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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

January/February 2020

Trusted for gear reviews, cutting-edge training information, underwater photo & video tips, travel information, and much more. Whether you are a sport diver, an old pro, or a new diver looking for lessons, Scuba Diving has something for you.

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PADI Worldwide
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8 Issues

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2 min.
oh, the places you’ll go!

MARY FRANCES EMMONS joined Sport Diver in 2009 and Scuba Diving in 2012, serving as features, senior and deputy editor. A diver since 2006, she was named editor-in-chief in 2018. There are as many reasons to dive as there are divers, but certainly a big one for many is the chance to explore the 70 percent of our planet most humans never see. For cave diver extraordinaire Patrick Widmann (“To Parts Unknown,” page 68), it’s all about the new. “Where we explore,” he says, “there are no roads. No water. No electricity.” He never knows what he will find. “It could be absolutely nothing. But every once in a while, you put your head in the water and get spit out in one of the most glorious places on planet Earth.” For marine…

1 min.

Digital editor Becca Hurley stops for a selfie while diving at the Cabbage Patch on Fiji’s Rainbow Reef. Read more about the magic of diving Fiji on page 44. Follow us at scubadiving.com, and on Facebook and Instagram at @scubadivingmag. GEARHEADS, REJOICE! Scuba Diving's March issue will be of special interest to any diver who loves to drool over cool new gear. This special gear issue will feature an expanded catalog for 2020 gear, tips from our ScubaLab test divers on what to look for before choosing your own gear, a recap of the best gear we tested in 2019, and much more. Keep an eye out next month for this expanded special issue.…

1 min.
scuba diving

EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief Mary Frances Emmons Senior Editor Andy Zunz ScubaLab Director Roger Roy Digital Editor Becca Hurley Associate Gear Editor Robby Myers Associate Editor Dave Carriere CONTRIBUTORS Brandon Cole, Melissa Cole, Eric Douglas, Jennifer Idol, Eric Michael, Brooke Morton, Erin Quigley, Sascha Zuger ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY Art Director Monica Rodriguez Art Director Victoria Cocchiaro Staff Photographer Jon Whittle BONNIER MEDIA CONTRACT PUBLISHING Executive Vice President Gregory D. Gatto Vice President, Managing Director Glenn Sandridge Financial Director Tara Bisciello Editorial Director Shawn Bean Creative Director Dave Weaver Editorial Operations Director Stephanie Pancratz Copy Chief Cindy Martin Advertising Sales Manager Lauren Brown Group Marketing Director Haley Bischof Senior Marketing Manager Kelly Sheldon Marketing Manager Franki Giordano Production Director Rina Viray Murray Associate Production Director Kelly Weekley Senior Production Manager Stephanie Northcutt Digital Strategy Director Mike Staley Digital Content Director Mark MacKenzie Custom Audience Manager Jackie Fry Digital Content Production and Presentation Director Michellina Jones Digital Producer Daniel McSwain PADI WORLDWIDE President & CEO Dr. Drew Richardson Chief…

2 min.
torchbearers all

DREW RICHARDSON, ED.D., president and CEO of PADI, has logged more than 6,000 dives worldwide and received many industry awards, including 1992 DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year. If you follow my blog or any of my other messages, you know that in my view, divers in general and PADI Divers in particular have a mission bigger than just enjoying the underwater world. That’s an important reason why we love diving, but as the oceans face threats from plastics, pollution and climate change, for years we’ve been saying that divers need to take an active part in restoring the balance between humanity and the seas. For years, I’ve been encouraging all of us in diving to use our hands, hearts, voices and votes to this end, not just for the sake of…

2 min.
a united front

“Why is it that scuba divers and surfers are some of the strongest advocates of ocean conservation? Because they’ve spent time in and around the ocean, and they’ve personally seen the beauty, the fragility, and even the degradation of our planet’s blue heart.”—SYLVIA EARLE Divers have the special privilege of exploring places most people can only dream about—but this carries a weighty responsibility. We can see the vulnerability of ocean environments firsthand and know the importance of protecting them. That’s why PADI, led by president and CEO Dr. Drew Richardson, is making a bold commitment: to create a billion torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean over the next 50 years. Divers are naturally torchbearers, so this mission includes expanding the dive tribe across the globe; but torchbearers can also include ocean…

2 min.
to hunt invasive lionfish

I position the rubber sling between my thumb and forefinger, locked, loaded and ready for action. My dive buddy points to the target hovering slowly at the base of the concrete artificial reef and I move in, trying not to startle the unsuspecting lionfish. Thwap. I release my sling and then…nothing. There’s no noise—just silence, and the anxious feeling of wondering whether my shot was a success. The next thing I hear is an excited shriek through my dive buddy’s regulator as he raises a hand for a congratulatory fist bump to celebrate spearing my first lionfish. We’re 110 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico off Destin, Florida, and my buddy continues to point out each lionfish until we’ve wiped the site. I don’t consider myself a heartless killer, and I’ve…