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it’s time to wake up from our sleepwalk into big tech’s web

Here’s an alternative way of looking at the tech industry. Take it as read that firms are there to grab your money. A radical thought, I know, but with so many services provided for “free” and so much spin around companies’ intentions, there comes a time when you have to – and excuse my language here – cut through the crap. Step back to pre-internet days and manufacturers’ business models were easy to grasp. They would create such attractive products or software that you would go out – literally, to shops – and buy them. That model rolled on through the early 2010s, but then someone with a calculator figured out how expensive it was to attract new customers. Wouldn’t it be a lot better if the company could hook punters…

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Darien Graham-Smith Want to solve your Wi-Fi woes? Darien not only explains why things go wrong but provides practical solutions to fix issues from p42 Nicole Kobie We always hear about autonomous cars, but the biggest difference robots and AI could make is to agriculture. Nicole examines the future of farming from p126 James O’Malley In April 2021, NASA’s “helicopter” took off from Mars. James talks to the techie who led the mission, and reveals the integral part Linux had to play. See p34 Stuart Andrews This month, Stuart put 12 Chromebooks through a series of tests for speed, battery life and quality to determine which would win our top awards. Turn to p76…

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the fab flaw in intel’s comeback plans

Since the early 1990s, Intel has been one of computing’s superpowers, but a decision by Apple last year revealed just how fragile that status was. The switch from Intel to Apple Silicon, with the chips manufactured by TSMC, has been hailed as a success. The latest line of M1 Macs marks a step change in terms of speed, thermals and efficiency. That’s great news for consumers, but crystallises a major problem for Intel. “I think that Intel really has to do something because it’s getting attacked from all sides,” said Dr Mark Dickinson, CEO of chip design firm Intrinsic Semiconductor. He warns that “the move with Apple Silicon, in particular, shows the world that the best laptop processor can be built by somebody other than Intel”. Intel’s server business is also under threat…

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the$4billion clubhouse question

Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Kanye West and Oprah Winfrey have all been spotted there. But this isn’t an achingly cool Los Angeles nightspot, it’s an app. Despite only launching in April 2020, Clubhouse is already weighing up $4 billion takeover bids, making it the hottest property in Silicon Valley. The app, which is currently only available on iOS, is a hybrid between Twitter and a podcast tool. After scoring yourself an invite from an existing member and signing up, you’re presented with a list of ongoing live conversations. Click on one and your phone will start playing the audio feed. As you listen, you can browse the profiles of both speakers and listeners in the same room – and if you have something to add, you can even raise your virtual…

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the top-five apple leakers

1 Kang (97% success rate) A mysterious leaker who posts to China’s Weibo social network. They correctly called almost every detail of last year’s iPhones, right down to the colours of the new devices. 2 CoinX (95.2%) A not very prolific leaker, but they seem to be particularly prescient about future iPad developments. Their major dud? They predicted in March 2020 that a new iMac would be coming soon. 3 The Information (90.9%) A more traditional news outlet that appears better plugged into Cupertino than the supply chain, correctly calling the iPad Smart Keyboard and the Apple One subscription bundle. 4 Mark Gurman (89.1%) Arguably the most credible person on the list, Gurman began his career covering leaks at 9to5Mac before graduating to the esteemed heights of business news outlet Bloomberg. Gurman has…

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apple leakers:can you trust any of them?

During the Cold War, one of the biggest problems faced by the west was understanding what was happening in Moscow. The Russian government was so secretive that any information that did emerge was pored over by analysts looking for clues to what the Kremlin was planning next. The people who became experts in deciphering these limited signals were sometimes referred to as “Kremlinologists”. Today, the world is different but some things remain the same. There’s still a hugely powerful, mysterious force in the world that refuses to explain itself. It’s just this one is based in Cupertino, California. Apple is notoriously secretive and, consequently, the company has a band of modern Kremlinologists watching its every move too. Spend enough time reading technology blogs or clicking through YouTube channels and you’ll find a…