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January/Feburary 2022

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editor’s note

EDITOR’S NOTE True fitness is found when you only focus on one thing in the mirror — your smile. This month we explore the true essence of Women Fitness & how it has evolved over the years. We know that fitness makes us feel good, but feeling good is also a determinant of fitness. I believe that moving in the way that feels best to your unique body is ultimately the best exercise for you because you’ll crave it and keep going back for more. Rather than forcing a habit, the habit will develop naturally. Fitness is a state of being — not a way of looking. It’s a lifestyle, and when we embrace it as such, we give ourselves permission to take rest days, add exercise whenever and wherever…

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talented cj perry gearing up for the new year

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Talented CJ Perry Gearing Up For The NEW YEAR Catherine Joy "CJ" Perry best known in WWE, under the ring name Lana is a multi-talented wrestler, model, actress, dancer, and singer. Best known as a WWE superstar, CJ is internationally recognized for being the first of her kind to have a hand in so many angles at one time. Earlier this year, Perry landed a role in Bruce Willis’s latest project Cosmic Sin, playing “Sol”, a role which was originally written for a male. Co-written and directed by Corey Large and Edward Drake, and produced by Large (The November Man, It Follows) Cosmic Sun will release top of 2021. Past acting credits for CJ include Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 and Another Version of You. Perry is also…

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top10 to conditioned buttocks – to prevent knee and back injuries

EXERCISE & FITNESS TOP10 To Conditioned Buttocks – To Prevent KNEE AND BACK INJURIES Female athletes are two to six times more likely to suffer an injury (specifically, knee) than men, in sport activities. Women are more likely to develop patellofemoral pain syndrome (“runner’s knee”), the degeneration of the shock-absorbing cartilage under the kneecap that can occur in many kinds of sports and activities. And they’re especially susceptible to a debilitating rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which helps stabilize the knee joint. Injuries to weight-bearing joints like the knee, as well as the ankle and hip, increase the risk of osteoarthritis. You can reduce their occurrences with exercise and regular conditioning. 1. Side Step Squat This exercise works all the gluteals and the muscles at the sides of the…

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workout tip

WORKOUT TIP Our natural inclination is to round forward and curl in when it’s colder to shield our upper bodies from the cold, this contributes to upper body tightness. That, coupled with long hours behind a desk and maybe even holiday stress leads to stiffness. At least 10 minutes of dynamic stretching a day is essential to warm up the muscles and loosen up areas of tightness. While you should not work out in significant joint pain without the assistance of a medical professional, stiff or achy joints should not mean canceled gym membership.…

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whitney mcclintock rini on her pregnancy & motherhood

PREGNANCY PRO WATER SKIER WHITNEY McClintock Rini ON HER PREGNANCY & Motherhood In the words of Whitney Pregnancy is the most miraculous, terrifying, and beautiful experience in life. Motherhood is the most exhausting, rewarding, heart exploding, and overwhelming lovely gift I could have ever been given. Whitney McClintock Rini is a Canadian water skier from Cambridge, Ontario. McClintock is a nine-time world champion. McClintock has also won thirteen Pan American Games medals (four gold and seven silver). She gave birth to a baby boy a year back named, Zane and is married to Matt Rini, who is a Waterski coach. In this interview, Whitney Mini shares her journey on pregnancy, her fitness routine during pregnancy, and after childbirth finally returning to winning water-skiing with her little one. This interview is especially…

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150 ways to slim down your meals

HEALTHY EATING 150 WAYS To Slim Down Your Meals 1 Plan your food shopping in advance, keeping in mind what you are going to need in your quest for fat and calorie-control. Then stick to that list. 2 Avoid impulse buying which is more likely if you have the wherewithal to pay for those impulse purchases/if you shop for food when you are hungry/if you shop when you are too tired to think smart on your feet. Impulse buying is likely to load your shopping basket with foods you never intended to buy, and many of them are likely to be poor choices nutritionally. 3 Read food labels and choose those foods that are lower in fat and saturated fat. You need to be aware of the sources of saturated fats in foods. 4 Buy…