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NZ Hot Rod April 2018

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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Six Hundred! IT is with great pleasure alacrity that we celebrate the publication of this month’s issue which is the 600th issue of NZ Hot Rod magazine. This lofty milestone is a first for any NZ automotive publication and has come on the top of the hour of 51 years of continuous publication. I’ll be bold and brave here and say unequivocally that no other hot rod magazine published here in NZ will ever equal this 600 issue milestone achievement and that’s because of a few very complex but clear reasons. Our long journey to #600 is peppered with wins. Loses, blood, sweat and tears and it’s these highs and lows which have made us strong and given us a unique perspective. I haven’t shared this before but the time is…

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box 573 orewa letters

Recycling HI PAUL, just read about Dave Kirk and his exploits around Bay Park at its opening. It mentions Les Ireland in his bucket, the attached photo has that engine in it, the Hogan heads are now wall hangings because of corrosion but the Arowe manifold and triples are still on top, the bores are a little larger and crank a little lighter but it still pulls very well. The wheels are 1935 wires widened by Reid’s Specialist Welders in Hamilton in 1983 and were first on Paul Astons ‘34 Fordor. Just doing my bit for the planet by recycling! Greig Covell. Tauranga. Pink Merc Mystery GREETINGS, I recently purchased a1951 mercury 4 door sedan, well to be fair the shell of ‘51 Mercury, the guy I got it off got it for parts…

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just in   passing

• Smallblock Fury WHEN is horsepower perhaps just a little too much power? Ask Gavin Oram. The recent IHRA Nationals was the first time out for a new engine combo utilising a 377ci smallblock Chev with a twin turbo set up producing 1,247 hp at the rear wheels in his 1980 Plymouth Arrow. The engine was built by Reece Fish at FFR Engines & Machine Tuning with tuning and sponsorship from Carl Jensen at C&M Performance. HRM photographer Siggy caught this spectacular shot of the car nearly flipping backwards. The other photo shows what were robust wheelie bars now bent up the rear of the car. From Bruce Taylor. • Party Tricks GARY ‘Golly’ Adams turned 60 recently. A gathering of close friends converged on the Inglewood property of Golly and Jeana Adams recently to celebrate…

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new arrivals

• Furious DAVE Tuke recently landed this stunning ’59 Plymouth Fury from Arizona via Chucks. The sleek style defies any English dictionary superlatives and the silhouette speaks volumes. Under the hood is the standard V8 engine for smooth cruising and Dave says it’ll likely get some refurbishing which will make it a surefire knockout! • Cool Custom Coming THIS project 1939/40 Mercury convert arrived a few months ago via Kiwi Shipping. Under the hood is a large Chrysler hemi which will give this car a huge amount of potential. All it needs now is more time and money. • Tried & True STEVE Ripley landed this ’56 Chevrolet Bel Air two-door sedan via Chucks recently. Impressive body and detailing makes this an instant cruiser on NZ roads.…

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mal’s ’32 ride

CHRISTCHURCH ROD & CUSTOM CLUB IT’S always interesting to know a bit about a hot rod builder’s background and history. When I was gathering information on Mal’s latest build I mentioned it would be interesting to know when he got started with hot rodding. Mal tells us “1979 was a busy year and what a year. I started my first hot rod which was a 1939 Chevrolet, I also started a new job and got married too. Still in 1979 I sold the mag wheels off my ’39 Chev and used the proceeds for a deposit on a house. Fast forward: I sold the Chev, sold the house, built a bunch of cars and am still married to the same great wife Jill”. Early days saw the construction of a C-cab, ’34…

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buller rodders 40th anniversar weatsport - new zealand

OVER 50 cars entered to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of Buller Rodders. The majority of the original members were on hand to tell stories and a few lies which contributed to a great atmosphere after a few drinks at Club Buller after registration formalities were over on the Friday night. Saturday morning the NBS theatre carpark was full, giving the locals a good look at their only hot rod club’s line-up. Some competitors stayed in town while others boarded Unimogs for a tour of the local vintage machinery museum. The reason for the Unimogs was soon revealed; there was a very steep incline to get to the museum at the top of a large hill. Great barbecue was supplied, then torrential rain which only Westport could deliver! The return ride…