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NZ Hot Rod May 2018

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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Sitting Ducks THEY say time waits for no one and as the years roll we find ourselves entwined further and further in the grip of technology. The frequency of change is increasing at a frenetic pace and it’s almost on a daily basis that we learn about new inventions, discover cures for disease and find new ways of doing things. I watched a video clip on the web the other day which showed live humans interviewing robots. It was true and for real and one of those watershed moments which made me stop in my tracks, pause and reflect on just how far we have come, and to conversely to consider what is coming in the future. One of those future scenarios which played out in my mind was the oncoming…

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box 573 orewa   letters

Tudor Memories HI PAUL, Just a quick note re the NZnew deuce tudors. I had one I bought for ten dollars in 1967 from Mr. P. McNeil of Marton. I was an apprentice mechanic at that time and I bought it mainly to get the mint grille it had. They were the cool thing to have and I think it still had the B4 motor in it. I chopped the roof with a hacksaw from memory, about 4 inches as per the hot rod mags I had at the time. I started to weld it up but never finished it. You wrote an article about me and my cars and there’s a small picture of tudor in the Oct 2005 mag. I forgot who I sold it to until I read…

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just in   passing

Flashback intake NZHRM featured this lost and found 4-carb intake manifold for a flathead Ford V8 back in April ’69. The article titled “Adding Jugs to Flatheads” was relevant and resonated well with readers. 50 years later the custom-made intake has resurfaced again, found amongst automotive detritus on the back of a pickup by eagle-eyed correspondent Craig Houston. It’ll feature on a flathead powered track T project he’s got in mind and is sure to generate many more stories. Real Deal Bellytank THE recent Rebel Round Up held at Pukekohe Park Raceway provided a great opportunity for Southside Streeter’s member Neil Baker to run his belly tank. This was the first time Neil had driven the car at any speed. It was a good experience as well as being able to sort out…

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new arrivals

Stock as a Rock AN avid Auckland-based hot rodder recently landed this stunning deuce 5-window coupe from the mid-west, USA via Chucks. It’s a past show winner and extremely original. Under the hood is a genuine ’32 Ford flathead V8: great for Sunday cruising! Barn Find ANOTHER stock-as-a-rock deuce, this time a roadster just arrived for a Nelson hot rodder. It spent 50 years in storage before seeing the light of day and becoming available. Magic to see these cars arriving here in NZ. Florist RARER than hens teeth this 1937 Ford sedan delivery is now most likely the only example here in NZ. It arrived in Auckland recently thanks to Chucks. Under the hood is a stock flathead V8 while the interior is also to stock Ford specs. Packard Paradise NZ officially hosted the Packard Nationals…

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mr blue

NEW Plymouth’s Gary Webber is one of those guys with petrol running through his veins. Even as a young bloke growing up in the ‘60s the family home incorporated a wrecking yard and now with around 60 cars later, his real dream has materialised. Gary is an owner-driver of one of those big spunky Kenworths and naturally gets to drive to most corners of the country. It’s also a good way of finding that hard to get part. Gary’s dream was to emulate America’s Most Beautiful Roadster of 1961, the ’29 Model A roadster owned by Rich Guasco. Gary also used to do the odd bit of photography and reporting on certain events for this magazine in years past and because he’s no stranger to writing, we pick up his story…

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usa day

CONTRARY to a showery weather forecast, Saturday morning saw an impressive coastal fog shrouding Tahuna Park as more than two hundred entrants rumbled their way in to the venue. The mist had burned off by lunch-time, leaving lots of folk wishing they’d dressed in lighter clothes and brought sun-screen. Proceeds this from this year are going towards “Casting for Recovery” which is a Charity which offers free weekend breaks for breast cancer sufferers.…