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Reader's Digest India May 2019

Reader’s Digest has been the world’s biggest-selling magazine for nearly nine decades. It is also India’s largest-selling magazine in English. Beneath the fun and excitement of its pages, the Digest is, above all else, a serious magazine that never loses sight of the fact that, each day, all of us confront a tough, challenging world. To the millions who read the Digest, it is not a luxury—it is a necessity. Deep within its widely varied package of humour, real-life dramas and helpful information, there is in every issue of the Digest a subtle power that guides people in every aspect of their lives.

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Share your stories Tell us a story if it hasn’t already been published, for our Kindness of Strangers and My Story sections. Anecdotes and jokes are welcome in Life’s Like That; Humour in Uniform; As Kids See It; Laughter, the Best Medicine; All in a Day’s Work and It Happens Only in India. Do share the source, so we can verify the facts. Mail us at editor.india@rd.com Digital Edition RD is now available as a digital edition! Pay ₹100 for an issue and enjoy the magazine on your phone or tablet. Visit http://subscriptions.intoday.in/subscriptions/rd/digital-magazine-subscription.jsp Customer Services Contact Customer Services for renewals, gifts, address changes, payments, account information and all other enquiries. Phone: 1800 1800 001 (BSNL customers can call toll-free on this number) E-mail: subscription.rd@intoday.com We are Social! Follow us on Facebook facebook.com/readersdigest.co.in Instagram @readersdigestindia Twitter @OfficialRDIndia for…

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a reminder to ourselves

HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU HEARD people you know take pride in being apolitical? Some are plain disinterested in the political process, aren’t they? Voting, for them, is an encumbrance—perhaps they would outsource their duties as citizens to those who are willing to take the trouble, if they could. I know, I know, there are very compelling reasons for this deep apathy. But no matter how poor the choices seem, how alienated, disenchanted or hopeless our politicians make us feel, how enraged we are watching them manipulate and exploit us, political disengagement is simply not an option. The cost of indifference can be grave, often ruinous, as citizens in some parts of the world have discovered. The goal of a democracy is to reflect the will of the people, but dwindling voter…

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over to you

A WONDERFUL EFFORT I have been a regular reader of RD since 1963. But none of the issues have attracted my attention or have been deserving of praise as much as this one [March 2019]. I actually read the issue cover to cover. A considerable part of it is devoted to nostalgia, jokes and titbits not known to many. However, even more praiseworthy are the ideas, the selection of material and the way they were presented. Even the page design was in tune with the theme. Hats off to the editorial team for this wonderful effort. I am usually stingy with praise and rather straightforward when reviewing articles and books. But with this issue of RD, I cannot help but express unqualified praise. K. R. K. MOORTHY, Mumbai THE ETERNAL DREAMER I felt that…

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crossing the line

NEARLY EVERY TRIP across the border feels like an ordeal: the anxiety, the agent staring deep into your soul, lines as long as the ones in a Walt Whitman poem. Are they going to find the oranges you stuffed down your pants? Do you even remember the name of the place you’re going to? New Pork. I mean York. York! When the guard asks you questions, it’s important to act natural. What is the average rainfall in the Amazon Basin? When did you start cheating on your taxes? Where were you the night of 24 January? Spell your middle name. Backwards. Being a poet, I’m bewildering to the inquisitor in the little booth. “And what’s the purpose of your trip, sir?” “A poetry reading.” I might as well add, “Of course, I’ve brought bongos.”…

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rahul ram’s manifesto for saving the planet…

Wage a war against global warming Everybody is ignoring global warming and passing the buck with the focus being on increasing the gross domestic product (GDP) by increasing consumption for growth. This is essentially going to make the world an unliveable place in the next 30 to 40 years. If I could influence change in any way, I would change policy to ensure that global warming is taken very seriously. This would mean a drastic change in the way we look at economics. It would mean coming down on carbon dioxide emissions, changing the notions of what happiness and development are, and not making consumerism the centrepiece of our existence. I would work earnestly towards this and take as many scientific, sociological and economic inputs as possible to achieve it. Terrorism and…

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the case of the party-going wife

ROHIT B. KHURANA was convinced he had strong grounds to divorce his wife—Neha Rohit Khurana—and the trial court agreed. Married in April 1999, they had built a family with two children, but conjugal bliss had been elusive. The marital discord persisted, and in 2008, Khurana filed a petition under section 13 (1) (i-a) of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 for grant of a decree of divorce on grounds of cruelty. Neha, a working woman, was allegedly in the habit of attending late-night parties—and according to him, was lacking in respect for the institutions of marriage and family. Rohit complained to the court about Neha’s supposed aggressive and abusive ways—it seems she was short-tempered, made unreasonable monetary demands and often made a public scene to get her way. To support his petition…