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Runner's World South Africa February 2019

Runner's World is internationally respected as the leading authority on the sport. It provides the runner and health enthusiast with expert advice on training, motivation, nutrition, injuries and equipment. It also contains race calendars and reports. Runner's World is enjoyed by dedicated runners and other athletes who use running to enhance their fitness. The articles contain information on the latest events and discover the stars and personalities behind the scenes. The magazine provides advice from the best coaches, and exercise programmes focused on any level.

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augrabies falls national park, northern cape

THE EXPERIENCE Desert lovers are sure to space out on the endless trail-running opportunities awaiting them in the wide-sky world of Augrabies. An extraterrestrial landscape – brimming with volcanic rock outcrops, ochre dunes, bizarre succulents and quiver-tree sentinels – makes this one of the Northern Cape’s must-run destinations. This premier park was established as a conservation area in 1966, with the spectacular and eponymous falls as its centrepiece, and with a dramatic gorge carved into the semi-desert plains below the falls. This spectacular canyon gashes for a good 18km through the granite-gneiss bedrock and makes for jaw-dropping views. A great route to start your exploration on is the Dassie Day Hike, a trail that follows the edge of the gorge from Main Camp. This self-guided nature trail offers an excellent intro to running…

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the inside lane

According to a recent poll on our website, if our readers were to choose one race distance over any other, it would be the half marathon. It’s that perfect distance: long enough for the endurance junkies to feel they’ve had a decent workout, and short enough for the 10km and 5km runners to challenge themselves once or twice a year. Over the last 10 years, the half-marathon distance has continued to grow in popularity, and (besides Comrades) is now the distance of the biggest races in the country: the Two Oceans Half, the Safari Half, the Dis-Chem Half, the Gun Run, etc etc. On page 44 we feature four athletes at various stages of their half-marathon lives, and ask pro coach Sean Tait to analyse their workouts. From top-ranked legend and…

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the loop

THE QUESTION What do you do to keep your mind occupied during long runs? I listen to audiobooks... all those books I have no time to read, I listen to on long runs and ultras. – Mpho Moshe Matheolane Imaginary crowd clapping and urging me to go for it... Mind sometimes! – Musa Ndhlovu Calculate the kilometres and time left! – Christi Pullen Work out how many calories I’ve burnt so I can have a burger and chips and a beer! – Dee Fouche Decide what to cook for dinner, and what needs to be done. – Suzette Beeslaar THE QUESTION How has running changed your life? Running has changed my life as it made me realise that I’m stronger than I ever thought possible and that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. – Dawn Mills Running’s…

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ASHLEY BLAKE, RUNNER When training runs become monotonous, turn them into fun runs. Run to a town you don’t usually frequent, high-five your training partner every kay, make a loop including each of your friends’ houses, or use your favourite sweets as your fuel instead of gels. You’ll enjoy them more. SAMANTHA CHAN, RUNNER Sometimes I have stomach issues during races, so I take ginger to help with that. It’s very effective for nausea and vomiting, since it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and an ancient Chinese remedy. CHARLIE DARK, RUNNER When racing, choose a gold, silver, and bronze medal time and space them 15 to 30 minutes apart. That way you always have something to aim for even when your ‘gold’ time slips away. I’ve seen too many runners give up on a race when they…

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what we’re running

HAILEY MIDDLEBROOK EDITOR // RAN MY FIRST TIMED 1 600M AT SCHOOL, WEARING JEANS AND CONVERSE SNEAKERS 1 / Nike Featherweight Hat I’ve worn this hat in snow, sleet, hail, and a hurricane. Without its Herculean powers shielding my eyes and taming my rat’s nest of a ponytail, I might still be out there. 2 / Patagonia Switchback Sports Bra It’s tricky to find a sports bra that holds its shape and size after many, many washes. This one stays perfect, with straps that don’t dig in and an elastic band that hugs my rib cage comfortably (no corset-like feeling here). Plus, I love flaunting the design during summer. 3 / Garmin Forerunner 35 I’m a pretty low-tech runner – I only track my mileage, speed, and heart rate – and I like to have physical buttons…

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can you feel it?

BREAKING FREE from the shackles of always running to a set pace or strict time limit can help veteran runners train smart, avoid injury and stay motivated as their capabilities change over time. Here’s how to make running by feel work for you. As runners, we tend to crave details on how to maximise our running time and efforts: how many kilometres should we run, how many repeats, what pace on which runs on which days? Charts and numbers fill training books and magazine articles. We download training apps that tell us exactly what we should be doing each day and how to do it. The market is saturated with devices that allow us to track every number, every step, even the quality of our sleep. But what if a key…