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NZ Hot Rod October 2017

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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guest editorial

Time marches on FOR many years we have been quite happily moving along “’progressing”, complete with a few life changes and without too much effort we kept up with it all. Our world may not be heading in the direction we may have wanted. It is a fast moving train that for me is too fast to get onboard. We are steadily losing all those ‘old time’ favourite things such as the hand written letter, postal services and the conventional telephone that was firmly attached to the wall and could be stretched out about 5 feet if you are lucky. It would only get answered if you were passing by it at the time it rang. Now we are available 24/7, the phone is in your pocket or built into your car. We…

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publisher’s podium

Hang Man THEY say if you give a man enough rope he’ll hang himself, figuratively speaking of course, and that’s what could be happening to our national governing body NZHRA as they approach their annual AGM next month. In my opinion they’re running scared because there’s a sniff of change in the air with new candidates standing for president. It appears to me looking in from the outside and from reviewing information/ facts supplied by NZHRA that there’s some highly irregular procedures being implemented in regards to the counting of votes for the position of president. I’m guessing the executive have the best interests in fairness and transparency at heart, but I can’t believe that the proposal (tabled and minuted) to hand the votes to one member of the executive team…

3 min.
box 573 orewa letters

Cadbury Coupe HELLO PAUL, My name is Chris Bell and I live in Auckland. I was looking through your NZ Hot Rod mag’s May edition and saw your spread of the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen. I have never owned a hot rod but I’ve often admired them. But Roger Galloway’s 1929 Model A coupe was something else! Hot rod buffs may be impressed by the engineering and expertise you have built into it, but I’m more impressed with the overall exterior result. I’ve worked it out: It’s a combination of the clean, no-fuss, chopped body line and the colour which reminds me of Cadburys chocolate wrapper! When l was a kid in London during the blitz (1943) my dad gave me a bar while we were huddled together in…

4 min.
just in passing

• Space Coupe GOLLY’S brother Paulywog made this model Space Coupe from regular Styrofoam and then painted it. It’s about 34” long, so it’s quite big. The base is plywood with Candy paint fogging around the outside and the rest is ply which is covered in vinyl to look like turned aluminium. It’s made to show sponsors and at car shows. From Golly. • Keep on Towing THIS photo appeared on Facebook recently and it’s John Neilan’s new tow vehicle and trailer for his Top Alcohol Dragster. It’s clear there’s a mountain of investment in time and money required before you even get to the start line, so hats off to all racers, wives, family, friends, crew, sponsors and track who make it all possible. • History Mystery SOUTH island’s early Ford V8 and NZ number…

1 min.
new arrivals

• Presidential THIS gorgeous 1946 Lincoln coupe just arrived from Indiana, USA via Chuck’s. It’s an H-series Lincoln which is quite similar to the contemporaneous Lincoln Continental coupe and convertible and continued to use the 305ci flathead V12 engine. Great to see these unique and special cars making their way to NZ roads. • Swish 1934 PLYMOUTH coupes are not on the top of every hot rodder’s wish list, but they should be because they are both stylish, comfortable and have excellent driveabilty. Jason Lake is the lucky man who just landed this pristine example from California via Chucks. It’s great to see another Mopar plying Kiwi roads.…

9 min.
an affair of the heart

This is one of those stories many of us will easily relate to. One car, two rebuilds over a period of 43 years of ownership, but 30 of those 43 spent parked up. Another example of life just getting in the way and your pride and joy and hobby ends up on the “back burner”. And it took a milestone family event to give the car that final push to completion. How many of us fall into that category? Ian Handley hasn’t exactly been idle all that time, with the usual time restraints of raising a family and establishing and running a business, along with his wife Robyn. First Ave Auto Trimmers in Tauranga was so successful it could’ve consumed every day and night of the week if Ian had allowed…