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NZ Hot Rod January 2019

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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publisher’s podium

Around the corner and over the horizon WITH a full calendar of hot rod and racing events in front of us (see pages 74-76) the scene is set for another amazing year of fun and entertainment with cars. My predictions for 2019 are for another brick in the wall for the growth of hot rodding here in NZ as more and more cashed up; empty nesting baby boomers choose to import and/or own a classic American hot rod, street machine or muscle car. That is good news for the entire hot rod industry now headed by SIMAS and SIVANZ. I see no reason to predict any doom or gloom in the coming 12 months, in fact just the opposite. There is a supply of vehicles and parts, and there is demand…

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box 573 orewa letters

Flashback Feedback HI GUYS, Loved the write-up on Conrodders Hot Rod Club Dunedin. It brought back a lot of memories. The ‘34 coupe on page 32 was owned and built by Basil Raper in a small garage at “The Castle” in Coney Hill Road, St. Clair. Basil now resides in Kaitai (I think). I was a member back in the early ‘60s before going stock car racing and was also a founder member of the current Conrodders in 1973. Sorry, I can’t help with the names as they all look so young (it’s an age thing). Ray Keogh owned the ‘34 coupe on page 34 and the shed in the photo on page 35 was the late Stu Tikey’s in Ocean View, a place where many a Dunedin rod spent time.…

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just in passing

• Perfect PAUL Adams recently did some “barn find” lettering on an all-steel Willys Gasser in Beverly Hills. Under the hood is a blown 426Hemi on gas while under those rear fenders is a set of genuine Halibrands. The nostalgia drag package is supported by leaf springs all-round, cool diamond pattern interior and a parachute painted on the diff. Perfect! • Mechanical Marvel NEIL Surtees had been looking for a big old air-cooled engine to form the basis of a new car he’s dubbed “The Surtz Special.” It’s a speedster-style racer and something to take to the Leadfoot Festival. When he spotted a late 1920s Tiger Moth engine for sale at Marineland Street Rod & Kustom Klub’s swapmeet back in May, he grabbed it. Fast forward a few more months and the engine…

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new arrivals

• Great bones MYLES Crowe from Invercargill has just landed this 1953 Cadillac convertible through Kiwi Shipping. It’s an excellent car and is 100% complete, just needing restoration. The cool Caddy was located just 60 miles away from the shipping company in Los Angeles. Myles already owns a 1955 Caddy so the convertible will this will keep it company in his garage. From Craig Stare. • Welcome Home JASON Bishop had been on the internet watching this custom T-bird for quite a while before purchasing the California cruiser. The stunning paint appears to be Pagan Gold Candy, with multi-coloured flake roof while the package is rounded out nicely with chromies and whitewalls. From Craig Stare. • Capricorn Muscle CHUCK’S Restoration Supplies recently landed this pristine ’65 Pontiac GTO. Under the hood is the proper 389…

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pert pickup

THERE are many ways of applying the hot rod doctrine to a 1940-41 Ford pickup, and the results can vary but you can count the good looking ones on one hand: Kevin Adamson’s 1940 Ford pickup is one of them. The pickup was first registered new here in NZ and was purchased by Paul Grace (yes, the writer) back in 1975 following a tip-off from a fellow West Auckland Street Rods member Des Sheldon. The pickup was listed in the For Sales with a small photo in Wheels Inc club newsletter. A phone call and $400 later the pickup was on a towrope and being hauled home for work to begin. The original NZ-made pickup bed was toast because it’s been gas-axed in half just behind the cab, but was still…

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the lurkers car show

THE Lurker’s Hot Rod and Custom show was held on Saturday 24th of October, as part of their weekend of unofficial 10th-anniversary celebrations and it further underlines their low-key profile as a being a club of minimal flash-harry, but lots of substance. Under cover of the Invercargill Library Car-park, the quality of exhibits totally defied the standard requirement that a large number of entries defines a successful show. (entrants and exhibits were by invite only, or were those who had registered for all the weekend’s activities). Also, contrary to car show trends, there were no awards or prizes, even though any one of the entrants would’ve, or have already, earned accolades. Whatever the mix, The Lurkers have got it right as this show was one of the punchiest the south has…