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a doctor in the house

Anne, Princess Royal, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have always been the types to simply get on with it – and that’s exactly what they did in Scotland last week as drama plagued the rest of the family. Camilla (72), who is known in Scotland as the Duchess of Rothesay and is chancellor of the University of Aberdeen, was on hand to present her sister-in-law with an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the university. Anne (69) was being honoured for the huge amount of charity work she’s undertaken in her lifetime, and looked chuffed to receive her diploma from a beaming Camilla. While the hullabaloo rages on as courtiers try to deal with the fallout surrounding the decision by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step down as senior royals,…

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from the editor

Back in 2015, I followed Prince Harry through sunshine, rain and hailstorms as part of the official media pack for his very first visit to our shores. It was here he lamented that there wasn’t a special someone by his side, and hoped that would change one day soon – and with any luck allow him to become a father. Watching Harry , I felt he never seemed particularly at ease during formalities – he was respectful, polite and charming but didn’t like a fuss, fidgeted with his hands, and quickly told people to do away with calling him a prince, repeatedly saying, “Oh, it’s just Harry ,” when he was introduced. But whenever an opportunity presented to be a regular bloke – something his trip here allowed a few glimpses…

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heartbreak over harry the queen’s gracious gesture

In the run-up to their wedding, Prince Harry famously said, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.” In that instance it was a tiara made famous by Diana, Princess of Wales, but she didn’t get it – the Queen firmly pointed her in the direction of a different model. Whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will fare better with their current set of demands – to retain royal status without holding down a front-line role, gain financial independence, and live between North America and the UK – is still in question. But this time, the 93-year-old Queen is driving attempts to find a resolution to this latest royal crisis, known in the palace as “the Sussex situation”. And she does tend to get her way. At an emergency summit at Sandringham on January 13,…

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sticky sovereign situations

“Megxit” is the latest in a long list of family crises the Queen has had to deal with. Here are some of the toughest situations she’s faced in her 93 years. ABDICATION OF KING EDWARD VIII Elizabeth was never meant to be the monarch, but when her uncle gave up the throne to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson, her whole future changed. Suddenly her father, George VI, a shy naval officer with a bad stutter, was the new king and the 10-year-old princess had to prepare to one day step into the top job. DEATH OF THE QUEEN’S FATHER, GEORGE VI Elizabeth became Queen much sooner than anyone expected. She was only 25 when her father died aged 56 of a coronary thrombosis while she and husband Prince Philip were in Africa at the…

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getting their affairs in order

Just what are the “complex matters” to be resolved? Here are a few. MR & MRS OR HRH? It’s unlikely the Queen will remove the designation His and Her Royal Highness, except at Harry and Meghan’s request. She especially regards stripping Princess Diana of her HRH as an error, plus Harry and Meghan will need to maintain their titles to have a chance of making their Sussex Royal brand work – being plain duke and duchess isn’t quite the same. ROYAL DUTIES Being half in and half out of the royal family is thought to be impossible. As former palace press officer Dickie Arbiter (80) puts it, “You’re either a royal or you’re not a royal – you can’t have one leg in one camp and another leg in another camp.” But the head of…

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harry’s burnt bridges

Harry’s decision to step back from royal life is out of character and suggests he may be on a worrying “trajectory of self-destruction”, according to his biographer Penny Junor. The author of Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son says she is concerned about his and Meghan’s decision to effectively quit the royal family, apart from when it suits them. “This doesn’t speak to me as being a balanced or careful strategy, even if they have, as alleged, been plotting it for months.” Penny says she is baffled by the sheer disrespect Harry has shown his grandmother too. “He was always so close to the Queen. Her Majesty will put up with a lot, but one thing she hates is surprises; she likes to know what will confront her in the morning papers. Harry and Meghan…