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Cars & Motorcycles
Overland Journal

Overland Journal

Gear Guide 2020

Each issue of Overland Journal features in-depth coverage of equipment and vehicles, as well as full-length trip stories that span the globe. Our strict standards for writing and photography, in addition to our striking layout, means that our subscribers receive an expedition and adventure travel magazine that is at once inspiring, informative, and attractive.

United States
Overland International
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overland journal

GEAR GUIDE 2020 PUBLISHER AND CHAIRMAN Scott Brady PRESIDENT AND DIRECTOR OF DESIGN Stephanie Brady CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Christian Pelletier CHIEF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER Brian McVickers CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Andre Racine DIRECTOR OF EUROPEAN OPERATIONS Michael Brailey EDITOR, OVERLAND JOURNAL Tena Overacker EDITOR, EXPEDITION PORTAL Chris Cordes CONSERVATION EDITOR Åsa Björklund MEDICAL EDITOR Dr. Jon Solberg, MD, FAWM ARCHAEOLOGY SENIOR EDITOR Bryon Bass, PhD CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Bill Creech, Susan Dragoo, John Gaisford, Dan Grec, Brendon Hak, Kelsey Huber, Ryan Keegan, Chris Scott, Tom Sheppard, James Young SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER Bruce Dorn CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Kira Hak, Colin Robbins, Tony Talbert, Livia Tru, Mark Warden COPY EDITORS Kristen Knott, Arden Kysely, Jacques Laliberté TECHNICAL EDITOR Chris Ramm CARTOGRAPHER David Medeiros CUSTOMER SERVICE COORDINATOR Alexandra Christenson…

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the feed

KEEPING IT REAL Chris [Cordes], I really enjoyed your build story on the Apex Predator (Fall 2019). It was a well-woven “why” intertwined with the requisite “how” for any proper build. It also advocated easing off the mainstream and into the realm of dreams. It gave permission, if you will, to re-evaluate the norm and risk traditional security for a higher value, the rare freedom of working from the road—or lack thereof. Once again, thank you for putting things in perspective while enlightening us on a few technical upgrades to an old truck. Bill Dragoo 2011 Toyota Tacoma, 2016 4Runner, 1976 FJ 40, 1986 Jeep CJ7 LET THE TRIP TAKE YOU Just getting through the Summer 2019 edition. Having traveled and lived in a 109-inch-long wheelbase Land Rover Station Wagon for over nine years…

5 min.

SUSAN DRAGOO Shedding light on the obscure, especially at the juxtaposition of man and nature, drives Susan Dragoo to explore the historical treasures of the American Southwest. On wheels or afoot, an old trail and a camera are her key ingredients for a fulfilling adventure. A writer, photographer, and student of history since youth, Dragoo’s work is found in motorcycling, 4WD, hiking, and other travel publications, and her scenic photography in state park lodges and cabins in her home state of Oklahoma. Gallivanting in their Toyota Tacoma GS is a favorite pastime for Susan and her husband, Bill, when they are not at home in Norman, Oklahoma, enjoying their family and running Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (DART). CHRIS SCOTT Chris Scott is an award-winning, UK-based adventure travel writer who specializes in the Sahara;…

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ardisam gazelle t4 hub tent

The Gazelle T4 Hub tent is a direct descendent of the Eskimo ice fishing shelter as well as the Barronett hunting blinds, both made by Ardisam. They have been producing seasonal outdoor products since 1960 and have upped their game with the Gazelle line of camping tents and shade awnings. The Gazelle T4 is easily the fastest deployed ground tent I have used, clocking an easy 90-second setup. Once you select your spot, simply drive four stakes into the corners, pull the four hubs, then step inside and raise the cathedral-sized roof via the center vault. Once the tent is standing, you can add four more side stakes for additional stability in high winds. Should you choose to use the rainfly, affix it by lowering the ceiling and pushing in one…

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garmin instinct

With cellular phones progressing from calling device to personal computer, the humble watch has also morphed from timekeeping caterpillar to fully fledged, personalised smartwatch butterfly. Borrowing heavily from the much-lauded Garmin Fenix, the Instinct cannibalizes the best elements of its expensive cousin, ditching well over 50 percent of the price tag. That’s plenty of GPS smartwatch for the money. The Instinct wears your heart on its sleeve, literally—beaming light onto your wrist to take a heart rate measurement. Its rugged looks also pull no punches with regard to intended use: chunky Casio G-Shock styling parades the MIL-STD 810G standard for shock, thermal, and water resistance. The latter two being between -4°F and 140°F, and a depth of 100 meters, which should cover you for the deepest of river crossings. The case will…

4 min.
four new fridges hit the market

ENGEL | PLATINUM MT45F THE CLASSIC OVERLANDER’S FRIDGE/FREEZER GETS A THOROUGH UPDATING. PROS Legendary reliability Improved display and temperature setting Adjustable low-voltage disconnect Very low startup amperage works with factory outlets CONS Less insulation than some competitors No side opening option The first 12-volt fridge I ever owned was an Engel, and it was well used when I got it, having run for nearly a decade in my neighbor’s garage. Even under the abuse I gave it for another decade, it never stopped working, and went on to continue service with our CBDO, Brian McVickers (it still works). The key to the product is the Sawafuji swing motor, which has a low startup voltage and can operate safely at more extreme angles. Engel’s Platinum model features a few key updates, including an entirely new temperature setting panel…