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Rolls-Royce & Bentley Driver March - April 2021

Celebrating two of Britain's most prestigious automotive marques, Rolls-Royce & Bentley Driver magazine is the definitive publication for all Rolls-Royce and Bentley enthusiasts and owners. Principally focusing on the classic models of these luxurious car brands, it will offer comprehensive coverage of the most popular versions from both Rolls-Royce and Bentley, ranging from immediately after WW2 up to around the turn of the millennium. Undoubtedly, there will be some coverage of pre-war models, and we will feature modern classics such as the Bentley GT coupe. Whatever the model, however, our aim with Rolls-Royce & Bentley Driver magazine is to offer a mix of owners' stories, buying advice, technical hints and tips and inspiration on how to restore, maintain, and, crucially, enjoy your favourite Rolls-Royce or Bentley.

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United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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corniche appeal

When it comes to my favourite cars, I tend to gravitate towards the least predictable. And so I was particularly pleased when we managed to arrange a photo shoot of the Westminster Blue fixed-head Corniche featured on the front cover of this issue. Being an early example, and a car rescued from long-term hibernation, it’s a machine I find particularly appealing – and I hope you enjoy the seven-page feature that starts on Page 12. But is it really the least predictable Corniche? From its launch in 1971, the new two-door range was a success for Rolls-Royce; and thanks to its hand-built status and appropriately high pricing, it was an invaluable income earner. But let’s not forget that the fixed-head Corniche bowed out after just ten years on sale, whereas its…

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up front

NEWS AND VIEWS RECORD BENTLEY SALES Bentley Motors achieved total sales of 11,206 cars in 2020, an increase of 2% over the previous year despite the challenges of a market affected by the Covid-19 pandemic – including a seven-week shutdown that began in March, plus reduced output for a further nine weeks. New-model introductions helped to provide the boost, enabling Bentley to achieve its highest ever annual sales performance. The Continental GT and GTC together accounted for 39% of global Bentley sales in 2020, finishing the year as the company’s bestselling model line. And although there were inevitable delays in getting the latestgeneration Bentayga into full-scale production, Bentley’s SUV proved to be its most successful single model, achieving 37% of total sales. The Americas region remained the biggest market, delivering 3035 cars (an increase…

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product news

REPLACEMENT RESERVOIR New from IntroCar at the time of writing is this original-style power steering reservoir, the latest addition to the company’s Prestige Parts range and suitable for most of the SZ-generation models (from Silver Spirit and Mulsanne to Flying Spur and Turbo R), as well as the Bentley Continental R/T and Azure. Manufactured from high-temperature-resistant sintered nylon, the reservoir is resin-sealed and equipped with an internal magnet to trap harmful particles circulating in the fluid. Inlet and outlet pipes have been metal reinforced to promote secure fitting of the hoses. This high-quality item is available right now, priced at £299 plus VAT. To order, call +44 (0)208 546 2027 quoting part number UE46315, or go online to www.introcar.co.uk. UPDATED CATALOGUE Flying Spares has launched an updated version of its catalogue for the 1965-80…

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rescue mission

It’s not unusual for a ringing phone to lead to the following question for Paul Gershon: “Would you be interested in buying my car?” As a London-based dealer, he’s always on the look-out for quality stock. But sometimes, just sometimes, the phone call can lead him on a personal quest, acquiring a special car that goes on to form part of his own personal collection – involving serious quantities of time, money and effort in the process. And the 1972 Corniche FHC featured here is just such a machine, one that’s truly got under Paul’s skin since he acquired it in the summer of 2018. “The lady who called told me she had a car that she wanted to sell and she thought it was a Rolls-Royce,” recalls Paul, as we…

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hardtop style

Although both versions of the Corniche – the fixed-head coupé (FHC) and convertible – arrived in 1971, they were little more than mildly updated versions of the previous Silver Shadow two-door by Mulliner Park Ward. The modifications were useful, however, with the famous V8 engine now boasting 10% more power, while the interior was reworked with some extra wood, a rev counter and new-style centre console. The radiator grille was made deeper and new wheel trims were fitted, which also aided brake cooling. Despite a 10% price hike – plus continuing uncertainty about Rolls-Royce’s future, which wouldn’t be resolved until the car division’s independence in 1973 – the Corniche built upon the success that the MPW two-doors had started. And the upgrades continued, either concurrent with or ahead of the Silver…

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market watch

6500-MILE CORNICHE One of the most impressive classics on sale with Vintage & Prestige at the time of writing is this 1989 Corniche II, a stunning looking example that has covered a mere 6500 miles from new. Hailed by V&P’s Richard Biddulph as “the best Corniche we have ever seen”, the car has been in the same ownership since it was four years old, when it was acquired with just 1000 miles under its wheels. The Corniche apparently “looks, drives and smells like new”, and is described as a “real time warp for those who want the best available”. The Corniche II (available in the USA from 1986 and elsewhere from ‘88) featured a number of updates, including revamped seats, anti-lock brakes, new wheel trims, plus colour coded bumpers and door mirrors.…