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Runner's World South Africa January 2019

Runner's World is internationally respected as the leading authority on the sport. It provides the runner and health enthusiast with expert advice on training, motivation, nutrition, injuries and equipment. It also contains race calendars and reports. Runner's World is enjoyed by dedicated runners and other athletes who use running to enhance their fitness. The articles contain information on the latest events and discover the stars and personalities behind the scenes. The magazine provides advice from the best coaches, and exercise programmes focused on any level.

South Africa
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jakkalsvlei, herbertsdale

THE EXPERIENCE A wine estate is not what you would expect inland from SA’s ‘Aloe Capital’, Albertinia, but head out on the Herbertsdale gravel track and you’ll get to Jakkalsvlei, a private family-owned wine cellar and estate. Beyond the vineyards, however, there are dozens of trails and back-country roads to explore, so pack your running shoes. It’s great to discover a new playground, especially if it’s the size of the Gourits River Biosphere and with brilliant back roads to boot. Traffic is never an issue here, and if you do bump into a vehicle on those long training runs, you can be sure they’ll wave (or stop to make sure you’re right in the head!). Jakkalsvlei itself boasts a prepinotage piece de resistance in the form of some sublime singletrack as well: you…

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the inside lane

Ladies and gentlemen, runners and joggers, sprinters and trail runners, parkrunners and marathon runners, roadrunners and treadmill fans... it‘s a new year! Ta daa! A chance for a new start, and a world of possibility. This is the year you do that marathon or run that sub-25-minute 5km, or enter a trail race... Stop putting it off. Just do it! (Thanks, Nike!) Stop saying ‘next year’, or ‘not right now’. Start setting goals. Plan your year, and take on that challenge you’ve always wanted to do... but never thought you had the time. I have to admit that after interviewing Jonno Proudfoot (‘Real Good Food’, p40), the author of the new Low Carb Cooking, I changed my diet that very night. Proudfoot, made famous after his collaboration with Prof. Tim Noakes…

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the loop

THE QUESTION What’s the one thing that annoys you most about running races? Runners just stopping, instead of checking and moving to the left… – Adrienne Michelle Walker The traffic before the race. Runners are a special species of driver! – Marike Boudouris The spitting. Definitely the spitting. – Kidwell Zamxolo No. 1: littering. No. 2: projectile snotters. – Sulamiet Dreyer The queues at the portaloos. – Shathiso Coyne Bad traffic, lack of parking space, long queues at the portaloos. And dark portaloos! – Dawn Mills People who push past you in the channel after the finish line, to hand in their tag before you. Why?! – Karin Maritz THE GALLERY #INSTARWRUN Just managed to squeeze in a run before it started raining again. Take care of the incredible place we’ve been gifted. @bayliss81tw Running is like coffee. I’m much nicer after…

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inside knowledge

ALEXIS BATAUSA, RUNNER When running long, plan a looped course with an aid station. Then you don’t have to carry supplies, like Band-Aids, with you. MICHELLE BOUDIN, WRITER Listening to music during a long run can help motivate you. Apps like Rock My Run come up with playlists for you based on how long your run is and what you like, and will even match the music to your heart rate or steps. SHAWN COOL, RUNNER Go easy. Every day is not a race. Pace yourself and enjoy the journey. JEFF DENGATE, RUNNER-IN-CHIEF While you can save money on a discount tech tee, sometimes it pays to cough up a bit more for a better fit, more breathable materials, and fabric that won’t chafe. MATT EICH, PHOTOGRAPHER While trying to figure out how I can depict a race, I…

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what we’re running

ERIN BENNER ART DIRECTOR // MY 12-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER CAN BEAT ME OVER 1600M (MY DOG CAN, TOO) 1 / Stunt Runner Dog Leash My favourite running partner is my 8-year-old shepherd/ shar pei rescue mutt, Moses, who thinks the first kay of every run is a race. This waist-tethered dog lead makes running with him easy, because my arms can swing free while he stays safe and close to me on the road. 2 / Nike Aeroloft Running Vest Where I live, the weather can change from summer sun to icy cold in a matter of hours. I always have this lightweight, packable vest in my gym bag, so I never have an excuse not to head out for a run. 3 / Batiste Dry Shampoo This dry shampoo smells like the beach and makes my hair…

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great gear for getting from line to line

Polar M430 GPS Running Watch / R3 499 Great for accuracy – rely on the displayed GPS, heart rate, and pace – and also one of the easiest watches to figure out, even for the least tech-savvy. Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Armband / R1 199 Tracking heart rate might be the best way to gauge effort. Wahoo makes it easy with accurate readouts. Bonus: It’s lightweight and really soft. Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR / R4 999 Slim, versatile, and stylish – looking good always helps you run fast. Plus, the lap function is exceptional.…