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Reader's Digest India November 2020

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Reader’s Digest has been the world’s biggest-selling magazine for nearly nine decades. It is also India’s largest-selling magazine in English. Beneath the fun and excitement of its pages, the Digest is, above all else, a serious magazine that never loses sight of the fact that, each day, all of us confront a tough, challenging world. To the millions who read the Digest, it is not a luxury—it is a necessity. Deep within its widely varied package of humour, real-life dramas and helpful information, there is in every issue of the Digest a subtle power that guides people in every aspect of their lives.

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7 heart numbers you should know

—THARCIUS S. FERNANDO, Chennai Tharcius S. Fernando gets this month’s ‘Write & Win’ prize of ₹1,000.—EDs Say Goodbye to Procrastinating This article should serve as a clarion call to all about the importance of taking timely action. In April this year, my mother complained of weakness in her whole body, particularly her right hand. The matter was dismissed as a common old-age issue. Pandemic-related restrictions added to procrastinating a doctor’s visit. The next month, she had a stroke and it turned out she needed brain surgery to remove several blood clots. The damage was great and we lost her in September. So much pain was caused by putting off a simple checkup. Often delays and negligence can have dire consequences from which there is no escape, as it was in my case. BHUSHAN CHANDER…

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children: their rights, and why they matter

THE CHILD population in India today stands at more than 400 million, which is more than the total population of many countries in the world. As a large country with diversity in economic attainment, political and institutional histories and cultural specificities, the protection of children’s rights continues to represent a key challenge. While there have been gainful achievements in child development indicators of health, nutrition, education and other entitlements—some states doing better than the others—these key areas continue to be abysmally poor for certain classes of children and more disadvantaged communities. Currently, India has the largest network of public schools with 1.5 million schools covering 260 million students, 13 million Anganwadi centres and noon meal schemes covering millions of children. Yet, our country also ranks 94 out of 107 countries on the…

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humour in uniform

While serving in South Korea, I was assigned guard duty. The ensign issued me a gun and a whistle, but I quickly realized there were no bullets. Brandishing the empty weapon, I asked, “What do I do if I run into trouble?” The ensign replied, “That’s what the whistle’s for.” —GORDON STANLEY SCHAUMBURG During basic training, our drill sergeant often led us in a game of Simon Says to help teach us the marching commands. “I bet you can’t get me out,” a private insisted. Challenge accepted, the drill sergeant went through the commands, sometimes beginning with “Simon says” and sometimes not. The private was as good as he claimed and stayed in the game until the sergeant commanded, “Simon says, jump up!” The private leaped into the air and landed again. “Oh, stop it.…

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good news for a better planet

Social Media with a Heart SOCIETY Like thousands of small businesses around the country, ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’, a small roadside food joint in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar faced dismal prospects ever since the coronavirus pandemic sent the nation into lockdown. But when a touching video of its octogenarian owners—Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi—tearfully describing their struggle to make ends meet went viral in October, things turned around. Viewed over 4.7 million times, the video sparked a massive campaign to offer Prasad financial aid as well as spread awareness about the need to support local vendors. Footfall improved dramatically, but the generosity did not stop there. Later that month, Dr Samir Sud—a family friend of the woman whose post about the dhaba first went viral—noticed from the video that Prasad and…

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it happens only in india

The Cure-all Cow-chip In the latest on ‘how to bolster immunity’, chairman of Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog (RKA)—a department under the Union Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying—Vallabhbhai Kathiria, made the “scientifically proven” claim that cow dung cakes will rid one of radiation and serve as a safeguard against all diseases. That’s not all the bovine business he had to offer—Kathiria went on to unveil a cow dung “chip” called Gausatva Kavach, which can “be used in mobile phones to reduce radiation”. Katharia’s unsubstantiated claims were greeted by a letter signed by 600 researchers and scientists from across the country, demanding evidence to support his assertions. We would simply like to drop a gentle reminder to the RKA chief about the constitutional principle of developing a scientific temper. Source: ANI, timesofindia.com Zip It…

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points to ponder

I feel more passionate about the teaching side of my job than I have ever been, because it’s so important to convince the younger generation that their ability to question and think is crucial to the future of the world.Andrea Ghez,2020 Physics Nobel Laureate, on being a professor.There is no need to congregate in large numbers to prove your faith or your religion … You can pray to your gods at your homes. I would suggest that all of you celebrate festivals with your families.Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union health ministerEvery injustice owes its origin to the sense of impunity that is entrenched in the system: my power is my sword; my epaulette above my breast pocket is my shield; my caste folk will fight for me … Now you know…