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Tech & Gaming

Prog Issue 100

Since its arrival at the tail end of the 60s progressive rock has offered the world some of the most fascinating music ever heard, in varying guises over the years. Prog magazine brings you the stories behind the people who create these astounding sounds and amazing music, be they the classic originators such as Genesis, Pink Floyd and Yes, to the 80s revivalists such as Marillion and IQ, all the way through to those musicians today who have done so much to help rejuvenate the genre such as Muse, Radiohead, Steven Wilson, Opeth and Anathema. In depth and behind the scenes stories of classic albums and tours sit side by side with widespread coverage of what‘s happening at today’s cutting edge of progressive music.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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11 Issues

In this issue

2 min.
ed’s letter

Hello and welcome to the 100th issue of Prog! A momentous and celebratory occasion. It’s been quite a year, not only passing our 10th anniversary a few months ago, but also now hitting the big 100! Having successfully completed the 185-mile charity bike ride to Download (in horrendous weather) totally unscathed, I didn’t expect to be writing this while recuperating from a broken leg in the Wiltshire countryside while Hannah and Rus slave over finishing the issue in the office, so a big doff of the cap to them for the issue you now hold in your hands. There are other thank yous to be dished out, too. To the long-serving Jo Kendall and Natasha Scharf, who make up the rest of the editorial team, and all our great contributors over…

6 min.
blood well write

THE EYES HAVE IT Like many prog fans of a certain age, my children have flown the nest and we are hard to surprise with gifts etc. My prog obsession has led to many great presents and cards from my children on a prog theme. This is the latest from my son James [see right]. He excelled himself this time, with movable eyes! Simon O’Connell SEEK AND DEPLOY Really love your mag. The Musical Box keeps me going when I’m working from home listening to your new recommendations. However where has the metal prog section gone? Are there not enough decent albums coming out in that genre? Also, I am an Apple Music person and use this to listen to music these days. I figure I can support my favourite bands by paying to see…

1 min.
tweet talk

Follow us on twitter.com/progmagazineUK GEOFFREY DOWNES @asiageoff Standing on top of the World… well almost! 17/06/19 or, if you’re American 06/17/19 #nyc #empirestatebuilding IAMTHEMORNING @themorningband Soon… RICK WAKEMAN @GrumpyOldRick Just got back from Moscow where I had the most fabulous time performing with the Russian Philharmonic and choir at one of the Moscow Railway Stations in a hall that was so beautiful I couldn’t stop admiring it. This has to be one of the best concert venues for the future. OLIVER WAKEMAN @OliverWakeman I think I’ve probably posted this before but I saw it on my desktop and thought it would be good to repost. This show was with the late John Wetton and @GORDONGILTRAP in Poole at one of our Raven & Lullabies concerts. I always enjoyed John’s company. #johnwetton JOHN MITCHELL @LordConnaught So long Drownload! It’s been emotional…

2 min.

Editorial Editor Jerry Ewing Deputy Editor Hannah May Kilroy Art Editor Russell Fairbrother Production Editor Vanessa Thorpe News Editor Natasha Scharf Reviews Editor Jo Kendall Online News Editor Scott Munro Editor in Chief Scott Rowley Contributors Olivier Zoltar Badin (OZB), Joe Banks (JB), Mike Barnes (MB), Chris Cope (CC), Isere Lloyd-Davis (ILD), Daryl Easlea (DE), Briony Edwards (BE), Dave Everley (DEV), Ian Fortnam (IF), Pete Fowler (PF), Polly Glass (PG), Eleanor Goodman (EG), Rob Hughes (RH), Stephen Humphries (SH), Will Ireland (WI), Emma Johnston (EJ), David Keevill (DK), Dom Lawson (DL), Fraser Lewry (FL), Dannii Lievers (DIL), Dave Ling (DML), Roger Lotring (RL), Alex Lynham (AL), Gary Mackenzie (GMM), Rachel Mann (RM), Rhodri Marsden (RHM), Clay Marshall (CM), Julian Marszalek (JM)), Giulia Mascheroni (GMA), Chris McGarel (CMG), Greg Moffitt (GM), Grant Moon (GRM), Ben Myers (BM), Kris Needs (KN), Kevin…

3 min.
al murray is back to host this year’s prog awards!

“Like proper prog rock, I’m a double album so you have to listen to both LPs to get the full benefit!” Al Murray tells Prog in response to the news that he’ll host the Progressive Music Awards 2019 on September 12. The annual ceremony turns eight this year as Prog celebrates its 10th anniversary. More special announcements are still to come and Murray says he’s already feeling the pressure. “I’ve worked my way through the ranks of just being one of the people at the table getting pissed to hosting it so I don’t know what I’ve got to do to top last year’s achievement! Wear a cape, go on too long, have a Zimmer frame? I dunno!” The comedian, best known for his outspoken Pub Landlord character, found the rightful path…

1 min.
opeth announce ‘epic’ 13th album

Opeth are set to release In Cauda Venenum this autumn via Moderbolaget/Nuclear Blast. The title translates as ‘the sting in the tail’. “There’s lots of different genres, there’s even a jazz song in there,” says frontperson Mikael Åkerfeldt. “I like to think it’s more pompous [than our 2016 album Sorceress], very epic, lots of strings; I think this is an evocative record. We had a playback session for journalists and there were grown men crying.” It was recorded at Stockholm’s Park Studios and, for the first time, the band will be releasing two versions: one in English and one in Swedish. “The original idea was to just do a Swedish record,” says Åkerfeldt. “I found that idea quite intriguing. But then as I was writing I was like, ‘I like this a lot.’…