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Runner's World South Africa December 2018

Runner's World is internationally respected as the leading authority on the sport. It provides the runner and health enthusiast with expert advice on training, motivation, nutrition, injuries and equipment. It also contains race calendars and reports. Runner's World is enjoyed by dedicated runners and other athletes who use running to enhance their fitness. The articles contain information on the latest events and discover the stars and personalities behind the scenes. The magazine provides advice from the best coaches, and exercise programmes focused on any level.

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nyungwe forest & lake kivu, rwanda

RUNNER: Peter Kirk THE EXPERIENCE Seriously off-the-scale volcano ascents, rocking rainforest trails and island-style lakeshore roads make for endless running options in Rwanda. It’s fairly densely populated, but must currently rate as the safest country on the continent; so you’ll be able to run to your heart’s content, in half a dozen unique ecosystems. National park trails must be booked in advance and most excursions are guided, but there are ample routes to run solo along the Nile-Congo Divide Trail. This follows – roughly – the shores of Lake Kivu (one of the deepest of the African Great Lakes, at 480m) for 150km. Terrain varies from lakeshore footpaths to gravel tracks and busy roads; and with some climbs topping out at over 2 000m, it won’t be just the view leaving you breathless! Read more…

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the inside lane

Our readers aren’t just the people who buy our magazine. In many ways they are partners, constantly contributing stories, ideas and feedback. While reviewing the Best of 2018 (p42), contributing editor Lisa Abdellah put together her top picks from our reader interactions: the best advice, the runners who inspired us, the most successful weight-loss stories, and so on. 2018 has been an amazing year, with so much of our magazine dedicated to the stories of people who have changed their lives through running. Thank you for being our inspiration! So: what does the future of running look like? In our feature starting on p54, we stare into our crystal ball in an attempt to answer that question. While technology has undoubtedly helped with the continued growth of running globally, I must…

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the loop

THE QUESTION Do you train using an app? If so, which one do you use? Nike Running Club app and Fitness22. – Syaabonga Nyembe Runtastic, and I love it. – Lisa Arundel Louw Suunto... then I download to Movescount or Strava. – Arnold Woodward Strava! – Sakkie Jamneck THE GALLERY #INSTARWRUN “I just felt like running.” (Forrest Gump). – david.a.deklerk Where my running takes me. – fightfitfran Summer loading #CrewLove #CRCrew – crrc_ct Go where you feel most alive... – ingrids_on_the_trails THE QUESTION What’s the most useless excuse for not running you’ve ever heard? “It’s too windy…” – Evangelique Thomas I do believe I made it myself: “I’ve just had a spray tan, so if I strap my knees, I’ll be left with two white rectangles.” – Sarah Bartlett When I ask why they never pitched – even if it was a Parkrun – I get…

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ARWA ALAMOUDI, RUNNER Each week, I always cover three different types of runs: intervals, long runs, and recovery runs. This ensures that I don’t exhaust my body with one type of run and experience different running conditions. SOMAYA ALGHAZALI, RUNNER If we listen, our bodies have a way of telling us when we need more or less of something. When we pay attention to the signs (sickness, niggling or reoccurring injuries, tiredness, or maybe energy to push further), we can give our body what it needs. JEFF DENGATE, RW RUNNER-IN-CHIEF When running uphill, pay close attention to how you’re carrying your arms: focus on swinging your hands ‘from hips to pits’ (armpits). If you continue to drive with your arms, your legs will follow, and you’ll get up the hill faster. AMANDA FURRER, TEST EDITOR Never ever…

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what we’re running

PAT HEINE video producer // not warmed up until the first 42.2 kays are in the bag 1 / Suunto Spartan Sport I LOVE LOVE LOVED my Suunto Ambit2 I bought years ago. The Spartan Sport keeps up the performance and durability of the old flagship and adds smartwatch sophistication, so I never want to take it off. 2 / Salomon S/Lab Ultra If there was a trail shoe equivalent of the Nike 4%, this would be it. 3 / Black Diamond Z Trekking Poles I used to think that strong runners didn’t use poles. Then I raced in Europe, and got passed by runners casually click-clacking their way up the mountain. Great to use as a post-race crutch, too. 4 / North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail by Scott Jurek The…

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how to identify - and recover from - overtraining

HERE’S SOMETHING TO THINK about this summer: autumn is the busiest time of year in my office. Like clockwork, the phone starts ringing off the hook: “Dr Metzl, I’ve got a twinge, and my marathon is in a month. Please help!” Day after day, the same calls come in. These two essentials can help you stay healthy and avoid overtraining. Why? As my friend Ramon, a running coach, says, “Marathon runners typically get hurt because they violate the rule of too’s: too much, too quickly, too intensely.” In other words, these injuries are the result of overtraining. With thousands of runners training for big late summer events like Two Oceans and Comrades, peak running mileage hits between spring and mid-summer. After months of pushing ahead, the body, if not trained properly, starts to…