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ROTEL MOTEL I would love to see you do a feature on Rotel Tours, that crazy German tour bus company that has those custom busses with onboard accommodations. They really do meet the overlanding definition and take those busses to some exotic locations. It might be a way for folks to get their overland vibe on, without making the investment in their own vehicle. I saw one here in the US about 10 years ago and was captivated. If I only spoke German, I might be more inclined to go. Keep up the great work. Pat Hambly 2014 Land Cruiser 1995 Suzuki Samurai BUILD IT, AND THEY WILL OVERLAND We recently returned to our home in Belmont (Ontario, Canada) from a two-month trip with our two children to Baja. This trip was nicknamed CARLos, (Christa, Adam, Randy,…

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LYN WOODWARD Lyn Woodward is an award-winning Los Angeles-based writer whose automotive and adventure work has appeared in such publications as Automobile Magazine, The Drive, Truck Trend, and Autoweek, among others. Currently, Woodward writes and hosts automotive video reviews for Kelley Blue Book. A car enthusiast, she owns two classic vehicles: a 1966 Datsun 1600 Roadster, and a 1987 Mitsubishi Montero that she’s currently restoring. Woodward spends her spare time traveling and wheeling off the grid, but of all her off- and on-road accomplishments, competing in the Rebelle Rally—a 10-day, off-road, map and compass navigation competition—remains one of her most proud. In addition to her automotive work, Woodward answered Hollywood’s call and has had several television projects produced. MORGAN SJOGREN Morgan Sjogren is a writer, adventurer, and former elite track athlete turned avid…

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grayl geopress onepress

When we travel remotely or in the developing world, it is critical to prepare for accidents, spoiled supplies, and survival scenarios. I started carrying a water filter in every vehicle after a leak in my primary supply tank emptied all of my stores. This required cutting my trip short and nursing the few bottles and drinks in the fridge until I could resupply. The same applies to adventure motorcycles, where weight is the enemy, and only so much water can be carried. Recently, my expectations and needs for a water filter have changed, and now include the ability to store water to support day hikes and other activities. Having owned a few brands, I wanted to try the new Geopress, which is one of the easiest filters on the market to…

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aerostich competition elkskin roper gloves

Reliable gloves are a critical part of every adventure rider’s equipment, providing grip and protecting hands from weather, impacts, and blisters. Aerostich Competition Elkskin Ropers stand out in the crowd of adventure touring gloves (some resembling Star Wars costumes) by being tough, washable, all-leather hand protection sewn with minimal seams to ensure comfort and durability. Though somewhat bulky, they conform to a rider’s hand easily (hastened by wetting new gloves, then riding till they are dry), and elk leather’s natural breathability gives them a wide comfort zone (50°F to 90°F degrees for me). Their strength is the antidote to abrasion. Aerostich promoted a classic ranch-proven work glove design to adventure level by adding a few motorcycle-specific features: knuckles are protected by a layer of the company’s TF3 impact foam beneath an…

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mosko moto’s basilisk suit

This gear represents Mosko’s first foray into the apparel market—a departure from their luggage products, but just as tough. The outer shell of both items is made of eVent Expedition 3-layer nylon. The third layer referenced is called Super Fabric—an abrasion-resistant material made of ceramic platelets—found along high-impact areas like the chest, back, elbows, and knees. The suit pairs its protection with a waterproof, breathable membrane that registers 30,000 millimeters on the water column. While field-testing in Utah’s Uinta Mountains, I encountered serious rainfall at 9,000 feet, and this suit managed all of it. The only moisture inside the jacket was from me sweating while negotiating muddy roads, washboard ruts, and felled trees. Even so, that internal moisture was easily mitigated through the eVent technology and six zipper vents (four in the…

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brixton tiller iii hat

At some point in your life, you need a hat. It’s unavoidable, yet it’s one of the hardest things to find and like. They look suave on Indiana Jones, but when you try on the exact style, you’re harnessing Papa Smurf or Uncle Sam, which is why we owe kudos to the geniuses that developed universally flattering noggin attire. Enter the Brixton Tiller III, a wide-brim pinched round-top hat, i.e., the only hat I’ve bothered to wear day in and day out on the rivers while fly fishing. I’m most thankful for the full face (and some shoulder) coverage and the raw leather hat band that doubles as a comfortable chin strap; it also works to catch wind’s attempts to steal it or when you need a secure place to…