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Reader's Digest India April 2020

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Reader’s Digest has been the world’s biggest-selling magazine for nearly nine decades. It is also India’s largest-selling magazine in English. Beneath the fun and excitement of its pages, the Digest is, above all else, a serious magazine that never loses sight of the fact that, each day, all of us confront a tough, challenging world. To the millions who read the Digest, it is not a luxury—it is a necessity. Deep within its widely varied package of humour, real-life dramas and helpful information, there is in every issue of the Digest a subtle power that guides people in every aspect of their lives.

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how fragile we are

As I write to you, scenes playing out across the world, flashing through our screens, seem straight out of a Hollywood disaster film. Who would have thought humans would be fighting back an invisible, sinister enemy that, at the time of going to press, had invaded 177 countries, killing more than 15,000 people? Currently, along with most of western Europe and the United States, many Indian states are under a lockdown. A haunting video clip of an empty Times Square in New York City, that never sleeps, has been burnt into our brains forever. The economic shockwaves are being felt the world over. Many of the offices in Noida, where we are headquartered, have been shut down. You are in our thoughts, as we try to bring you reliable information (p 32,…

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over to you notes on the february issue

India on a Platter This was a delicious read, featuring foods and recipes found across the length and breadth of India. As a Maharashtrian, I find that puran poli truly represents the state. While vada pav is mostly popular in Mumbai and Thane, other cities too have their own delicacies, like puneri misal in Pune and chivda in Nashik. However, I feel that pakora, made with ingredients as diverse as vegetables, fruits, meat and bread, is the one versatile dish that is truly Indian. —JAYSHREE THATTE, Thane Jayshree Thatte gets this month’s ‘Write & Win’ prize of `1,000. —EDs Banking on Hope Perhaps, only someone who has worked very closely with the poor across different states, and built an institution to empower them, can truly dream of improving India’s human development index through his vision.…

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stories of kindness

Good deeds can often come from the most unexpected quarters. While conventional wisdom tells us to be wary of strangers, we at Reader’s Digest believe that random acts of kindness come our way from people we may not even know, and often when we least expect it. Have you experienced such an act of benevolence, no questions asked, from strangers? Send your stories, with the subject line ‘Kindness of Strangers’, to editor.india@rd.com by 15 April 2020 and your entry could be featured. Do not forget to mention your name and location!…

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life’s like that

Over dinner, I could sense something was bothering my mother, so I asked if anything was wrong. “Yes,” she admitted. “What’s all this I hear on the news about banning baking products?” I patted her hand reassuringly and said, “That’s vaping products.” —JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN When I was a boy, I had a disease that required me to eat dirt three times a day in order to survive. It’s a good thing my older brother told me about it. —onelinefun.com In one of his last interviews, Eddie Money, the late musician and star of AXS TV’s reality show Real Money, admitted to Rolling Stone that his wife didn’t like how he appeared on-screen. The difference between dog people and cat people: Dog people wish their dogs were people. Cat people wish they were cats. —@SIMONSINEK “My wife says to…

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why, grandmother, what a sharp tongue you have!

♦ My freshman year of college, my grandma mailed me sugar cookies for my birthday but wrote in the card that she’d put jalapeños in them so that I would know she was thinking of me “but wouldn’t gain the weight.” ♦ When my older sister told my family she was pregnant out of wedlock and not in a relationship, my grandma sighed, looked at me, and said, “We always thought it would be you.” ♦ I had just met my boyfriend’s family for the first time. As I was leaving, his grandma gave me a hug and said it was wonderful to meet me. I said, “Thank you. It’s nice to know I have approval.” To which she replied, “Oh, now, dear, just because we like you doesn’t mean we approve.” —thechive.com ABRAMOVA…

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the mind of a champion

What are the life lessons unique to chess? Ultimately, be they mental or physical, most games are lost in the head. Although, I feel that chess is unique in the sense that during a game we are unable to release our emotions. We can’t scream or celebrate with others on the field. Controlling your emotions and not letting your mind wander is unique to chess. What was the idea behind your recent book Mind Master: Winning Lessons from a Champion’s Life? When I wrote this book, I wanted to share with chess fans the most significant moments in my life and how I experienced them, as opposed to the chess moves I played and their evaluation. I probe into how I felt before and after success and failure, and explore the lessons I…