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NZ Hot Rod July 2018

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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First Impressions IT’S quite common for many of us to recall the very first time we saw a hot rod and were smitten by its eye-grabbing silhouette and chromed and polished mechanical mayhem. That initial moment of captivation often becoming a catalyst for a lifelong passion for modified cars. In my case, it was back in the early sixties when living on a loose-metal road in blue-collar, west Auckland. Occasionally, while outside playing I’d spy a channelled Model A roadster with flathead V8 hurtling up our street at breakneck speed followed by a rooster tail of dust. It was owned by local Jimmy Aitken who lived half a mile down the road. The sight, sound and speed had me hooked and when walking home from primary school I’d stop outside Jimmy’s…

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box 573 orewa letters

Speedy Gonzales PAUL, In the latest issue of NZHRM (May) you have a story about ‘32 coupes. The Bruce Jenner “Speedy Gonzales” hot rod was jackknifed on the way to a flying quarter-mile sprint meeting. Bruce then put the motor in a Mk 3 Zephyr but the local scrutineer would not let him race. Bruce sold the motor to Kevin Haig. Kevin put the motor in a daily driver Mk2 Zephyr. In the latest issue of Classic Driver mag is part 1 article about Kevin Haig. Bruce Jenner after the Mk3 episode bought a Camaro, I think, off Dennis Marwood. Bruce’s tow car was a ‘58 Fairlane pillarless sedan. Allan Dick is still mates with Kevin Haig and Bruce Jenner. Cheers Graham Woods. Morrari PAUL, I hope all is well. I wondered if we…

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just in passing

• Rodders Return LONGTIME hot rodders will remember Tony & Anna Cross and their show-‘n-go, award-winning rods from the eighties and nineties..After a long hiatus, they’ve returned to the fold and Tony says, “Well we have done it! After a year of threatening to return to hot rodding Anna and I have sold all the race cars and purchased a fenderless ‘34 coupe. The rod sits on a John Reid chassis and has a Deuce Customs body, Budnik wheels and fully detailed undercarriage Built a few years ago but only 500 miles on the clock, it’s like new. We’ll likely be rejoining Harbour City Rod club again”. Welcome back guys, good to see you back in the fold! • Raffle Rod THIS dayglow Tangerine ’38 Ford Fordor is NZHRA’s 2019 Raffle Car and…

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new arrivals

• Cute Lass YOU can’t go wrong with a car like this! It’s a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Holiday Hardtop which landed recently via Chuck’s. It was built in Fremont, California and first sold in Santa Rosa. The beauty of this is it’s always been adult owned and has a mere 145K miles on the clock now. Still, a solid, dependable car which can be driven anywhere in style. • Under the Radar VEHICLES like this ’72 Dodge Ramcharger are multi-purpose and can be bought relatively cheaply. The Ramchargers aren’t top of the pops for buyers but are just as good, if not better than Ford or Chevrolet equivalents. The trick is to find one which has low miles and adult ownership which means it’ll look just like this pristine example which arrived via…

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the marsh roadster

ACCESSED by way of a steep and winding dusty road, Sharleen and Shane Marsh’s hilltop property, overlooking the Kawarau River to Cromwell, provided a multitude of stunning backdrops to showcase Shane’s 1930 Ford roadster. The car, however, took precedence over any vistas as closer inspection revealed an authenticity and attention to detail which has gone into producing what is a bare-boned reflection of late 1950s hot rodding. The uncomplicated look of the roadster is a bit misleading, there’s nothing simplistic about it. Shane’s perseverance in retaining originality has resulted in a car which looks as if it has rumbled straight out of another era: that of hot-rodding in its infancy. Originally the build was intended as a Model A restoration project by Shane’s father Rex. It began in Hamilton around 1978…

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features and specifications

MAKE AND MODEL: 1930 Model A Ford Roadster CHASSIS: Model A boxed outer rail with a new centre crossmember incorporating a late ‘30s crossmember at the rear with a 3” kick-up. ENGINE: ’46-’48 Ford, 24 stud flathead, 59A block, 239ci, 1948 relieved block built by Hank Robinson. Navarro Heads, Isky 400 Jr camshaft, 185G springs, stainless steel 8BA valves with one-piece guides. Johnston hollow adjustable lifters, Edelbrock slingshot manifold, two Stromberg 97s, Edmunds air filters with K&N inserts, Mallory electronic dizzy. GEARBOX: T5 S10 Chevy pickup. REAR END: Ford 9” with 28-spline axles. FRONT END: 4” Super Bell dropped axle on ’39 Ford spring, Pete and Jakes hairpin-style radius rods, telescopic shocks. STEERING: 1938 Ford steering box, ‘38 Ford V8 steering wheel which didn’t look right, so was cut down by two inches. BRAKES: Front ‘46 Ford drums…