Overland Journal Summer 2015

Features Where Eagles Fly: Exploring Mongolia, Barry and Cathy Beck The Ultimate Overlander, Scott Brady Tierra de las Cruces: Traversing Baja, Mexico, Chris Collard Unexpected Detour: Morocco by Motorbike, Carmen and John Nomad Historic Overland Journey: Iran's Omidvar Brothers, Lois Pryce Departments Overland Post, Editor’s Column, Field Tested, Overland News, Latitude, Overland Routes: Elephant Hill and Valley of the Gods - Scott Brady and Chris Cordes, Overland Conservation: Mobility for All - Chris Collard, Overland Medicine: Heat-related Illnesses - Dr. Jon Solberg, Overland Chef: Catalan Cod Esqueixada - Pablo Rey, Tail Lamp: Fuelling the Journey - Toby Savage On the Cover Fly fishing guides Barry and Cathy Beck meet traditional eagle hunters on the high plains of Western Mongolia. Photo by Barry and Cathy Beck.

5 Issues