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NZ Hot Rod February 2018

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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publisher’s podium

On Holiday IT’S easy for us to catch the holiday vibes these days as we now reside in the country and coastal town of Waipu, where thousands of visitors swell the population for a few weeks over Xmas and new year period as this issue goes to production. Our holiday season kicked off with a Xmas parade through the main street of Waipu and this year we entered NZHRM’s deuce coupe for the first time and took three young local boys (ages 8-11) along for the ride. To my amazement they managed to squeeze all three torsos out the window and were cheering Merry Xmas to the crowds. I was blown away with the turnout of people, the crowds were huge this year and it reminded me of a Sunday morning…

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box 573 orewa letters

Escaped or? GREETINGS fellow rodders, Hope your Xmas went well and this year is even better. After the recent features and articles on several 1936 Ford V8 coupes I went searching for other ones which may have escaped or unknown in our hot rod history. I found these in my photo album taken at the ’92 Nats in Masterton and ’94 Nats in Christchurch. What are their histories and where are they now? Have they ever been featured in NZ Hot Rod mag, perhaps even in a build-up article. Regards, Ty Hepburn, Dunedin. Tudor Typo? PAUL, I have been reading the Nov issue of your magazine and in particular the page 31 photo of Ivan Mendelson’s ‘32 tudor. This got me thinking about Ivan Manderson of New Plymouth, who died the same way. Perhaps…

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just in passing

• Fear of Big Words NZHRM’s editorial (Publisher’s Podium) in last month’s January ’18 issue sparked a logical and definitive response from a reader on our use of big words. Apparently the fear of long words phobia or Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is often considered a jocular or fictional phobia; however, that is not the case and long words phobia is actually very real and does exist! So don’t be alarmed or reach for your meds, spend a minute or two attempting to pronounce this monstrosity: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia • Land Speed Racing Comes To New Zealand WITH the recent, official incorporation of Land Speed New Zealand Assn this newly fledged organisation is well advanced to stage their initial event on Goudies Road which is a forestry road in the Reporoa area on the 10th Feb, 2018. It’s open…

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arrivals new

• Not a Biscuit CHEVROLET’S Cameo luxury trucks are iconic for the stylish design of their gorgeous, flat fibreglass box panels, deluxe Bel Air interior, full car-style hubcaps and Ferrari-inspired egg crate grille. This specific Cameo arrived from the USA via Chucks and transported locally for its new owner by Classic Towing. • R-Code TONY Jeffs spent a long time searching for a nice R code 1963 Galaxie with 427/4-speed under the hood. He bought it from the 3rd floor of a Las Vegas casino and shipped to NZ via Kiwi Shipping. He even got to skid test it on Bathurst day. Under the hood is the legendary hi-po 427 featuring dual 4-bbl intake. From Craig Stare. • Aloha HOT Rodder Lilao Willard lives in Hawaii and has imported his very cool ‘33 Ford phaeton into…

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rare air

ABOUT a year ago I went to Keri Keri to take some photos of “Stitch’s” 1939 Ford pickup. While I was there I spotted his latest project, a 1934 Ford cabriolet and recently took the opportunity to come back and feature the finished product. 1934 Ford cabriolets are rare cars and differ from their roadster siblings by having the added feature of wind-up windows for the important advantage of complete wet/cold-weather comfort, yet they still retain the magical top-down, open air freedom for driving on those blue sky days. Stitch purchased the car as a partially built project (in pieces) from Richard Disken. The car is a right-hand drive Henry Ford car originally sold in Argentina, then privately imported to NZ. When purchased by Stitch it was 90% complete leaving only a…

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barn nd kiwi deuce

OUT of the blue after we ran the 1932 tudors in NZ article, we did a follow-up and virtually found all the missing cars and I think there are still a few out there, and if you know something or have new information please let us know. One picture in the follow-up article Dec ‘17 was a very tidy two-tone grey one sent in by Merv McBride which had been owned by one of his relatives. There was a good possibility that it could still have still been in the Timaru area. Just before Xmas I got a call from a guy in Invercargill who seemed to know a lot about that tudor. He told me he knew where it was and it was safe and sound in very good order…