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NZ Hot Rod April 2020

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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publisher’s podium

Never a Dull Moment NEVER in the history of hot rodding has there ever been a tectonic shift a magnitude of what’s currently at our feet. The Coronavirus is having a direct knock-on effect of postponing and cancelling or postponing events with a mass gathering of 500 people or more. That means the Beach Hop, Hot Rod Blowout, hot rod breakfasts and other gatherings are affected. Travel plans, accommodation bookings and all ancillary downstream arrangements are all in a state of limbo or straight cancelled. Where does that leave the hot rodder as a consumer? Are we entitled to event entry and accommodation booking refunds? In my mind, a precedent has already been set, and it’s no different to a sporting event or musical concert. In the case of a sporting…

5 min.
box 8 waipu letters

Death Wobble DEAR ed, A long, long time ago,1990-ish, John Reid said to me “GB, I think you and I are the only two people in NZ who understand front end geometry”. Years before that, I had a 4cyl VC Holden Commodore which had 13” wheels, and I decided to put 14s on it. The only ones with that bolt pattern were HT/HK Holden wheels, but they had a different offset, which I didn’t think too much about, but when it came to driving, it was uncontrollable, and when cornering it felt like the tyres were rolling off the inside of the rims! It was absolutely diabolical, so I went back to 13s. I learned a lot from that! Cheers, Grahame Berry. Future of Hot Rodding HI PAUL, I enjoy reading your magazine; however,…

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rare birds

HELLO again rodders, I’ve read March 2020 issue and on page 38 is a photo of a 1938 Ford standard convertible attending the Black Swamp Run. I’ve found a photo of a 1938 Ford deluxe convertible painted in Washington Blue taken at an All Ford Day just out of Dunedin about 20 years ago.I wonder how rare these convertibles are? Also the feature on Mike Courtney’s 1934 Hupmobile 3-window coupe: This is the vehicle body style that I sent a photo taken at a rod run in Australia and published in NZHRM a few issues back. That car had a Ford grille, guards and side panels. Still enjoying the magazine. Regards, Ty Hepburn, Nelson.…

6 min.
just in passing

• Opposite lock! SPOTTED at So Cal Sacramento one Saturday morning during a FAST four-banger meeting was this funky narrowed T modified. Begging for some opposite lock action, this cute little T featured brilliant engineering and detail. Looks like some low buck but high creativity fun! • Buried Treasure HERE’S another one for the magazine ‘buried treasure’ file. A lot of people ask me to ‘source’ cars for them in America, and I always ask them if they’ve looked locally first. They usually answer.....”oh fkuc no, you’d never find one of those here......!!!” We were talking ‘34 3-window coupes at MCM last month, and I replied that I was really surprised that no one had bought Brian Fairchild’s one. WHO?........ was pretty much the collective response. Ultimately, the result of that conversation was…

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new arrivals

• Top Transporter GLEN Van Asselt spied this fresh ’63 VW transporter on eBay and bought it. It was located in Bellvue, Washington and shipped safely to NZ via Chuck’s. It’s powered by a 1776cc VW and will be used as a business promotional vehicle for Glenn’s new Good George Brewing restaurant which will open around September in Whakatane. Currently, it’s in the shop for a repaint to electric orange, so we’re sure it’ll be a top transporter is short order. • Sleeper RICHIE Malam bought this rare and collectible ‘67, Plymouth Belvedere from Squeak Bell who came across it in Alameda, California where it had resided in a private collection for some time. Shipping to NZ was handled by Chuck’s. Don’t be fooled by those plain Jane looks; this car is no…

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model a day

WHAT a way to celebrate the last official day of summer with a gathering of 40 Model A Ford vehicles from barn fresh to restored original through to mildly to wildly hot rodded? Organised by Chris Hornblow and Shane Adlington, the formula was simple. An informal gathering at Chris and Raewyn’s Oratia, West Auckland property, bring a plate and bring your own refreshments. No admission fees, no formalities and no awards - just laid back Model A fun as it should be. With a smattering of dead stock originals puttering in, where else could you find a diverse mix of vehicles? Four bangers, a Riley four-port, a SCOT blown flattie V8, a Lincoln V12, an Olds Rocket, a Y-block and a 409 W engine were all present and accounted for.…