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NZ Hot Rod August 2019

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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publisher’s podium

The Torch is Still Burning LOOKING back 15 years to to this day in July 2004 you’d have found me with my hands firmly on the wheel of this magazine for the very first time with Rob Campbell (RIP) sitting beside me as we worked together assembling the very first fully digital magazine and also the first issue under new ownership of Hot Rod Publishing. Liz & I incorporated the new company on June 24th 2004 and spent the following month converting Rob and Owen’s good preproduction work from the manual paste-up, film and print production method over to fully digital production thanks to Glenn O’Connor (who is still with us) and all this while familiarising ourselves with the controls of one on NZ’s automotive institutions and longest running car magazine. Rob’s…

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box 573 orewa letters

Hupp 3-window YOU’RE right Paul these must be pretty rare as I’ve never seen one or even heard of them. I’ve seen a few four-door sedans using the Ford body, but certainly not the coupe. I wonder why they made the change? Eddie Ford, Restored Cars Australia Magazine, Australia. Editorial response HI PAUL, Great editorial article on certification and the problems. (June ’19 Publisher’s Podium) I can see where you are coming from, but it seems that all this is going on without any consultation or involvement from the very people that these laws are made to govern except of course your column in hot rod magazine. If our governing body NZHRA were working as it should, we would have a voice and feel like we are being heard. They should be at the…

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just in passing

• Bomber Battery Box THE concept of an aircraft bomber-style seat is now well entrenched in the traditional rodding psyche but have you ever considered taking that concept thru to the trunk and making a matching battery box. Frank Wallic has done just that and has these stunning pics to prove it’ll work a treat. • Edjamucation WE loved the subtle inference on this t-shirt we spotted at the Club Champs. • LVV Standards Open For Consultation LVVTA are committed to a collaborative approach in the development and ongoing improvement of Low Volume Vehicle Standards for modified vehicles. This process enables the vehicle modification industry, and affected vehicle owners and modifiers to provide their input on LVV standards before amendments are made to them. For this, LVVTA seeks open and honest feedback from the vehicle…

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arrivals new

• Chattanooga Tudor LONG-TIME hot rodder and Tri-Five enthusiast Richard Adlington landed this two-owner 1955 2 door post sedan from Chattanooga. It was purchased from a retired pharmacist’s 22-car collection and came available during a “thinning of the herd”. The tudor has had a frame off restoration but has travelled to NZ via Richard’s brother Steve in AZ who fitted dropped spindles, tubular A-arms, 700R trans and new wheels etc. on the way home. Under the hood is the rebuilt 265 which Richard plans to retain for a while. • Jewelery THE Chevrolet built and sold 10,939 Corvettes in 1961with a base price of $3,934. Fifty-eight years later this numbers matching, fully restored example cost significantly more than that and has just landed via Chucks. It features the original 283ci V8 with twin…

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cream puff

I DON’T usually do this but being a slightly unusual car I decided to look up a few quick facts about the 1968 Oldsmobile 88 Holiday coupe and was very interested in my findings. The car was produced by General Motors as a full-size executive car. The factory 4 barrel 455ci engine was rated at 310 horsepower with 490 foot-pounds of torque and an advertised top speed of nearly 125 mph. This did come with a cost; the car returned just 11.8 miles per gallon on the open road “dive bombing” to around nine around town. This was obviously before the gas crisis. A friend of Stan’s, Kayton (Real Rides) went to America to visit SEMA and have a holiday about ten years ago. He saw a black ‘68 Olds sitting…

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features & specifications

ENGINE: 1968 Hi-performance 455 cubic inch Oldsmobile, 10.5 compression, forged pistons, Lunati cam, roller rockers Proform 850 cfm carb on an alloy Airgapper intake manifold. EXHAUST: Custom-made headers through to a 3” stainless system, ‘Adrenalin’ mufflers. TRANSMISSION: Turbo 400 with a 2500 stall converter. REAR END: Factory 9-3/4” ring gear 2.78 ratio, positraction and all untouched from new. Air shocks. FRONT END: Rebuilt stock with KYB adjustable shocks. BODY/PAINT: All original, painted factory Willow Gold in water-based paint. INTERIOR: All factory original. It is not redone. WHEELS/TYRES: 17”x9” Boyd Coddington wheels wearing Maxis 235/50/17” up front and Nitto 275/50/17” on the rears with the original spare tyre in the trunk. WEIGHT: 4226 lbs QUARTER MILE TIME: From factory 15.8 seconds and now 14 seconds dead! FUEL CONSUMPTION: Yes, it certainly does!!…