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Robb Report June 2018

Luxury Without Compromise. Every issue of Robb Report transports you into the world of luxury as never before! Delve beneath the surface to explore the thoughts and inspirations of the engineers, artisans and entrepreneurs behind the most sought after products, luxury escapes and services the world over. With in-depth looks at the next generation luxury automobiles…to world-class travel adventures..wines, spirits, collectibles and some much more.

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Refreshing Rosés Five bright and balanced wines add a shade of sophistication to warm-weather sipping. STORY OF THE MONTH Rarefied Rides These imaginative motorcyclesreflectthe rise of independent bike builders more interested in creative expression than market expansion. rarefiedrides READER SURVEY RESULTS Which part of your home would you most like to splurge on? We surveyed readers who had interior design on the mind to discover which part of the house rules. WEB EXCLUSIVES GIFTS DAD ACTUALLY WANTS DITCH THE TRADITIONAL TIE, AND GIVE YOUR OLD MAN WHAT HE REALLY DESIRES THIS FATHER’S DAY. LIVING ROOM AND OUTDOOR LIVING AREAS: SAM FROST; KITCHEN: DAVE BURK…

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seeking greatness

“In our 30th year producing this list, we observed a new influence taking shape, that of purposeful intention.” EXCEPTIONAL ARTISTRY and crafts tend to be rooted in age-old practices, from the painstaking handwork required to assemble extraordinary watch movements to the patience and skill imbued in distilling and aging a fine whiskey. It’s those time-honored techniques combined with pioneering technology and advancements that inform the most intriguing and phenomenal designs and products on this year’s Best of the Best list. In our 30th year producing this list, we observed a new influence taking shape, that of purposeful intention. While it isn’t always tangible, it has lasting substance that results in a meaning greater than the sum of its parts. FOR LONGTIME consulting automotive editor, Robert Ross, this year’s best aerodynamic accomplishment—the…

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1 PRE-BOARDING BOMBARDIER GLOBAL 7000 :“Given the hype surrounding it, including a recent win at the Red Dot Awards for design, I would not be surprised to see the Bombardier Global 7000—scheduled to enter service by year’s end—in the 2019 Best of the Best issue. The ultra-long-range business jet will accommodate up to 19 passengers in four distinct areas that can house a dining room, an entertainment center, and a master bedroom with a stand-up shower in an en suite bathroom.” —JOHN LYON 2 HYPER-SPEED HYBRID MCLAREN BP23 :“I try to live in the moment, but anticipation for McLaren’s new $2.2 million hypercar—set to premiere later this year—is making that difficult. Code-named BP23, the hybrid GT will have a top speed above 242 mph—making it the fastest and most refined road rocket ever produced by…

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Selecting our most winning wheels on an annual basis gets trickier with time. These days, calling a car “best of the best” is, admittedly, presumptuous—and possibly myopic. Even after factoring in the constant advancements in autonomous driving and alternative power-train technology, any decision is still subjective. But the exercise does act as a centrifuge for the market, separating the truly innovative from the merely derivative. This year, the tribute to automotive excellence continues with coverage that now includes more than a dozen categories, a nod to iconic engineering, and a conversation with design legends who continue to shape the industry even further. Fasten up.…

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beastly bullet

When Bugatti introduced the 2005 Veyron, the vehicle immediately became the measure by which all other supercars were judged. The 2010 Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport was so remarkable that we named it the Car of the Decade. And now, eight years later, the world has a new ultimate supercar: the Bugatti Chiron. This Monster of Molsheim (the small town in northeastern France where Bugattis are made) has a window sticker starting at roughly $3 million. Its specifications are essentially academic, even for the handful of people who will actually drive—much less own—one. (Of the 500 units planned, more than 300 have been sold.) Compared to its predecessor, the Chiron dials everything up—more power and torque, and handling response that is more immediate and light, with less under-steer. It’s astoundingly quick, but brutal…

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italian stallion

“ All of its curves and creases have a purpose, channeling airflow and optimizing aerodynamics.” “Fastest and most powerful” appears to be the mantra among high-end automakers this year. Ferrari’s 812 Super-fast, powered by a 6.5-liter, naturally aspirated V-12, assumes that lofty position in the Maranello stable. And the 789 hp prancing horse certainly lives up to its name with a top speed of 211 mph. In the same spirit as Ferrari GTs going back to the early 1950s, the front-engine, rear-wheel-drive 812 is as refined and luxurious as it is absurdly quick and capable. Electronic power steering, magnetic shocks, and rear-wheel steering aid nimble handling, while its compliant ride reminds one that the 812 is made for real grand touring over long stretches of curving roads or highway. Like its F12berlinetta predecessor,…