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NZ Hot Rod November 2019

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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PROPRIETORS: Paul & Liz Grace MANAGING EDITOR: Paul Grace ACCOUNTS: Liz Grace SUBSCRIPTIONS: Liz Grace AD-SALES & FEATURES: Paul Grace Ph +64 9 432 1270, +64 21 159 8521 Email: paul@nzhotrodmag.co.nz Craig Stare Ph +64 3 347 8388 Email: craig@nzhotrodmag.co.nz CORRESPONDENTS: Mike Ashton, Spook Howard, Ian Rainbow, Craig Houston, Wayne Scraba, Bruce Taylor, Chris Harris, Siggy Eichholz, John Medcalf, Lew Bonnington, Steve Reid, John Eva, Craig Stare, Horse Madden, David Mather, Roger Gorringe, Owen Campbell, Dave Verry, Golly Adams, Paul Martinez, Fred Sougnoux, Allan Porter, Ken Sanders, Alastair Ritchie. PRINTERS: The Print Lounge NZ DISTRIBUTOR: OVATO…

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publisher’s podium

Not List becoming a Hot List AFTER sitting at my desk for 15 years, I’ve come to the realisation that change is a vital component for our vibrant hot rod community. By that statement I mean change in vehicle design, style, interior, powertrain, chassis and suspension trends but equally, I see and feel the need to pull the handbrake on and keep our eyes firmly on tradition. Change is often the brother of fashion and what’s hot today may not be in a few years time. By contrast I’m a firm believer that great design never goes out of style. In my view both ends of the change and tradition spectrums are continually being pushed as creative ideas are brought to road-going reality. If you read the tea leaves you’ll agree…

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box 8 waipu letters

Cover - NZ Hot Rod mag September 2019 LIZ: I received the parcel with magazines today everything inside was in excellent condition. I paged through the mag, and I really liked what I saw in it you have a great magazine. Whenever you’re in Minnesota and want to photo more cars, l have five more in the quality of the one in the picture also l have a replica of a gas station which is filled with gas memorabilia and lots of cool stuff this is also where the cars are stored. Thank you very much I greatly appreciate it again thanks. Terry Nystrom, Sauk Rapids, MN. Quad Camming it HI MATE, I’ve had a slower-paced Sunday reading Sept & Oct mags,,,,,thank you and after reading your Sept editorial I thought of the Moser…

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just in passing

Hearse HERE’S a pic of the least streamlined car at Bonneville this year......Squeak hauled it back from Washington and people were dying to pass it. The vehicle is right-hand drive and was imported into the US in the mid-1960s for a TV series. It is being shipped back to Tauranga to be put back into use as a hearse after some refurbishment. It can take two caskets, one on top of the other, and dickey seats can be folded out to enable passengers to ride beside the coffin. From Bruce Taylor. Give ‘em a taste of Kiwi IAN Rainbow and a few Kiwi mates recently toured the USA and reported an epic trip. Their itinerary included Drag Week where Mike Finnagan was snapped wearing an NZHRM trucker cap. Mike used to work for Hot…

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arrivals new

Trad Rod coming THIS restored deuce roadster just landed via LA Wellington Shipping for an Auckland-based customer. Plans are to send it to Rocket for the addition of many period touches like an Auburn dash, quick-change rear and more. Mint Original STEVE Sharpe landed this gorgeous ’40 tudor from a collector in Alabama. It’s a low-mileage car which is pristine and perfect in every way. Its a pleasure and a great treat to see these jaw-dropping Ford V8s driving on our Kiwi roads. Neighbourhood Bully MARK Holland just landed this beautiful ’58 Chevrolet pickup via Chuck’s. It was bought from the swapmeet at Hot August Nights in Reno, NV from the owner of 16 years and then driven to Chuck’s depot in LA. It cruised easily and safely at high freeway speeds thanks to the…

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homebuilt home run

BACK in 1974 through to 1979 anyone who used to frequent Champion Dragway will remember Errol McLachlan running a smallblock Ford-powered T-bucket painted the same colour as his good friend Roger Murray’s similar bucket. They carried the names “Stinger” and “Hustler”. The pair attended practically every meeting and became very well known in the street rod class. After selling “Stinger” in ‘79 Errol built an even more popular race rod which was a 1930 Model A pickup which was powered by another smallblock Ford which could be described as a screamer as in “screaming smallblock ford”. It was a real crowd pleaser and would pull the wheels with ease. He ran the pickup from 1980 to 1987 when he on-sold it and settled down to deal with family and things.…