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Winter 2021
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Residential Tech Today merges news and best practices industry leaders need, innovator profiles, exclusive interviews, and product reviews. With Jeremy Glowacki as the Executive Editor, the award-winning editorial staff from Innovation & Tech Today, and partnerships with leading organizations, this bi-monthly publication is injecting energy into the smart home market.

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from the editor

Most impressive was the Samsung Bot Handy, which will rely on advanced AI to recognize and pick up objects of varying sizes, shapes, and weights, becoming an extension of you and helping you with work around the house. Covering the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) each January in Las Vegas has become increasingly difficult the more the show grows and evolves to encompass just about everything related to consumer technology. This year’s first virtual show was no less ambitious, but at least it was easier on my feet. What I came to realize was how much the technology introduced at CES has evolved beyond just toys, entertainment, and personal lifestyle products of years past. There’s no doubt having self-selected “home health tech” as one of my preferred product categories drove more of those…

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Samantha Ventura is senior vice president of education and training at CEDIA in Indianapolis, where she directs, manages, and provides leadership in all development, instructional, and academic systems within CEDIA, including strengthening the awareness of the industry through targeted partnerships and soliciting financial support for programs. On p. 18, she writes about how leaders of companies need to understand the profound significance of guiding their teams with Emotional Intelligence (EQ), even when they, themselves, are grappling with their own very real challenges. As a product and marketing executive at Harman International, Michael Heiss was responsible for many breakthrough audio and video products. On the entertainment side of the business, he was a promotion manager at NBC and was key to the development of hotel in-room movies and created the first nationwide…

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by the numbers

With a promise of faster download and upload speeds and other measures of network efficiency like reduced latency, 5G will eventually replace or augment 4G/LTE as the next generation of mobile broadband. Exponentially faster download and upload speeds from wireless 5G will be essential for processing and moving large amounts of data for services like autonomous vehicles. Currently, the fastest network available, 4G LTE, supports peak data at 300 Mbit/s. The 5G network is expected to elevate those levels 20-fold. And while coverage remains an issue, the speed of the new networking standard will eventually serve as a giant leap forward. Here are some useful stats related to 5G. How Fast is 5G? Average 4G and 5G download speeds in selected countries (in Mbps)* 5G vs. 4G Download Speeds Compared 4G speeds are based…

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quick bits

“What potential 5G capabilities will have the most positive impact on tech professionals and their clients?” The biggest impact I see 5G having is on how accessible 4G and lower speed capable radios will become. For rural clients utilizing cellular routers exclusively, I hope to see 5G drive down the cost of data access, similar to gigabit residential internet service. 5G “speeds” when they actually finally arrive, should hopefully take the concern and restrictions associated with cellular data bottlenecks finally, fully out of any equation and concern. – Patrick Cain, Front Row AV, Lawrence, KS If what is promised actually happens, then it could give integrators more peace of mind in their “belts and suspenders” approach to providing an internet backup. If AT&T or Comcast goes down or their internet subscription glitches, for…

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mesh wi-fi peace of mind

Eero was among the first companies to offer mesh Wi-Fi systems to consumers. Before their launch in 2017, mesh was typically expensive and used by organizations in large spaces, like offices. A mesh system is different from a traditional Wi-Fi router in that it uses multiple nodes or access points spread throughout the home to provide better coverage than a single router located wherever the broadband connection comes into your house. The Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi network is eero’s first new product since its acquisition by Amazon, so I was doubly interested to see how this new release would stack up against my circa-2017 eero Pro installation. Because I already had the eero app and an existing network installed, I was curious to see how they were going to handle the upgrade.…

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simplifying wireless surround sound

Enclave Audio is making it easier for Roku TV VOD streaming service users to connect a wireless surround sound system. Available now to all U.S.-based customers, the company’s Enclave CineHome PRO and CineHome II 5.1 channel wireless surround sound speaker systems are now Roku TV Ready enabled. To be certified Roku TV Ready, products must be tested and certified to work with Roku TV models, offering a smoother setup, easier on-screen access to sound settings, and volume control, all from one remote. When connected to a Roku TV, the Enclave Audio CineHome PRO and CineHome II wireless surround sound systems are automatically identified, offering speaker setup and calibration tools directly on the Roku TV screen using the Roku remote. With a single cable setup, all that’s required to augment the Roku TV with…