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NZ Hot Rod September 2017

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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publisher’s podium

Slamming the door I’M not referring to slamming the door on your favourite hot rod, although this can sometimes lead to an embarrassing circumstance on occasion of a guest passenger strong-arming the door shut. You’re left cringing and trying to be polite! What I’m referring to is the Australian Border Force’s draconian, black and white interpretation of their country’s law to totally ban the importation of asbestos or any material containing asbestos. They’re taking the legal wording in Aussie legislation literally and applying it to the letter of the law which has suddenly and unexpectedly caught classic car enthusiasts napping and struggling in Australian Border Force’s net. You see, asbestos was a fire-resistant component used in friction materials and was commonly found in automobile and truck clutches, brakes, transmissions, and gaskets…

3 min.
box 573 orewa letters

Could have been a nightmare! HI PAUL + LIZ, great mag again. (Aug) Your LVVTA story is perfect timing for what we have just been to. For the past few years at the Coolie Rocks On event in Tweed/Coolangatta they have a Garage Torque event on the Friday afternoon with different speakers each year talking on a variety of subjects. Speakers have included Charlie Hutton, Chad Adams, Jim Richards etc. This year’s line-up was a guy from Shannon’s Insurance, and their car policies are not too much different to what we have here by Swann, Classic, JRI and Protecta: very informative though. Next up was Gav who was one of three guys who formed Cruzin magazine many years ago. Gavin and his wife are now the sole owners of the magazine.…

6 min.
just in passing

• Important Voluntary Safety Recall Announcement 1 ON July 7 Classic Performance Products, Inc implemented a voluntary safety recall of steering pitman arm part #5557PA-M. The pitman arm has been identified to have some manufacturing inconsistencies. As they’ve continued to monitor and evaluate the pitman arm’s performance, we have concluded that it is necessary to recall a certain number of pitman arms isolated to only one manufacturer during a specific period of time. Some of you may have already received a recall notice, others may be receiving one soon. CPP are asking this matter be taken seriously! Please contact them as quickly as possible to help determine whether your vehicle is affected by this recall. It is CPP’s goal to recover as many of the suspect pitman arms as humanly possible…

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new arrivals

• Classy Classic THIS gorgeous coupe just arrived via Chuck’s but back in 1938 Cadillac’s Series 60 was a mid-priced entry in the luxury vehicle market and filled a gaping price gap between the LaSalles and Series 70 Cadillac models. If the style lines look familiar to you that’s because it shared the Harley Earl-designed body with Buick, and Oldsmobile. Under the hood was the new 322ci flathead V8 and it was this combination which saw it became the company’s best-selling model. Great to see these unique and special cars making their way to NZ roads. • Lux-O-Truck RICHARD Adlington just landed this stunning 1964 GMC Fleetside, ½-ton pickup with Custom cab and rare short-bed. It’s been correctly restored with all GM parts. Under the hood is a 396 big block backed by…

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da bomb

IT’S a rare occasion that we get to feature such an unusual car like the one pictured here, and especially since it’s been completed with an artistic lowrider (bomb) theme. You won’t find these on every street corner but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the style and engineering. This is the creative work of Jonathan Gilbert and it’s the second American car he’s built, the first being a 1966 Chevy Nova station wagon which had a 327 and TH350. (ref March 2011 NZHRM) You could say Jonathan’s been heavily influenced by his dad Adrian’s tastes in cars with two Aero sedans under his belt and a show-quality ’48 coupe in the garage, all built with long-distance driving in mind. It’s no surprise that 30-year-old Jonathan developed a taste for a 1948 Chevy…

9 min.
manwell’s hot rod

IF sheetmetal could speak then this car could tell a spin a few great yarns. With over 60 years of history under its belt this coupe has certainly been there and done that! Local hot rodder and racer at the time Russell Haines recalls, “From what I can make out this 1934 Ford coupe was stock-bodied and original when owned by a man who worked for Lane Walker Woollen Mills in Ashburton. Around the early sixties it was sold and like many early Ford V8 coupes it was to become a hot rod and one of the earliest hot rods in the Ashburton area. During the early sixties the coupe was stripped down and rebuilt by Manuel Sideris, a Greek fishmonger who ran “the Seafood Market” in what is known…