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RV Destinations Magazine 2020 Campground Notables

RV Destinations Magazine is a travel magazine for the RVer. It'll tug at your travel heart-strings and inspire you to get out and explore. Whether you're trekking by backpack, tent, Class A, B, or C, travel trailer, or just the backseat of your car, this magazine is for you. With stunning imagery from cover to cover, you'll find write-ups on everything from well-known destinations to those hidden gems off the beaten path to help you choose your next vacation getaway. So, get out there and explore.

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letter from the publishers

SPECIAL EDITION: CAMPGROUND NOTABLES FREE ISSUE | NOVEMBER 2020 Welcome to the 2020 Special Edition: Campground Notables. This edition is our FREE yearly compilation of both RV Destinations Magazine’s featured Campground and Resort Spotlight and other campgrounds that our writers have deemed “notable” for various reasons. It might be based on their proximity to some fantastic destinations, offers a family-friendly atmosphere, or has ample amenities to meet any RVer’s needs. Whatever the reason may be, we feel these campgrounds are worth visiting during your journeys across North America. To say 2020 has been an unusual year is an understatement. RV sales are up over 400% as more and more families are purchasing RVs and taking to the road. Hotels lay dormant, and campgrounds are jam packed with new RVers from every corner of…

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rippling river resort

Upper Peninsula Michigan is dotted (dotted being the operative word because cities are sparse up there) with seven cities, the largest of which is Marquette—our destination for four days in October 2019. We had been on the hunt for the perfect campground. Let me just say that finding a good campground is much like an Easter egg hunt. You pick up the plastic egg with excitement, give it a quick shake and just know that this is the Easter egg above all others, holding the mother lode of candy for sure. We go into the “Great Campground Search” with much of the same anticipation, combing over websites and Google reviews in hopes of choosing the mother lode of campgrounds. There were only a couple of campgrounds in the area we…

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4 guys rv park at the gorge

Located within a few miles of Natural Bridge State Resort Park and Red River Gorge Geological Area in Daniel Boone National Forest lies 4 Guys RV Park. Set on a 72-acre former farm, this RV park boasts 45 full hook-up sites that can comfortably accommodate any size rig. We had the opportunity to interview one of the owners, Larry Drake, and learned the history behind the park. The owners, all RV’ers themselves, grew frustrated over their years of traveling to the RV parks that made it difficult to get rigs, big or small, parked at a campsite. Their vision focused on a campground with long drives and easy-to-access sites. They realized that dream when opening their RV park over Memorial Day weekend in 2016. Each of their sites boasts an angled,…

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south myrtle beach mega rv resort

Are you looking for a beach destination where you can take your RV and the entire family? PirateLand in South Myrtle Beach is just the place. It may not be the most luxurious RV resort, but it’s perfect if you’re on the lookout for good old-fashioned family fun in the sun. We typically prefer camping in campgrounds or boondocking spots that are nestled away in a remote place. We yearn for beautiful scenery, hiking and avoiding large crowds of people. We love to unplug and get away from it all. If you’re like us, you may want to stop reading. I mean, why would we write about a campground that on an average summer day may have 6,000 RVers screaming through the campground on their decorated golf carts with giant inflatables…

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desert camping among the saguaro cactus in gilbert ray campground

In the desolate landscape west of the Tucson Mountains, you’ll find Gilbert Ray Campground. This unique campground is in such high demand that campers line up for hours every morning hoping to secure one of the 130 camping sites. But with no reservation system, no water, no sewage and only 30-amp electric service at each site, is it worth the hassle of waiting in long lines with nothing more than a hope and a prayer of getting a spot? An arid landscape surrounds Gilbert Ray Campground. Saguaro cactuses, reaching upwards of 40 feet tall, scatter as far as the eye can see. In this land, nothing but Gila monsters, scorpions and snakes frequent the terrain. Coming from the lush hills of Kentucky, this was completely foreign to us. However, the pure…

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boyd’s campground

RV Destinations has had the distinct pleasure of spending the past four Christmas and New Year seasons in Key West, Florida, and all four years we have spent our holidays at Boyd’s Key West Campground on Stock Island. Boyd’s is located on Maloney Avenue off A1A, just before crossing the small bridge into Key West. Prices are at a premium in this slice of tropical paradise, so be prepared for some sticker shock. We stayed in a waterfront site by the boat ramp, and it was roughly $189 per night for full hook-ups (as of December 2019), which is why many campers and RVers choose to stay just a night or two before moving on. Whether you stay a night or two, several weeks or even the winter season, Boyd’s…