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Radio Times 18-24th July 2020

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nhs for ever!

WE ALL HAVE reasons to give thanks to the NHS. We all have stories about how we or our loved ones have benefited from the care and treatment that the NHS provides. The spontaneous nature of the recent Thursday night “Clap for carers” proved beyond doubt how highly we value our health service. Turn to page eight to read heart-warming stories from the likes of Stephen Fry, Konnie Huq, David Tennant, Miranda Hart and Charlie Brooker about why they also owe the NHS a debt of gratitude. Some of these accounts will feature in a programme on Thursday night on BBC1 that celebrates the NHS and the amazing job its staff has done over the last few months. We’re sure it will strike a chord with you, too. Elsewhere, Idris Elba and…

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this week 18—24 july 2020

WHAT I’M WATCHING… CAITLIN MORAN ‘I’ve been re-watching Bottom,” says the writer. “I was obsessed with it as a child and it’s still absolutely perfect. No one has ever enjoyed having a face more than Rik Mayall. He played his own face like an orchestra. I’m really sad that Springwatch has stopped. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be on every day. Nature doesn’t rest, why should Chris Packham? ’ How to Build a Girl — page 35 LEMN SISSAY ‘I love the BBC comedy Alma’s Not Normal,” says the poet. “It’s written by and stars comedian Sophie Willan and I’ve watched it three times on iPlayer. It’s a one-off but Sophie was immediately commissioned for a full series. Sophie was once in care and now she’s on the edge of major…

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kids in care can be superheroes

FROM NOON TILL sundown we combed the fields of Mr Marsh’s Farm, heaving bales of hay on to the trailer. The aroma of burnt grass, of golden hay, of summer, filled the air. It was man’s work, we thought. Once the trailer was full we’d sit atop and bobble back to the farm joking, laughing and remonstrating on who was strongest. I swore it was me. The others swore it wasn’t. I was 14 and lived a stone’s throw from the idyll in a converted mansion called Woodfields. It was a Children’s Home ringed by giant chrysanthemums pocked with tunnels and hideouts. Across the lane, Lucky Hollow, a lake crowned by bulrushes and peppered with perch. I’d been at Woodfields for a few months before I heard what people say about…

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from the rt archive… 20—26 july 2002

WHAT WE LISTENED TO Radio 2 had traditionally been the sort of station only your granny listened to, but was now the hottest turn-on in the country. What made the difference? Then controller James Moir said that Radio 2 been “black-and-white radio” but had been brought into the modern age thanks to the arrival of “quite startling” presenters including the likes of Mark Lamarr and Jools Holland. Moir’s first signing, though, had been Steve Wright, who was giving his first interview in nearly seven years. “I don’t want to be in the spotlight,” he said. “My mode of expression is through the radio. I’m an interviewer. I ask the questions. I don’t answer them.” WHAT YOU SAID Channel 5 had been on air for just over five years and had become the butt…

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thank you, nhs

Dear NHS Superstars Thursday 9.00pm BBC1 ‘I recall waking up in a recovery room, oxygen mask on my face. It had been a close-run thing’ STEPHEN FRY Both mental anguish and an asthma attack nearly cut short the life of the polymath Yes, like any other Briton I have my share of NHS stories. Emergencies, tragicomedies, disasters and deep trauma feature amongst them. Many will have more dramatic, more eye-watering, more heartrending, more eye-popping stories to tell than I have. Mine reflect the particular chronic conditions to which I have been subject in mind and body. Nothing too extraordinary. But they are extraordinary if you transplant them. I’ll come to that. Story one is ugly and unhappy, but I’ll tell it. Aged 17, or maybe 16 and a half, I wake up in a ward…

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brothers ın arms

In the Long Run Wednesday 10.00pm Sky 1 ‘To mock the truth, you have to know the truth. But to censor racist themes? Viewers should know people made shows like this’IDRIS ELBA WHAT’S THIS? As parts of the UK emerge – tentatively – from lockdown, is Idris Elba back to shooting already? From the looks of his Zoom backdrop on my laptop, he appears to be on location. Well, in a trailer on a film or TV set somewhere in the countryside. Apparently not. He’s just in a caravan “in England”. As he points out with a chuckle, he spends most of his life in these mobile dressing rooms, “sitting and waiting for them to knock on your door and say, ‘Five minutes!’ So I bought my own caravan so I could still…