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RECOIL Presents: Carnivore

RECOIL Presents: Carnivore

Carnivore #3 2019

RECOIL Presents: Carnivore is a new publication dedicated to the modern outdoor sportsman with an emphasis on field-to-table hunting and traditions. Every issue focuses on respecting natural food and its origins through features on the latest guns, personality profiles, culinary tips, and gear reviews.

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recoil presents: carnivore

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vantage point

One thing I keep getting reminded of every time I travel is that the commitment to take control of what ends up in your freezer or on your plate isn’t limited to just your immediate neighborhood or the continental USA. Hunting transcends just about every national and geographic boundary, so in this issue of CARNIVORE we decided to hit the road to bring you experiences from across oceans and states. There’s an unbreakable thread that binds us as humans, no matter which continent we reside in — and that’s of a common ancestry, which saw us evolve as hunter-gatherers. For 99 percent of our existence as a species, we’ve hunted stuff, killed it, and ate it. It’s only in the past few hundred years that our roles in society have become…

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brazilian-inspired laulau

Traditionally, Hawaiian laulau is made with pork and butterfish, wrapped in luau leaf and ti leaves. While it’s simple and delicious just the way it is, as I started to explore the tropical flavors of the island, a lot of elements reminded me of Brazilian flavors. That’s how I came up with this recipe, returning to flavors from my childhood and mixing with this beautiful and unique Hawaiian cuisine. Read the full profile on Chef Flora Kamimura elsewhere in this issue. INGREDIENTS: Wild pork butt or shoulderFreshly caught fish (the fattier the better)Taro/luau leafTi leafSea saltBreadfruit (ulu)LemongrassYuzu lime leaf DIRECTIONS: Open a taro leaf and place in the center: a slice of pork, fish, ulu, and lime leaf. Season lightly with sea salt. Wrap carefully as a package, and then wrap it again on a…

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fresh meat

1 GRIZZLY EARS PREDATOR PRO BATTERY LIFE: Approx. 4 hours per charge ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Waterproof, dustproof PRICE: $249 INFO: grizzly-ears.com NOTES: Whether practicing on the range or scouting out in the field, there are times we’d like to pipe in some tunes, a podcast, or make a quick call. That’s why we’re excited to hear of Grizzly Ears and its tiny, wireless Bluetooth-enabled earpro. The earbuds have two modes. In amplify mode, the company claims hearing protection from gunshots and anything else above 85dB while amplifying ambient sound so you can hear everything going on around you. In Bluetooth mode, the earbuds pass whatever you’re into. Aside from their intended use, we can see these things getting ear-time while mowing the lawn and flying the friendly skies. The included USB rechargeable case provides extra juice,…

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off-road anachronism

Visit a few classic car shows, and you’ll soon come across at least one crotchety old-timer who won’t hesitate to show his disdain for new vehicles. “Back in my day,” he’ll proclaim, “they built cars to a different standard — real steel, not like the Tupperware junk they churn out these days.” While you may be tempted to write this off as the rose-tinted vision of someone living in the past, his view may not be entirely inaccurate. The cars and trucks of yesteryear could be considered primitive by today’s standards. They were designed without using modeling software and computational fluid dynamics simulations. Parts were machined by hand with less-precise tolerances, and assembled by hand as well. Mechanical systems were simpler with fewer moving parts and minimal electronics. Features we take…

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venison steak au poivre

If there’s one recipe every carnivore needs to have in their repertoire, it’s this one. Steak au poivre can trace its roots back before the turn of the 19th century as a classical French dish, brought into American mainstream cooking by none other than the great Julia Child in the 1960s. Some even credit steak au poivre with the prevalence of pepper-crusted steaks and the predecessor to Steak Diane. With such a lineage, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity when presented with a beautiful backstrap of a fair chase harvested Texas Hill Country Axis taken by my good friend Miguel on a hunt this past fall. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to create this fantastic dish based on the recipe provided by Chef Albert Wutsch, with a few small…