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NZ Hot Rod November 2020

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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No Shows AFTER months and months of no information, or mere scraps of PR the Big Boys Toys/Speedshow has announced its floor layout and a few titbits of show features for its launch on 13th – 15th November. What is confirmed is the hall which used to hold the Grand National Rod & Custom Show is to be the home of D1NZ drift cars. What that spells out is the death knell of NZ’s top hot rod show. I guess that a “no-show” outcome was always a risk and a possibility given there were private independent entrepreneurs presenting the event. The pain stings a little deeper too, given the NZHRA show was postponed with no forward date yet confirmed. The no-show scenarios aren’t the end of the world, just short-term pain…

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box 8 waipu letters

Caretaker Role PAUL. I enjoyed the article on the Ardun Part II, My connection to Arduns over the years. My very first ever ride in a hot rod was in Barry Greer’s ’32 Roadster. When he started building the “Ardun T”, I was his helper. I was about 15 or so at the time. I remember helping with the design and painting of the flamework at Martin Painters. I also remember getting run over by the T when we were pushing it into the shed. Got my foot caught under the rear wheel and breaking a few bones. Years later I got to know that very same engine in another form. It was in Martin Voss’ T-bucket. Circumstances were not nice then either. I had just recovered it after it had been…

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just in passing

• Cool Cats! GRAEME Ardern and Terry Furness checked in with us to advise us who those cool cats were in Tony Ward’s T-bucket featured on the cover of Photo news. The photo was taken at the Mount Sports Centre Easter 1970 at a Bay Rodders Show. (In Passing NZHRM Sept) Top Left: The girl in the blue top is Megan McLeod and next to her in the centre is Ray Carter who would later build the iconic Road Hog. Top right is Ted Kiddie who also went on to build a T-bucket of his own. Bottom Row Left: That’s Tony Ward behind the wheel, centre is Ray Carter’s wife Molly Carter, and the girl in the orange slacks on the right was Tony Ward’s girlfriend at the time, Cheryle Davidson…

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lockdown garage

• Greg Stokes NEW from GMS Hot Rods for returning hot rodder, Martin Urban, a lot of work was carried out during the COVID 19 Level 4 & Level 3 lockdowns. It’s been great to get the final few things finished off for Martin’s 1932 3-window coupe. The project started with a GMS-built chassis using Pete & Jakes/Superb Bell components before mounting the Deuce Customs body (from Rods by Reid). Recent work included finishing up the toe-board, steering, gearbox cover and pedal box. A few more parts arrived in their latest shipment from the USA and then it’s over to Martin to finish off. • Fate of Tony Ward’s T-bucket SQUEAK and Bruce Taylor also checked in with the fate of the fab T-bucket: “Tony Ward was just 23 years old and here…

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new arrivals

• Hi-Five LESTER Davis landed a ‘55 Chevy 2-door sedan which has a great story behind it’s journey to NZ, so we’ll let Lester take the reigns: “We were searching for a finished ‘55 we could look at and possibly drive, while on a trip to the USA. We were very specific about what we wanted, right down to the colour! We found this car in Oregon and decided we’d fly in to look at it. We checked it out, and loved the look of the car straight away. It has a 350, 4-speed Saginaw, 9-inch diff, and was a body-off build 20+ years ago. In that 20+ years the owner did about 8 - 9000miles total, so we decided to go ahead, pay the money...and just go for it. The next…

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review book

Go Fast or Go Home The Garth Hogan Story, by Tim Hanna Review by Paul Grace IT’S said that so many people live their lives at the mercy of fear. They play it safe, and they take no risks, and while they may end up with fewer bumps and bruises their life is often starved of magic. And so it must be said that the person who doesn’t risk anything, risks everything. This is plainly not so with Garth Hogan who has lived a magical life in the fast lane. His childhood years were tough growing up under the generous yet unforgiving wing of his father, Ron. Still, they were also gloriously intertwined in motorsport, starting with Speedway at Western Springs and the NZ Grand Prix at Ardmore. This led to a…