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NZ Hot Rod June 2018

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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publisher’s podium

Balance I’VE been feeling a bit discombobulated lately because we’re being hung drawn and quartered by some of you for our mistakes. Getting a bad grade feels like a personal attack, especially when the feedback is delivered on the tip of a barbed spear. Don’t get me wrong here because we know we’re only human and mistakes are the most important thing that happens in publishing. We know they teach us a lesson and that failure is the key to success. Each and every mistake teaches us something new and our best teacher is our last mistake. I’m not building a wall here, we actually need to hear from you and we do understand your frustration at seeing something in print which is incorrect or could have been conveyed using a…

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box 573 orewa letters

Loyalty Plus HELLO Paul, Just been devouring the latest issue of your mag. You never cease to bring back to me memories of both the past and future. Top article on the ‘32 coupes, Part 2. That brought back memories of the hours we spent in Garth Souness’ car yard in Greenlane and I’m sure it was Sam Ferabend installing the Corvette motor in Garth’s ‘32 coupe. Now the Future: National Drags Meremere 2018: Never in my wildest dreams would I have dreamt a street legal rice rocket would achieve better times on the 1/4 mile than a purpose-built imported drag car, my opinion only! Guess we still have racers & dreamers on the strip in 2018! Keep up the top work all involved with the best hot rod mag out…

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just in passing

Red Hat Reward THE feeling achieving your first 6-second run and exceeding 200mph in a single run is not something many people can relate to. The 6-second run is more often than not achieved first and for some people, it seems like an eternity to run over 200mph. But at Meremere on April 8th John Shepherd ran a 6.941 at 201.22 mph on his second run of the day in his blown Hemi powered FED. Pictured is John holding his timeslip alongside crewman Andrew McVeigh. Missing from the photo is camera shy Carole Hylton. Absent on the day was crew chief and engine builder Phil Blumont and dedicated crew member Tania Bryeton. John would like to acknowledge Raymond Smyth who has been a mentor since he bought the FED and helped…

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new arrivals

Fiver WE’D give our eye teeth to land a deuce 5-window coupe, especially this one which arrived last month from Canada for its Auckland-based owner. It’s unfinished but is a running, driveable car. Plans call for a Barry Lobeck-style, slammed, raked and attitude-loaded, full-tilt hot rod...we can’t wait! California Gold IF you get the urge or can get your hands on a Chevy C10 pickup from the dry climates of California, Arizona or Nevada then chances are it’ll look just like this one which landed via Chuck’s. Demand for these pickups is steadily increasing and from these photos, you can see why. For a smaller investment, you’re up and running in fine style in an American vehicle with the biggest trunk area in the business! Bankable THIS ’57 Bel Air landed in Auckland recently via…

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extreme essex

JOHN has owned V8s since he was 17 years old with his first one being a 1958 Chev Bel Air. His oldest sister knew a bloke from Brighton who owned the old Singer Gazelle custom called “Poison Ivy”. Only three houses away from John’s home lived hot rodder Bob Jarvis, who owned “TNT” (the ex Barry Morgan Dodge bucket) so given these two influences there was no hope really, and no looking back either, he was hooked! Long story short and 14 cars later, John got sick of people saying “that’s so and so’s old car isn’t it?” It was always John’s ambition to build his own dream car, but he wanted it to be different to everybody else’s, hence the choice of a 1930 Essex and the fact that nobody…

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hot rod hayride #13   the last one surrey, england

WHEN we left the Bisley Pavilion in Brookwood, last year, we knew it’d be a real challenge for the event promoter, Jerry Chattabox, to find a new venue to keep alive the spirit of the Hotrod Hayride. Jerry and his crew selected an old aerodrome near the south coast of Britain. Headcorn aerodrome was used during WWII by the allied air forces as a base to fight over France. Most of the WWII hangars are still there and the icing on the cake is; you can fly in a real Spitfire on the same runway they used to during the war! Despite participants coming from Belgium, the Netherlands and France, the turnout was lower than last year. The rain during most of the weekend did not help to attract people, even…