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Real Simple Organize Your Home

Real Simple Organize Your Home

Real Simple Organize Your Home

Focused on every room of the house, this issue delivers the Real Simple approach to creating a less cluttered home.

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editor’s note

THE YEAR WE LIVED in the fifth-floor walk-up apartment challenged our marriage. Yes, all those stairs helped us stay fit, the closets were large, and we had a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline. Yet so many times one of us (usually me) arrived at the sidewalk only to discover that a phone or a set of keys or some other important item was still upstairs, then marched back up, opened the door, and began yelling in frustration. Then came the doorknob organizer—a small, flat canvas pouch that hung on the doorknob and held keys and anything else that might otherwise be forgotten on an entryway table. I think it cost $20, but it bought a million dollars’ worth of calm. It was a small change with an enormous impact, the…

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CLOSET HACKS Get out the door faster—and happier—with our closet organizing tips for clothes, shoes, and accessories. With these easy-to-follow strategies in mind, choosing an outfit for the day promises to be a lot less stressful—leaving you plenty of time to savor your morning cup of coffee. FAVORITE FINDS Discover some of our favorite places to shop for shelving, storage bins, and more. Hint: A variety of office supplies work well in other areas of your house. Some popular home decor brands have great finds too. STREAMLINE YOUR BATHROOM Want to make your bath a calming oasis? The first step is to get rid of all the things that are cluttering up your countertop and vanity cabinets. Check out our list of 14 things you can get rid of immediately (really!). DISCOVER MORE STORAGE SPACE Even large…

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realsimple® organize your hometm

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how do you get your family to help with organizing?

I tell the kids why we organize, not just to do it because I said so. In our house, it’s for ease and lack of stress.–A.M., LITITZ, PENNSYLVANIA With three active teenagers, keeping track of who needs what uniform and equipment when can be a little overwhelming. Dry erase markers have been our salvation. The kids write their schedules on their bathroom mirrors so they’re reminded of what they need every morning. –D.E., AUSTIN, TEXAS I make wristbands from construction paper (or I use soft, flexible plastic with Velcro on the ends for something more durable). I write chores on them and put one on each child’s wrist. They wear them until the chore is done. –M.S., HOUSTON Start young and make it fun. I also try to set an example for my 6-year-old. I…

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more calm, less clutter

Step 1 The Prep CONFER WITH YOUR TEAM “It’s essential to get everyone in on the process to ensure buy-in. Without collaboration, it’s unlikely anyone will honor your unilateral decisions on where things live,” says New York City–based professional organizer Andrew Mellen. Spark your family’s interest by transforming a key shared space, like the mudroom or kitchen. “Organizing is contagious—usually the less interested parties just need to see progress in one area to get on board,” says Jordan Marks, cofounder and owner of It’s Organized, with locations in New York City, New Jersey, and California. Ask everyone to share ideas on how your home could function better. Then divvy up jobs based on strengths: If your husband loves to wheel and deal, he can sell items on Nextdoor; your teenager can drive…