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December 2021

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this month i’m looking forward to…

WHAT ARE THE MOST JOYFUL elements in your home? For me it’s the way the light travels through the house from morning to evening, and all the fat, feather-filled cushions on my bed and sofa. Sure, there are things I’d like to change about my place (more on that in later issues!) but to have lovely natural light to wake up to and a cushy spot to sink into at the end of the day are what really make my house feel like a home. This issue, we visit homeowners who have created their own joyful spaces. Whether they focused on colour, architecture or the furnishings and homewares within, each person has created their version of an uplifting retreat. What makes your house a home? Another thing that brings me joy…

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true romance

SOME OF THE GREATEST LOVE STORIES throughout history and literature have unfolded in Italy, one of the most romantic countries on earth. From the feuding families of Romeo and Juliet to Frances Mayes’ impulsive, post-divorce villa purchase in Under the Tuscan Sun, Italy has captured the hearts and minds of romantics – and design lovers – the world over. In the north-west city of Turin, textile and interior designer Carlotta Oddone has created a home so enchanting it could be the backdrop of the country’s next great love story. Shared with her husband and their two children, it offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life that surrounds it, protected by a generous, verdant garden filled with climbing jasmine, olive trees and sprawling rose bushes – a fitting floral motif.…

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fave finds … and some more!

staff pick staff pick words harrietsim | photography andrew grune (of note); andrea ferrari (agape); alicia taylor (cultiver)…

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fave finds a whole bunch of things we love…

staff pick TOP 4 fizzy drops 4 Fresh Céleste Pommery Apanage Blanc de Blancs NV, $109.99, Champagne Pommery. photography ana laframboise (in bed); jacqui turk (the skin bar); jacky kao (mecca) styling juan hernandez (in bed) location casa santa catarina, mexico (in bed)…

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fave finds… and some more!

staff pick TABLE OF ELEMENTS staff pick sneak peek TOP 5 3 Glow Biossance Unstoppable Glow Limited Edition Radiance Kit, $90, Sephora.…

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national treasures

IN THE 18TH CENTURY, you might have found a decorative vase made from jasperware in the drawing room of a high society home. Nowadays, Wedgwood’s elegant white and blue jasperware collections are displayed all over the world, from modern living spaces to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. And therein lies the magic of this exquisite style of stoneware – its invention by Josiah Wedgwood in 1774 recast English pottery as an international industry and art. When a young pottery apprentice by the name of Josiah Wedgwood set up his business in Staffordshire in 1759, no one could have imagined he’d revolutionise his trade. But Josiah was more than a potter – he had an entrepreneurial spirit and an aptitude for innovation. Josiah didn’t just make pottery, he designed it,…