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NZ Hot Rod April 2019

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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guest editorial

Sign me up ...I’VE had a gutsful...They’re out to get us!” I answered the phone call, and those were the opening words of the conversation. No “hello” or “how are you…” The caller is a world famous (literally) hot rod builder. He had not long read the SIVANZ letter published in the March issue of NZV8* about the number of business advisory groups talking to government about climate change initiatives (pushing EV’s) and the potential that special interest vehicle (SIV) owners may be denied, or have restricted, access to fossil fuels in the future. He then read another article in the March issue of Classic Car magazine about the growing number of people (operating in political circles) ramping up discussions on the “unsafe” aged fleet and how the author was trying…

5 min.
box 573 orewa letters

Hot Rod Health HI PAUL. I must say NZHRM is in good shape with you and your team producing a world-class hot rod mag. It is with still a heavy heart that I write again to NZHRM to warn other hot rodders of the danger of asbestos dust which caused the untimely death of my best mate Scotty. (The Ultimate Westie – See Flying Farewell in March issue) He was diagnosed with lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos dust. His exposure came from blowing dust out from brake drums and clutches. Probably from his days at Railside Wreckers in Henderson. But as there is NO minimum exposure to asbestos dust, who knows for sure? He and most likely all of us hot rodders and classic car guys and gals with…

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just in passing

Rock Solid Connection IN A follow up to the Moon article in January’s In Passing a chance conversation with Lloyd of Magoos Street Rods in Masterton revealed a strong connection between themselves and Moon. Lloyd mentioned that Moon & the original Gennie Shifter were the first two businesses to take his fledgling Magoo’s business on board 21 years ago. At the time the only overseas dealers Moon had were located in England and Hawaii. Lloyd recalls, “We formed a very good business relationship, including Magoo’s hosting Chico in New Zealand back in 2001, and then in 2005 they invited me to go with them to SEMA. Chico and I travelled to Vegas together and, as one of his key guys was away, it was just him and I to set up…

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arrivals new

Epic SPOOK has just landed this steel ’40 Willys coupe which Ruth (RIP) purchased. It was seen at the LA Roadster Swapmeet last June. It was purchased off an old lady whose husband passed away; he possibly may have raced it? It’s a genuine steel body, and you can tell it’s a ’40 because the wipers above the windshield, it has the 1940 hood ornament of the top/front of the hood and also 1940 ornament below that at very front of the hood. Original and restored 1940 Willys also have two smaller stainless steel trims under the main side trim on the front side of the hood. They are not fitted to this car. Under the hood is a 396ci Chev, Turbo 400 and an old/Pontiac possibly from some old drag…

7 min.
a class act

I THINK we were always meant to own this car. We’d been looking for a 1959 Pontiac Bonneville, four-door, pillarless with a vista roof for some time. We started off looking for a ‘60, but the more we looked, the more the ‘59s appealed, the fins, the dash, the upholstery, the steering wheel, the split grill...are all ‘overthe-top’. And then we found it! A month before Christmas 2015 I came across it on the net. It was for sale in Northern California with a car broker, just South of San Francisco. I said to Jude “I think I’ve found our car” It ticked all the boxes. The next day I had Ashley Barker contact the seller. Ash has had a great deal of experience importing cars from the States, for himself and…

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kerikeri klassic

THE Klassic Car, Hot Rod & Bike Show in Kerikeri on the 9th February was a resounding success thanks to Roz and Pete Dennis and their outstanding organisation. The weather turned it on and as a result over 240 cars from all over Northland and a couple south of Auckland turned up on the Kerikeri Domain. Local businesses supported the event with a ton of prizes. This show doesn’t give “best of” prizes but instead does spot prizes based on a number given as people entered the show. Roz and Pete feel that is much fairer. Valentine’s letters were written, and the best of those were given flowers and wine. A great day and well supported by the community and the gate takings went to the local fire brigade. We look forward…