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NZ Hot Rod June 2020

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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Train Wreck? WHO’D have thought it would ever come to this? Those are not my words, they were borrowed from a well respected, experienced and iconic member of our fraternity who was referring to our low volume vehicle certification process. I’ll make myself patently clear: I’m not referring to the system itself but to the certification process, but before I delve deeper I need to apologise to readers for cutting my “Bolts from the Blue” editorial in March issue short. I ended my certification story with: “On reflection I’ll put the nitty gritty part 2 of this story on ice because as I write it’s not over and the dice are still rolling. It’s an excellent tale though so stay tuned.” In reality I should have continued with my story but confess…

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Lesson Learned DEAR PAUL, Further to Grahame Berry’s letter in April 2020 issue titled “Death Wobble”. Some years ago I bought a set of Sunraysia wheels for my Mitsubishi ute, and I was told that they have a different offset to the original wheels, but I wasn’t worried about it. I fitted them up, it didn’t handle any different, but I scrubbed out a set of tyres in six months. That was a lesson learned for me. Dominic Flynn First Timer HI. I’ve never subscribed before, so I’m just doing my bit to help out an iconic mag. Cheers & Thanks, John Sutton. Hi John, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts; your message and kind gesture of support truly made our day. Ed. Buried Buick? HI PAUL, I’m very keen to learn of the whereabouts of…

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just in passing

• No May Issue IN late March we entered Covid Level 4 lockdown and broadcast the factoid that we were going to skip publication of the May issue of this magazine due to the restrictions placed on magazines by NZ’s coalition government. Our broadcast came after magazines were initially classed an “essential item in grocery lines and necessary for the wellbeing of people”. It was then the rules reversed and we were declared “non-essential” and given no choice, and no say in the matter. The draconian news was delivered like a sledge hammer blow and came out of the blue. The Magazine Publishers Associaton lobbied strongly on our behalf but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Sir Bob Jones summed it up by stating “are there no grown ups in…

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new arrivals

Time Warp RAY Fenton recently landed this 1939 Ford Standard Tudor from Pennsylvania. It’s a one-owner car showing 80,000 miles on and it’s a genuine time capsule because it’s been sitting for years. Powertrain consists of a 265ci Chev engine bolted to the standard 3-speed manual gearbox. Amazingly the paint and upholstery are all original. Right-On Ragtop WAYNE Holmes landed this gorgeous street rodded 1938 Ford Convertible from sit’s 82-year old owner from Florida via Kiwi Shipping. It’s a top-class car featuring Corvette Torch red paint, an all-leather interior, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and rumble seat. It rides on a boxed and filled frame with stainless steel lines and brackets. Under the hood is a TPI fed 350ci Chev backed by a TH350 auto and an 8” Ford diff. Return of Uncertain…

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VERY little is known about the Roadster’s early history, but we do have it on good authority that a red ‘32 Roadster did road race around the Otago area in the sixties, so it is quite probable that this is the same car, as it had also been painted red previously and was bought from the same area. Jump forward in time to 1968 when a for sale advertisement led Alan Wilson to purchase this 1932 Ford Roadster. Allan had no car at the time, so a friend of his drove him from his home in Nelson to Dunedin in an old Ford Mainline ute, as he just happened to be going to visit his girlfriend anyway and had room for Alan and a tow-bar for the trailer. The Roadster was blue,…

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Body: All stock, new floor, no modifications, painted in the sixties, touched up by new brush. Ford’s original body number is HB72. Chassis: Stock with Model A crossmember, reversed eye springs all round Engine: 59A Flathead V8, Edelbrock heads, Offenhauser triple carb manifold with a Powergen alternator, twin point Mallory – “Purrs like a kitten”. Gearbox: 1939 Ford Diff: 1934 Ford 4:11 gears Steering Box: 1932 Ford original Brakes: Original 1932 rod brakes Wheels: 16” Ford widened 2” by Elite Wheels (Fraser) with Starfire hubcaps Interior: Original custom interior from the sixties, new kick panels by Will Sales. The top is all original. Wiring: Rep-done by Paul French Club: Garden City Rodders, Christchurch Thanks to Glen Birnie, Dylan and Justin Orpwood…