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let history judge

LIKE ALL GOOD doctors, Michael Mosley has a simple prescription to keep us all fit and healthy: wear a mask. It is, he told us when we first spoke to him about Covid-19, the single most important thing we can do. Now he’s back on our screens, double underlining the importance of his message and reminding us about a killer statistic at the heart of the pandemic – that being obese doubles your chances of ending up in intensive care and dying. So, time to lose those lockdown pounds. For which, you won’t be surprised to learn, he also has a plan (see his wife Clare’s 800-calorie-a-day diet on page 12). Mosley believes the UK has staggered through the past four months “amazingly badly”. Read our interview on page 8 and…

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this week 1—7 august 2020

WHAT I’M WATCHING… JED MERCURIO ‘I have just finished watching I May Destroy You, which I thought was fantastic,” says the TV writer and Line of Duty creator. “The other drama I have really been enjoying is Devs.’ Interview — page 20 EMELI SANDÉ ‘I really fell in love with Normal People, I thought it was brilliant,” says the singer and this week’s columnist. “The ending was so heartbreaking, but it kept in line with how honest the couple been throughout the series. I just wanted Marianne to move to New York and to live happily ever after.’ Viewpoint — page 7 MICHAEL MOSLEY I’ve been keeping up with all ‘the latest on Covid-19 as I’m a bit obsessed that way,” says the doctor and presenter. “My wife Clare and I are also very into The…

3 min.
can we all talk about race?

I REMEMBER THE FIRST time I became conscious that my skin colour can determine how people judge me. I was five and in the playground at primary school in Scotland, and two boys shouted “Monkey!” at me. I was upset and didn’t know what to do because, if you’re already different from everybody else, you don’t want to cause a bigger problem. But my friend told the head teacher, who then told my parents. I also remember my mum and dad sitting me down after they heard and saying, “Sadly, this is how the world works.” That was the beginning of my version of “the Talk”, the conversation many black and mixed-race parents – my father is black, my mother white – are obliged to have with their children (and the…

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from the rt archive… 3—9 august 2002

WHAT WE WATCHED Late-in-life lovers Jean and Lionel were bowing out in the “final” episode of As Time Goes By on BBC1. And RT was reporting on the American fans who’d taken the pair to their hearts. Lynn Travers and fellow US devotees had travelled to the UK for some studio recordings and had nothing but praise for Judi Dench: “We’ve no one like her back home. Someone who’ll go out and do a role in her 60s without make-up… We’ve been in Judi’s dressing room and she’s served us champagne. She’s the classiest waitress I’ve ever had.” Ms Travers must have been delighted, then, when the show returned for a Christmas special three years later. WHAT YOU SAID For Graham Willoughby of Kidlington in Oxfordshire, Six Feet Under (C4) had become a…

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are you ready?

Lose a Stone in 21 Days with Michael Mosley Wednesday 9.00pm C4 ASK DR MICHAEL MOSLEY why his name has become such a trusted brand on health advice, and his answer echoes one of the buzz-phrases of 2020. “It helps that I’m prepared to put my own body on the line – and also that I try to follow the science wherever possible.” Given that his latest television opus is a direct result of Covid-19, there’s a certain symmetry in his mention of the Government’s favourite “follow the science” mantra – although Mosley, 63, dismisses the idea that the UK has actually obeyed that edict. “The crisis is not being handled at all well here,” he says, with the authority of one who was so quickly on the case that his book about…

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the lockdown dieter

Katie, 34, was a primary school teacher before having her two sons, now four and six, with her husband James, a computer network engineer. The family live in Hertfordshire. What made you want to take part in Lose a Stone in 21 Days with Michael Mosley? The producers had put out a call on Facebook for people who had gained weight during lockdown, and who wanted to get back to health. I thought, “That’s me!” Being home all the time with access to every possible snack when the world was in turmoil, the safest thing was to sit down with some cake! Sugar is my weakness — biscuits for breakfast, cake for lunch, picking up pastries at the bakery, eating the kids’ leftover pizza… In three months I gained 5kg (almost a…