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NOT BUYING IT I found [the Summer 2020 issue in] my mailbox today. Why did it take 14 pages of ads to get to something interesting? I know advertising pays the bills, but I don’t have super deep pockets to afford nearly all of what you promote. The 500K vehicles can’t go where my humble 1982 Land Cruiser can go. Your publication has been interesting through the years, but I can’t see reading any more ads. James Bingham 1982 Land Cruiser RESPONSE FROM THE EDITOR: In recent issues, we allowed for an increase in advertising due to demand. But we are also working at increasing content to offset it. The transition has not been as seamless as intended, but the difference should already be evident. Thank you for voicing your concerns. ABSOLUTELY BUYING IT I’m a…

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JACLYN TROP Jaclyn Trop is an award-winning journalist and automotive reporter, deciphering the world of sheet metal for the masses. She divides her time among Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York. She was awarded a Knight-Bagehot fellowship in business and economics reporting from Columbia University, where she also earned a master’s degree in journalism. Her byline has appeared in the New York Times, the New Yorker, Fortune, Vogue, Glamour, Newsweek, Fast Company, Forbes, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Entrepreneur, Rolling Stone, Robb Report, Town & Country, U.S. News & World Report, and Refinery 29 among others. Jaclyn has reported from five continents and eaten ice cream in more than 50 countries. She serves as a US juror to the World Car Awards. SUSAN DRAGOO Shedding light on the obscure, especially at the juxtaposition of…

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klim motorcycle suites

The current iteration of Klim’s Latitude suit for men and Altitude suit for women tackles most road and dirt conditions. They accommodate varying abilities, riding styles, and trip profiles. The original Latitude/Altitude targeted the ADV and dual-sport/enduro crowd, but Klim saw touring riders favoring it, too. It handled dust, rain, and abrasions, and with its stylish looks, the jacket could also withstand beer gardens and dinner reservations. Klim eventually hit the drawing board to refine the Latitude/Altitude for touring, after filling the ADV/enduro niches with dedicated designs. However, the latest iterations are just as multifaceted as the original versions. They are a true go-to for dust-laden Baja rides, variable weather explorations on unimproved Balkan roads, or that 100-percent tarmac road trip up California’s Highway 1. An Alpha-Bet soup of specialized Gore-Tex,…

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roambuilt v-nose shovel

Shovels have become a hot commodity in the overland marketplace. You can buy them pointed, square or round, ultralight or tactical, and even carbon-fiber models with titanium blades. At times, the designs and price tags can seem a little absurd. Let’s be honest, though, the reason people are willing to buy expensive shovels isn’t that they’ve become fascinated with digging—it’s because they look cool. But RoamBuilt’s V-nose combines good looks with practicality. The laser-etched logo stands proud along the handle, a serrated edge runs the length of the blade, and a sharp nose looks poised to destroy any dirt that has the gall to stand in your way. At first glance, experts might say the blade would be inefficient for moving large quantities of soil, and they’re right. However, the pointed…

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maxtrax recovery system

There is a sinking feeling with getting stuck, both literally and intellectually. Once stuck, our options dwindle, and the potential consequences mount. Additional damage is likely, as is being stranded, or worse, losing the vehicle to the rising tide. As a result, there are fundamental tools that belong in every overlanders’ recovery kit. It certainly includes the basics like gloves, a good shovel, and a set of traction boards, but it should also include a means of conducting powered self-recovery or a vehicle-to-vehicle pull. MaxTrax has redefined self-recovery with the invention of its reinforced nylon recovery tracks. Owner Brad McCarthy also recognized the opportunity to improve powered recovery or vehicle-to-vehicle extraction, and started a new line of accessories that have been optimized for light weight, performance, and safety. Last year, I…

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danner boots, mountain light cascade

Leather boots require serious commitment, and there’s no secret sauce to bypassing the inevitable pain while they mold to your feet. But when it comes to my essential choice for work boots during spring, fall, and winter seasons, the pain is so worth it. Unlike most traditional leather hiking boots, the Mountain Light Cascade feels extremely light. It’s an excellent choice for quick errands when there’s slippery snowfall, in addition to its original functionality, most at home during long outdoor treks. This element is especially key for me, a SoCal girl who despises wearing anything more than a sandal; I don’t mind sporting these because nothing feels clunky. Designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon, Danner spares no expense. These full-grain, single-piece, all-leather upper boots with VibramKletterlift outsoles are specifically created for…