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Runner's World South Africa

Sep/Oct 2019

Runner's World is internationally respected as the leading authority on the sport. It provides the runner and health enthusiast with expert advice on training, motivation, nutrition, injuries and equipment. It also contains race calendars and reports. Runner's World is enjoyed by dedicated runners and other athletes who use running to enhance their fitness. The articles contain information on the latest events and discover the stars and personalities behind the scenes. The magazine provides advice from the best coaches, and exercise programmes focused on any level.

South Africa
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zuurberg & hayterdale, eastern cape

THE EXPERIENCE The annual Great Zuurberg Trail Run may well be only a recent addition to the SA dirt menu, but it’s done wonders in converting runners to exploring the epic routes here in the Eastern Cape’s ‘Frontier Country’. Hayterdale Trails – a legendary MTB destination, on the edge of the Addo Elephant National Park – lies at the heart of this running paradise, with 100km-plus of singletrack and jeep track to explore. This is proper adventure running, in a breathtaking natural wilderness; with everything from grassland ridges and indigenous riverine forest, to stands of blossoming sweet thorn and dinosaur cycads, dating back millions of years – and superlative sunsets, to boot. Best of all is the option of a close encounter with elephants, in the national park or at some of the nearby…

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runner's world south africa

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ed’s letter

Running is the new, er... running! It took a few years for running in South Africa to catch up with the world, but now it’s back. And it’s no longer a pastime restricted to ultra-distance races – thanks to events like parkrun and the FNB series, running has unquestionably become the coolest mover in town. From running tribes to activewear, the sport has been transformed from being exclusively the domain of the endurance junkies to becoming the sport of the masses. Yes, the pinnacle events in SA remain the Comrades and the Two Oceans; but now, more than ever, the sport is growing... and growing fast. In this issue we investigate the explosion that is parkrun in SA (p44) – a project started in the UK in an effort to…

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the loop

THE QUESTION What is your least favourite part of running? I’m a morning runner, so winter is a struggle! – Adrienne Michelle Walker Running in the dark on winter mornings, and treadmill runs. No good views in either. – Abelang Ab Mosweu Since I’ve started trail running, I love all of it... the pre-run, the run, the great feeling at the finish line and the coffee at the end. – Ronell Keeve Injuries. The sad part is that running is very addictive. One wouldn’t want to quit despite all those challenges. – Matthews Lesibe Mahlafora Runners’ toenails!!! – Stefanie Bone Winter! It’s the worst part of everything! – Alison Smith Gambling with toilet stops on long runs… – Daniel Wiebesiek Dodging the water sachets on the road, to prevent injury when you step and slide on one. – Sharon Dey-van Heerden THE GALLERY #INSTARWRUN While you were sleeping...…

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pre-run mobility

RUNNING IS ALL ABOUT MOVEMENT, RIGHT? Taking a little time to get the body moving in the right patterns before a run can go a long way! All these moves wake your feet up, loosen your hips and get your glutes firing – three key factors for moving well. This immediately improves efficiency, keeping you running smoothly and injury-free, ultimately helping to build a stronger runner. As a 9 to 5’er and not a full-time pro, I also understand that most people don’t have the luxury of time to roll around the floor before their pre-work dawn-patrol run. I’d rather use that 15 minutes to grab an espresso en route to the office! This is my super-quick morning mobility routine, often done between my doorstep and the trailhead. Hip Lock // This move is really…

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breathe better to run longer and faster – here’s how

SURE, YOUR QUADS, hamstrings, and calves work hard to propel you forward. But there’s another muscle that’s a power player in your running: your diaphragm. With each forceful contraction, this key breathing muscle helps expand your lungs to bring in oxygen – a gas your muscles need to create energy, says Michael Jordan, Director of Research & Education at Fast Track Sports Medicine & Performance Centre in Virginia, US. As it works, you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, the build-up of which can cause anxiety and breathlessness. Bringing awareness to your breathing builds more efficiency, a steadier pace, and a calmer mind, even during high-pressure races, says Boulder-based pro runner and coach Neely Spence Gracey. If you focus on solid breathing, “you’ll be able to push through fatigue and maintain form,”…