidden lagoons that can be entered at certain states of the tide by kayak or on foot. It’s like sailing into a fantasy world. Having been fortunate enough to sail five of the world’s Seven Seas, I can report that only the fabled South Pacific islands come close to matching the Andaman Sea’s spectacular, exotic backdrop. If the combined age of our motley five-strong crew…